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Smutty Sex Romp

I agree that the Tell Christine to go with you and find shoplifters to abuse story line is developing nicely. Shouldn't the goth girl have a name?

Did I do this right?

Thanks for the help on how to message people back but I'm just wondering, did I do this right?

About my story

I've read what you wrote and I completely agree with your comment. I do like it when people contribute to my stories because I know they read it. As for the contributions you've made to Extraordinary life of a not so common teenager I like the things you've wrote, and I'm glad that you wrote those there. I honestly have been having writers block lately and I'm kind of stuck with a lot of the choices right now and I'm not sure if I can come up with stuff for them all, so feel free to add any pages or edit any you want.

Not that I'm forcing you to

Lol, the comment title sounds dirty. No but what I mean by that is I really like how your making the story on Sarah Tredwall, honestly your doing a better job than what I would've done and I like the fact that not everything is about sex when you add pages and edit them. I know a lot of writers just write nasty things but the things you write are simply amazing. I don't want to do anything more on Sarah because I know I'll screw it up but if you have extra time or whatever can you do more of the story that's on Sarah? The things you write are amazing!

I need to know something else also

I don't know how to make it sound right when someone is talking, for example I would write "Hey there bob how was your day?" you can tell his day sucked but he says "It was alright I guess, got divorced today but whatever" you send out a frown to express your sorrow to him and say "It'll be alright Bob." For some reason that conversation doesn't look right when I read it, if you have any tips messages me sometime. Also the last comment about Sarah Tredwall was written by me also - *Wedre2


Thank you for choosing to add more onto the Sarah story, your editions so far have been amazing!

Re: F.R. Theory

Thanks for your contribution Teejay. I think I will need to revise the section to be consistent with the ongoing story that you added to, but any spin off stories, additional options to a page, as well as full stories are welcome. The main theme is to show real life situations with inequality. If you want more info on the project and the purpose see the Explanations page I may monitor for time to time and add information that relates to what the statistics tell us as well but I appreciate your participation! ~Bekahllama 17:20 EST 28 November 2012

Okay, I revised it a little bit but tried to stick with the points you made in your note to me. Hopefully I didn't change the message of what you were trying to get across but I just needed to make sure that it fit with the structure of the story, the facts, etc. Thanks again! ~Bekahllama 17:35 EST 28 November 2012


Pedobear12 2013/9/11

Actually I don’t mind in the slightest. I read what you’ve done and I like what I read. Technically you are supposed to write in the first person, but I will not be panelizing you for that. Also your rapist is a bit gentle for the spirit of the category but again, I will not be panelizing you for that. What you’ve done has a lot of potential, and if I read it correctly the rapist may soon have a sex addicted slave who will help him get more victims. Perhaps he can eventually get a harem going… 

2013/9/12 I changed the last headings you did a little just so that it is less in your face. I have also continued on it, i have stayed with the gentle character that you are trying to create. I will however now start thinking about a different line for that story. I will still contribute to the line your on, but I am going to split at the Hymen question and choose the perforated Hymen, which is an indication of much pain to come. At some point thoigh I want to try and merge that line back in with your line  :)

Pedobear12 - nice. I was thinking about creating a link on these discusion pages of ours for our conversations.

Thanks for contributing to the thread that I started in You Are An Orc. I did have to edit it since it didn't really make sense when read after the previous few pages. This dragon is a terrestrial forest dragon. It can't fly, so clipping it's wings won't do any good. It's wings are vestigial only. It also doesn't have breath weapons. It's a physical attacker. Also, it didn't make sense for the elves to chain the orc and dragon in the ravine for the rest of their lives, since the ravine is prone to flash floods that could kill them at any time. If you want to contribute to this thread in the future, I would suggest paying more attention to the story. Thanks. --Mokarran 18:09, 30 January 2014 (UTC)

Dirty Me's sextion

I looked at your contributions, and see you have been around for 5 years. So, does it seem like I am doing ok organizing things up? Just want to check, because, to be honest, I feel a bit like I just came in and disrupted the normal stuff here. Also, I see you are the one contributing to the +Infinity. I was going to move that to i's, but, since you have been here a long time, I wanted to see if that seems like an ok thing to you. If you want me to leave it, I will. I don't want to step on anyone's toes. --Dirty Me 10:08, 26 February 2014 (UTC)

