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Xavier Scullcrusher in Yield to Temptation in Tupperware Party music video

Xavier Antton Henrik-Eric "Scullcrusher" Augmentoburg (6. 6. 1966, Hammersmith, Great Britain.) is Australian-Finnish musician and bard. He sings and plays drums in The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh rash metal band. He was musical talent, even in age five when he got his first drums. They were electric drums, but anyway he played them so well, that people thought that he was at least in age 30 and played for 20 years. He got his first guitar in next year, and was amazingly talented with also that instrument: in the age of eight he played the Sabre Dance in tempo 500.

[edit] Early years

In his childhood he lived on the rock 'n' roll creation. Bands like Rolling Stones, Dave Edmunds & Love Sculpture and Deep Purple were ruling the musical life in the whole western world, so also Scullcrusher's original home in Hammersmith. The extreme raw songs, including Smoke on the Water amazed Scullcrusher with their primitive and raw power. He wanted to start playing also, and as told in the first section, he quickly became very skilled musician. Soon later, when bands like Black Sabbath and Motorhead got more fame, he played with his friends covers from some bands, including Iron Maiden and Gore from the Cradle.

At the age 15 he formed his first school band Aritumba. Soon happened two important things: 1982 Venom published their most important album Black Metal, and same year Spinal Tap returned from their American and Japanese tour: both bands were on top of their favour. Aritumba were exhausted after seeing many gigs by so important bands: Scullcrusher got nervous breakdown and moved to Finland immediately after he came to age 18.

[edit] Not-so early years

The first wave black metal bands like Venom and Sodom soon gave up for Norwegian wave of black metal, and bands like Mayhem and Dimmu Borgir. Also some an other bands, especially extreme raw rock bands such as Viikate and Lapinlahden Linnut teached to Scullcrusher how to shock! The idea for Extreme Ultra Violent Blackened Death Viking Metal had borned, but it would still take many years and lots of people influencing into his music before the new genre was ready.

Same time he learned to sing very shocking way: if you think that death growl singing is shocking, you have to listen Scullcrusher's singing: his extreme raw, high and low, grim and comfortless nuance in his singing. And his drum playing is nervous and gnawing! But he stil hadn't band...

[edit] In TCSoBDF

In late 2007 he met Pierre Pascal Lemuar and formed The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh - and it took only few hours when Pete McPain joined in - which played Extreme Ultra Violent Blackened Death Viking Metal with black, power and thrash metal influenced music, rash metal. One night he writed, singed and composed Yield to Temptation in Tupperware Party. The new revolution of the metal music had began.

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