Satan's Return to Gomorrah

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Satan's Return to Gomorrah is a song by The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh. It have composed many times, during late 2007 and early 2008. It's published on The Curse of the Virgin Earth. It's lyrics and music is made by Xavier Scullcrusher. It's also singed by him. It was the one of the first songs of The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh.

Song can be listened and downloaded in MySpace.

[edit] Song history

First version of song was third, fourth or fifth song of The Coarse Smell of Burning Decayed Flesh. The first invention for song was the main riff in 3/4 rhytm and drum beat. In the first version some of the composing was made by Pete McPain, especially one of the song's riff: the first version was very progressive. Within the main riffs there were some shorter riffs, some of them (including McPain's riff) in 4/4 rhytm. First version was over 5 minutes.

Second version was still three and half minutes, and was almost as progressive than the first one. The main advance from the first version were more accurate playing and better sounds, especially in guitars. Some of the worst riffs of the first version were deleted, but some of them, still also McPain's riff anyway existed.

In next version band used new guitarist, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich. That version was much better than the first ones, but it was very short, and the production sucked. Sounds were shit in the third version. That version really wasn't ready to publish. More progress happened, new riffs, total new composing, idea of main riff changing to more conservative melody during singing and so on... Finally band developed fourth version, which was all what they had wanted: it was truly a masterpiece.

[edit] Lyrics

Satan is going to return to Gomorrah

Satan is lord and master of Sodoma

Satan's return to Gomorrah

Satan is the old and hurts your brain

Satan wants throw you to eternal pain

Satan's return to Gomorrah

He's is now back in the town of Gomorrah

The time of sodomy is coming again

Satan's return to Gomorrah

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