So, just wondering how I am doing? Does it seem like I am creating a good story? Sorry, I know, right now it is mostly the sexual stuff, but I will be getting to the other types of materials at a later point. I warned that it would be a more realistic story, but would have alot of sexual material. --Dirty Me 07:41, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Well, as I told Arthur, I only have one of the major positive sex paths left to complete, but will probably be moving down some of the darker paths now. I warn you, just as I am very graphic with sex, it will also be very graphic on what it is like to be raped, or to become a party girl in a world that goes too far, and gets very dark. So, I guess once I start on those, it will be more of a read at your own risk? --Dirty Me 08:57, 3 March 2014 (UTC)

So, starting to see the elements from my blog, or have you gotten that far into my blog yet? I have created one of the negative paths, although when I tried to commit suicide, I admit, I didn't have the courage to try slashing my wrists, I instead went with pills. However, for now, I am still working mostly with what I already have, since I am familiar with it. I will need to figure out the "What if I did this different" as I get the major stuff in. Still have to figure out where I will fit in things like "Dirty Little Tease", or the email man, the cuckold, trucker fantasy, etc. lol, guess I still have a long way to go with my story. I will also take some of my news reactions and see if I can turn them into a "What if this happened to me", like the rape path I have. What happened to the girl who was teased and taunted, etc. The dark side of humanity D: But, no reason to hide it. This is, after all, a story that you can imagine really happening to someone, good, bad, or otherwise. (Grr, always forget signature >.<) --Dirty Me 08:09, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

Nah, not really focused on that. Just a focus on life. Beautiful. Ugly. Heavenly. Hellish. I think everyone has their own demons, but this story is just meant to be, a little me, a little of my thoughts on certain things. A little awareness of things people don't think about being the opposite gender. Some fantasy, some reality, some just plain weird, maybe. My bet, knowing my mind, some things could get strange. I have even figured, if I want to write something off the wall, I can do it as a dream sequence. Honestly, I hope someone who wants to write a realistic story for males will take over the initial male path. I would love to see a guy write about the real world, and what it would be like being a guy. Doesn't even have to have sexual elements. Eventually, I have the feeling I will put more stuff between the different sexual scenes, less complete erotica and more complete story with erotic bits included. I will even go back through the opening, the dream sequence and events leading to the restroom scene and see if I can make it a more involved opening. It is also a great place to practice a different style of writing. I am not used to writing in present tense like this, from the readers viewpoint. I am not used to writing with options included, creating "what if you did this" things. Right now the flow is a little clunky, since I am more trying to take what I have and figure out how to put that into it before I start writing new things. But honestly, I love feedback on how the story is going, but also understand that, with a work in progress, it is sometimes annoying to try to follow the things to be confronted by alot of red links. I still need to think about where I want to take some of those. Anyways, yeah, I talk/type too much. I will shut up now xD --Dirty Me 08:48, 11 March 2014 (UTC)

Bleh, don't you hate it when your brain does not want to think? I still have so much to do on my stories, but each time I try to complete a redline, my brain goes blank and I just stare at the screen...anyways, sorry, just sharing. Guess I should stfu xD --Dirty Me 06:17, 13 March 2014 (UTC)

Hello, just saw you pop up on the edit logs. Haven't seen you around for a couple days. Maybe it is just my time zone compared to yours. Anyways, I have added more to my story, and started creating some of the bad endings too, not just the naughty parts. Although, I still have more of those. Just wondering what you think of them? The last couple are actually inspired by a real life event. It is not the same, since I only know what I read about, and cannot comment from the exact same situation, but instead a mixture of me and what I read about her. Anyways, let me know if it seems ok so far. I know I really need to go back and edit through some of it, split it up more, write the story better, but at least it is a start. --Dirty Me 05:40, 19 March 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for the corrections. I didn't even notice it. I wanted to take a small break from my story. Writing the darker paths gets to me a bit, so I find I need to take breaks when I am dealing with things like rape and drug use and suicide. So, just wanted to try a slightly different style CYOA. And, given I am the type of person who sometimes does things simply because I like to see the reactions produced, it seemed to fit. Also, I can write short stories and still fit them into a CYOA. So, what do you think of them so far? --Dirty Me 09:46, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

lol, well, I am only 21. It wasn't that long ago I was in school myself=P Of course, I put the warning up I can imagine lots of naughty pranks, and I don't want it turned into another adult story. But, I can imagine something doing more...interesting...pranks.

