Amy Warton

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A 19-year-old (anthro)skunkgirl, who appeared at Mayhem University to enrol in narration-oriented classes. She wants to become a Narrator (yes, with a capital N).

Amy stands about 5'4", and has long white hair, which she keeps in a ponytail. She is usually dressed in jeans and a pink T-shirt, and carries a denim shoulder bag, usually over her right shoulder. She rather resembles a younger version of Sabrina (of the Sabrina Online webcomic), except without the glasses.

As of her most recent appearance (in the "House of Laws" thread), she is wearing a sweatshirt with the legend "MAYHEM U." in white letters. She might be wearing Sabrina-style stretch pants, but it's hard to tell with furred people (especially females!)...

Currently, Amy is at Port Mayhem, having been injured after intervening to save her favourite professor from being shot by hostile forces. She is hanging around Fort Mayhem's Medical Wing as an (apparently self-appointed) assistant to the Fort staff, particularly Lia and Cory.


  • She is an expert shot with a handgun (and is certified in Improbable Aiming), and carries an Improbably Big Gun in her shoulder bag.
  • Has already exhibited a degree of OOC-Awareness.


  • She has mentioned being related to a certain Sergeant of the same surname (who was killed at Fort Mayhem). The exact relationship is yet to be revealed, although she did once make an offhand remark that provided a clue...
  • She has shown an attraction to Erika, Kalga's Fv3 duplicate. The attraction is apparently mutual...
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