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Jbenant's first, last, and only avatar on EGS Mayhem.

Jbenant, (Born Sep, 22 1986 in California) is a keenspotter, bunny, colorist, gamer, and is capable of making a nuisance of himself. Best known for his posts on EGS Mayhem, Jbenant has worked hard to earn a place in this haven for the strange.



The username Jbenant was created in a long forgotten time in the past. All Jbenant himself can remember about it is that he was young enough to have to lie about his age to get on free game sites. The username itself came from the first initial and last name of the online persona Jbenant created for himself at the time. His parents had warned him about giving his real name, so Jbenant picked a generic male first name, John (As in John Doe,) and combined his middle and last names to create a last name for his fictitious self, the result being Benant. This name, John Benant, became the name that he always used online and when he created his first e-mail account the username Jbenant was born.

Real Life

In real life Jbenant is 22 years old and going to college. He's not too tall and not too short. He has brown hair and wears glasses. He is also:

  • Interested in helping the environment.
  • A gamer.
  • Lazy.
  • Pro equality for all people regardless of their race, gender, beliefs, etc.
  • Addicted to EGS Mayhem.
  • A fan of most musical genres.
  • Not too bad at writing.
  • Has ADD.
  • Currently listening to music
  • Sitting in an uncomfortable position and would like to get this finished so he can relocate to a different spot.
  • Writing this on a laptop.
  • Fixing this list over a year later and yet the last two items were both true again the second time.


Online, Jbenant is more outgoing than in real life. This is actually quite understandable as when writing he can think about what he is saying more than he can when he is speaking. Also, due to his particular type of ADD he has a tendency to miss what other people say and is much more comfortable with an interface that allows him to converse by reading and writing.

On EGS Mayhem Jbenant frequents: carrot..?, The say something about threads, Let's Count to a Million!!!, Word Association, Word Disassociation, and Word chain.

Recently Jbenant's desire to take over carrot..? has led to his relocation to the TF-proof Bunker, where he works on his Gerbil Warfare Program.

Artsy Fartsy Stuff

Jbenant is not an artist. He is, however, quite creative and makes a good writer.

Jbenant's only claim to fame in the art field is his skill at coloration and manipulation of images. Jbenant first began these pursuits in high school where he was first introduced to the miracle of professional grade image editing software. While school taught him basic photo editing skills, Jbenant's coloration skills are entirely self taught. It's actually amazing that he graduated high school at all considering he spent most of his time on his school issued laptop coloring, playing games, and reading webcomics.

Pet Peeves

  • Jbenant hates it when people use, "anymore," in a positive sentence. Wrong: We go to the mall anymore. Right: We don't go to the mall anymore.
  • Jbenant can't stand poor grammar and spelling. Interestingly enough L33T doesn't bother him. Chatspeak does though.
  • Jbenant got yelled at a lot about the proper usage of less and fewer when he was young and can't stand to see other people getting away with incorrect usage. Less is for singular nouns. (e.g. Less liquid) Fewer is for plural nouns. (e.g. Fewer monkeys) One can only wonder why one would want fewer monkeys, however.
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