Actually, I am sort of using it as an experiment, because I have thought about trying a different type of CYOA, where, basically, you pre-pick the paths, then get an entire chapter. "You are x" page "You will do x" page "at x location" page "another option" chapter 1. Then, you just make rapid choices without loosing the story elements, so the choices add up, then the story is given to you so it doesn't break the flow by trying to make short pages with story, then another short page, another option. Thinking about trying that once I have Dirty Me more complete, with a different style of story. The Prank War is just a little sideline to give my brain a rest from dark thoughts. --Dirty Me 10:04, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

lol, I didn't even bother correcting the links, just making the links show properly, so it wasn't Link,link,link. Bleh. Anyways, what do you think of my new pages and stories so far? I still need to think of more for prank wars, but no rush, and others can add their own pranks. I am also doing the Chinese story to help me better learn, because I find I have reached a point where I am having problems with vocabulary D: Plus, I have added a few new things to Dirty Me. I don't write things too quickly, because I want to know where I want to take it and what I want to write. The only time it will get a few pages quickly is when I am posting my already written stories into the paths. --Dirty Me 10:13, 28 March 2014 (UTC)

I got a little paranoid that I had been banned from the site for some reason. I even tried sending you a message from my blogger...couldn't figure out how to get it to work correctly though... --Dirty Me 09:04, 28 April 2014 (UTC)

All I know is that the website was down over half the day, then I got strange things about lines not working or something. --Dirty Me 15:28, 28 April 2014 (UTC)

Thank you. He is keeping me very busy. He is on an about 3 hour cycle, so feeding, burping, diaper, then getting him back to sleep before he becomes crabby. Then repeat again. xD But he is so cute. I could just watch him forever as he sleeps. --Dirty Me 06:06, 5 June 2014 (UTC)

Well, I am back, and adding to my stories again. Hopefully the new additions are good. --Dirty Me 08:51, 21 July 2014 (UTC)

You know, I have noticed a trend with you. I notice you tend to go for the "damsel in distress" type of situations. It seems like it is a major theme in many of your contributions. Not saying good or bad, just something I have noticed. --Dirty Me 02:46, 22 July 2014 (UTC)

Sorry, my bad side is starting to show through, but, I need to ask. Have I done something wrong? It seems like you are ignoring my notes complete, and it makes me wonder if I did something I shouldn't have...--Dirty Me 16:17, 22 July 2014 (UTC) bad side...I tend to get rather needy. No worries, that is just me D: --Dirty Me 03:05, 23 July 2014 (UTC)

Teejay, I am back. Well, as back as I ever really am...Sooooo, missed my favorite editthis personality! I started a new story, but I want it community driven: The Exibitionist. So, willing to tell me what to do? *Kisses* --Dirty Me 05:08, 9 March 2016 (UTC)

Hey, don't make me stalk you Teejay! I know where you edit=P --Dirty Me 02:33, 10 March 2016 (UTC)

lol, no worries about the story part. I will write it up, just want the options ^.^ I don't want to overly complicate other's input into the story =(^.^)= --Dirty Me 03:39, 10 March 2016 (UTC)

Guess I can explain a little about how I work. I am bad at original things. Honestly, I don't think I have an original thought in my head. However, I am good at taking something and improving it. That is why I wanted this community driven story. If others give me an idea, I can go with it, as long as it is something I can imagine, but I am not that great at imagining my own new stuff. That is the roadblock I have hit on my own blog. I have written about many of my more, extreme, real life experiences. Even posted them as part of Dirty Me. Now, I am at the point where I have told many of my personal, unusual experiences, and sadly, I don't think my readers just want to read about normal, boring sex. I still have a couple to write, like about me being the "other woman", and my, gang bang I guess it would be, but, I want to do more than that. That is why I am trying to get others to help me. I want to write, I just need the catalyst... --Dirty Me 07:52, 15 March 2016 (UTC)

