The Curse of the Virgin Earth

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The Curse of the Virgin Earth is first album of The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh. It included epic power metal, as well as trash metal and doom metal also. The album will be released very soon - most of demos and singles have already sent to critics. Most memorable songs are epic Baphomet's March (Till Harmageddon Battle) and revolutionary Your Mother is your Bride. Also Satan's Return to Gomorrah and it's progressive way to approach the hard core rash metal was at least immemorial. The Curse of the Virgin Earth was published in 2008. Songs were made in 2007 and recorded in 2007/2008.


[edit] Producing

The first songs of The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh were Yield to Temptation in Tupperware Party and Baphomet's March (till Harmageddon Battle). Next songs were Your Bride is Your Mother, The Destiny of our Burned Souls and Satan's Return to Gomorrah. All songs in album were made by Xavier Scullcrusher and Pete McPain, however, the first version of Satan's Bloody Virgin Mother was made by Pierre Pascal Lemuar. That songs sucked, so Pete McPain made new. It sucks still, however.

[edit] Critics

Many music critics criticized that album had good ideas, but that it's recording, producing, finishing and the songs weren't very good. Music magazine Tonight I'm Gonna Rock 'n' Roll You Tonight criticized album:

there's many good songs, but since there's no same like songs, it's hard to find point where to start 'unpacking' the music. And because there not that kind of point, it's impossible to unpack and understand this music.

Magazine gave two stars from five. Russian music magazine Zhestkiye Muzykant was only bit more optimistic:

All songs are terrible, but it's happy that that's only half hour album.

That magazine gave one star from six. But in many internet sites and forums, especially in non-commercial sites praised album.

[edit] Track list

[edit] Music videos

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