Kerilyn di'Vesbptkn

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Kerilyn (or "Keri" as she normally prefers to be called) is the cousin of Kayla.

Like her cousin, she is a Felisari; that is, she is a slender anthrofeline, with orange fur, straight red hair, and green eyes. The two cousins look very much alike, except that Keri prefers to wear her hair fairly short.

Like Kayla, she does not wear clothing unless she needs to, or for special occasions. Normally she prefers to wear just her sandals, and a belt which has a zippered pouch attached.

Keri is a linguist, with a command of over a hundred languages, from several universes.

She made her first appearance in the Waffle House, and remained there until the thread apparently died. Now that it has rebooted, she's still there, chatting with KFPB. Having been recruited to help carry an unconscious girl from the Waffle House through a portal, she has made an appearance at Fort Mayhem. After staying to help out for a while (and to attend the Victory Party), she then returned to the Waffle House, and has been hanging around there ever since. She seems to like the company. Or the coffee. Or both.

She has also been seen on the Mayhem Subway, in the company of Ajac and his demon butler, Alatrahazar.

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