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The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh is Finnish Extreme Ultra Violent Blackened Death Viking Metal Band. Band's music is sometimes also called as Rash Metal, but Rash Metal is very special genre: it's played only by tCSoBDF.


[edit] Band history

[edit] Forming

Band was formed in late 2007. The bards X. Scullcrusher and P. P. Lemuar met in the neopagan orgies and formed the band. The first phase of the band history was making song names: several names with several occultic ideas were invented, as well as the idea of Power metal influenced Black metal, which was very fresh and interesting idea in the thrash metal focused Finnish metal music. And after only few hours also P. McPain joined into band. McPain's influence in band was great, and his interesting music added the focusing on more melodic and medieval line in band's music. McPain was very good bass guitar player, however, he never showen it and his interesting intros in songs were always better than the actual song.

The forming gave immediately many fans: one of them was V. Mikhailovich. The first songs like Yield to Temptation in Tupperware Party, Baphomet's March (till Harmageddon Battle), Satan's Return to Gomorrah and Your Bride is Your Brother were all huge hits, and local music critic NN told that "the riff in Satan's Return to Gomorrah is actually good riff. Sad that the song isn't". The new line which combined Black Metal, Doom Metal (Doom Metal influences was used also in early demo songs and Yield to Temptation in Tupperware Party), Power Metal and Thrash Metal and everybody had to grant that he never had heard something like it.

However, the hit phase wasn't long. Many people who thought that Rash Metal was only joke ended to listen the band when they thought that the joke no more was funny. But they don't know the truth - they are conmended to flames of Metal Heaven. And the true and loyal fans still listen the band.

[edit] Early phase

After the first hit rampage was gone, the band was throwen into abyss of forgottenness. However, the first album was still in development. Many songs were recorded, some slowly, some quickly. However, the theme of first album didn't accept very many songs and band was almost finished the songs of first album, when there was so big amount of songs, that the band was was entitled to begin to develop an album thrilogy. But first members had to find out a name: and after some work names like Music from the Jungle and Uuuuurgghh (referring to song by Venom, called Aaaaargghh) Scullcrusher and McPain invented name The Curse of the Virgin Earth. A good and simple name. The album trilogy was later names as Barren Well which is on top of the Deserted Hill and has to Death Starved Pagan Corpses around it after God Smashed them Down with his Iron Fist.

But same time band members noted another, very interesting thing. Lemuar hadn't made a n y t h i n g for band - or well, he had made bass drum sample which sounded like to sausages were smashed against themselves. Or even worst - it sounded wanking. First other members as well as fans tried to encourage and pressure Lemuar to do something, but he was so terrible guitarist and unimaginative composer that TCSoBDF hadn't any reasons to keep him in band. Lemuar was eaten in the Ritual Sabbath of January 2008. That was maybe raw decision to problem, but at least Lemuar wasn't very raw after baking on the camp fire.

[edit] New wave

The band needed new members, and they got one from Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, and awesome solo guitarist and great composer with interesting and fresh new ideas. However, some TCSoBDF fans didn't like the new sound: Lemuar was at least harmless, but Mikhailovich started his own guitar solos on gigs and even made own songs. Anyway, almost all fans liked him more than Lemuar, and he was accepted into band after Ritual Sabbath of february 2008 where he eaten the bones of P. P. Lemuar. He participated in making song for the Dry Well trilogy.

The new wave of rash metal caused that influence of power, black and thrash metal decreased and TCSoBDF focused on raw style of playing and influence from death metal and grindcore, as well as speed metal became essential. The album Dry Well II: The Goat Jesus was most extreme example from this: in all it's song names was goat and it was very grindcore-influential.

[edit] Classification

[edit] Musical genre

The bands musical genre is almos always referred as Extreme Ultra Violent Blackened Death Viking Metal, or shorten Rash Metal. However, they aren't same thing (for differences, see articles), and most fans think that the original Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh was more like EUVBDVM, but newer output is more likely Rash Metal, or even Death or Black Metal. Some Finnish critics have also called some songs lohikäärmeentappohevi (dragon slaying metal).

In some songs - especially in the first ones - there was also notable Doom Metal influences, but they no more exists.

The most important influences for bands music are from Immortal, where the music video style as well as the quality of songs is took. The quick tempo is learned from Viikate, the father of the speed metal. The satanic lyrics are more likely Stryper, the father of black metal. Some slower songs are influenced by Motorhead, the father of doom metal. The musical skills and talent are learned from Venom, father of accurate playing. Another influential bands are Dimmu Borgir, Rhapsody of Fire and Lapinlahden Linnut.

[edit] Band's ideology

The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh has pure dragon heart in in it's astral body: and every band member has pure dragon heart in his own body! Band wants to restore the old medieval kingdom, but it also wants tell the word of our TRUE BELIEVE! Listen songs, read pages, and you will found the TRUE BELIEVE, the METAL TRUTH! Every who listens Rash Metal music has listened voice of the METALLIC BELIEVE and is closer the METAL HEAVEN.

Music of The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh is called Rash Metal, which is the pure medieval epic heavy music. It's the TRUE MUSIC. Trash Metal is only copy of Rash Metal. Why Trash Metal bands don't play covers or Rash Metal? They don't play them, because rash metal music is pure and true believers' music. It tells about truth of our believe and heavy metal. You have to understand, that rash metal is good music, and it's impossible to play it and found the core of our music if doesn't have the dragon's pure heart in own body!

[edit] Band members

The members of band: X. Scullcrusher, P. P. Lemuar and P. McPain. Note that new member V. Mikhailovich isn't pictured and P. P. Lemuar no more exists

Xavier Scullcrusher is Finnish musician, drummer and singer who started his music hobby in age of three years. First time he played drums was in his fifth birthday, and in age of six he played solo guitar as good as Slayer. In age of eight he played sabre dance in tempo 500. His one of most quickest drummers and guitarists, as well as his singing is very aggressive and shocking. In age of twelwe he came into true believe and nowadays he is the highest priest of Cthulhu. He likes porridge and young virgin girls, especially marinaded.

Pete McPain is American guy, but his roots are in Scotland, United Kingdom, EU. Pete was a child genius with amazing musical talent with beutiful singing voice. But at the age of nine, Satan visited Pete's dream and showed Pete his true destiny and place in the battle of Harmageddon. Pete joined with other true believers in a guest to do incredible music for the lord of men Satan. Pete believes, that Harmageddon battle comes in 2060 as Newton proven, but he also believes that it wont be won by Angels: it will be won by US! He likes pizza and young virgin girls, especially as raw.

Vyacheslav Mikhailovich in Russian/Soviet guitarist-drummer and makes good Motorhead-plagiates. He likes pea soup and young virgin girls, especially ripe.

[edit] Former members

Pierre Pascal Lemuar was French musician, who couldn't play any instruments, who hadn't singing voice and when he playd bass drum it sounded like two sausages smashed against themselves. He was eaten because he wanted to resign from band.

[edit] Discography

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