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18-staff-sergeant.gif This member is part of the DXX Staff Team.
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If you are looking to report a problem, for example a vandalised page or even if you need help with something please post it on my Discussion Page.


Welcome to my DXXPedia user page.

Hi there, my name is Assassin and I've been a part of DXX: The Rebirth since the very beginning in August 2006. I am the creator of the DXXPedia, and have currently made the most edits to the site with nearly 2,000 to date. Projects I am currently working on here include the Calendar and Community Portal, and I have recently finished the DXX Awards as well as categorizing most of the 297 articles created so far.

My latest idea is an achievement system you can see to the right of this text, it's still in its early stages but it seems to be working quite well.

Primarily I'm best known for playing a character sharing my namesake in the DXX E-Fed, but currently I roleplay as Chris Jericho on Friday Night Mayhem where I've spent most of my recent fedding career.

I am extremely proud of the creations and contributions made by everyone involved in the running of this wiki, the Superstar pages in particular continue to look amazing and the little things everyone does really means a lot.

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