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Corelle Deleon-Mage is a plushie copy of Cory Deleon, created (along with others) during the outbreak of chaos magic in Fort Mayhem known as the "Chaos Cold", and then magically animated by Alex_Mage (and thus one of his "children").


Corelle is quite fearless, partly due to being nearly immortal (see the Abilities section below). Her personality is largely based on that of her "mother" - she's friendly and cheerful for the most part, if a bit more impulsive than Cory.

Corelle's last name is hyphenated as an acknowledgement of both her parents (technically, she has three parents, as both Alex and Michael are her fathers...), a practice also adopted by her sister, Lara.

Most of Corelle's siblings were killed when the destruction of Fort Mayhem wiped out the Plushie Underground. She is understandably not happy about this.


Corelle is Aware, an ability inherited (for lack of a better term) from her mother. Her powers are essentially a scaled-down version of Cory's. She normally speaks in green text, as she prefers to remain "powered up" at all times; among other things, this allows her to use her power of flight to get around (which is almost a necessity when you are in a place built by and for people 12 times your size!).

Being a Plushie means that she is immune to poisons, drugs, and asphyxiation, and can shrug off most other things that would kill or incapacitate a flesh-and-blood being (no bones to break, and no internal organs). She is, however, vulnerable to fire.

Normal TF guns will not work on her, due to her being a magical construct.

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