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Pete Olof Dren McPain is Scottish musician and bard. He's best known as bass guitarist, singer and main graphical artist in the rash metal band The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh.

[edit] Human life

Pete was born in Scotland many centuries ago, but by the essence of the three sides of evil (Satan, Beezelbub and Babhomet) his lifespan has been greatly increased and it has given him his youthful looks. As a young man he was a common god worshipper, but at the age of nine Satan visited Pete's dream and presented him with a choice: Join him and become musically superior to normal beigns, spend the rest of your live practising sexual intercourse with virgins and an eternity in fiery paradise, or be assraped by demons each and every time the moon becomes full. Pete had no other choice but to submit to Satan and receive the fiery gifts. And then Satan granted the sign of the demons to Pete. Pete's right hand turned black as black skin is the ultimate sign of evil and wickedness. With this hand Pete would create his music.

[edit] Demonhood

The fiery gifts made Pete extremely talented musician and Pete would soon take advantage of that fact by luring people to their doom with his beutiful music. As Pete grew older he became to accept the demon inside him. Soon Pete met with other true believers P.P.Lemuar and Xavier Scullcrusher. Together they were in many orgies and bloodpaths together. Pete overheard when Lemuar and Xavier talked about creating a band that was more radical, more wicked, more evil, more twisted and more bloody than any other band in existance before. Pete was quick to ask for membership of the band. In 2007 The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh became whole. Xavier and Pierre did not regret their decision when Pete presented his masterpiece Baphomet's March (till Harmageddon Battle). Other wonderful songs were quickly produced.

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