So, I started some added by someone else, but think my "example" story mislead him, so he seemed to view it wrong. Oh well, I will write any option submitted. Maybe you could look it over, see how I did, and let me know your thoughts, and maybe your options? Yes, I know, I am a whiny, insecure, needy attention whore :o . Anyways, waiting for your options at The Exhibitionist. I know you will come up with some wonderful ones. --Dirty Me 17:11, 17 March 2016 (UTC)

btw, Thank you thank you thank you, 谢谢您. *huggles* --Dirty Me 14:22, 18 March 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, you were only supposed to create the option :o lol, I was going to tell you "Sorry master, that is not allowed. However, I will follow your instructions and go boating naked", then have a few twists. One problem I find, is trying to keep an "Exhibitionist" type story interesting. "I wore something see through, I walked around, people reacted, I went home". That is why I try to think of "What kind of twist could occur in real life", and then include it. Now, honestly, not sure what to do with the boat path. Guess I will need to give it some thought. Hoping to finish more of the mall path today though. --Dirty Me 02:31, 21 March 2016 (UTC)

Seen Platypus around anywhere? btw, what do you think of Darky's path? --Dirty Me 07:20, 26 March 2016 (UTC)

I found Platypus, so ignore my last question. I forgot I had tied him to my bed and done bad things to him. Hey, I had a busy day! I don't always remember where I tied people up :o Anyways, for this path option: Go to the local outdoor swimming pool and sunbathe in a tight-fitting one-piece, Is there anything special you are thinking? Like, is this supposed to be see through? Sorry, lol, I can show myself off in this way, but it just surprises me that someone would have an option for an exhibitionist that is...completely allowed by society xD Well, unless society is still in the early 1900's. Just want to see what you are thinking, since I am not sure I will do it right. --Dirty Me 04:11, 28 March 2016 (UTC)

Okay, no problem ^.^

Now, I just need to figure out how to get you over here to tie you to the bed. *Evil laugh*. Promise I will try not to forget where I tied you=P --Dirty Me 06:49, 28 March 2016 (UTC)

Sorry, Too Graphic doesn't have any BDSM training pics yet=P I will need to figure out how to path that before I can include a reference xD

Of course, I did write a story for someone who was into the "Climax deprivation" thing. I won't link to my blog here, since it has that 20 minute limit, and I do not want to cause problems every time someone wants to message you, but it is here:

And this is the story:

You wake up, not knowing where you are, or how you got here. You just remember a party last night, dancing, then nothing.

As you try to get up, you find your arms tied to a bed. Your feet also seem to be tied to the bed.

You look around, and notice the door opening.

I step in, looking you up and down.

"Aww, what happened? Someone play a joke on you?"

I bend over, looking at you, my low cut shirt showing my breasts, not trapped by a bra.

"Poor guy," I say. "What should I do with you?"

I look directly into your eyes, and lick my lips slowly.

"I think I have an idea."

I move down, undoing your trousers, pulling them down. Then, I pull down your boxers.

"Seems like you like this."

I give a slight laugh, one that doesn't sound very nice.

I rub my hand up your shirt, pulling it up as I gently stroke your skin.

"Not too bad," I whisper.

I step up on the bed, standing over you, green panties hiding what is underneath.

"You know, my panties are getting a git wet, watching you like this," I say, laughing again.

I slowly pull them down, showing my pussy underneath. They reach your chest, and I stand there for a second.

"Wonder what you would say if that gag wasn't in your mouth."

I lift one foot, pulling them over, then the other foot, taking them off.

"Now where to put them."

I put them on your head, slipping them over your hair.

"You look so funny with my panties on your head."

I squat down, spreading my legs, and you see my pussy spread slightly as I sit on your chest.

"So, I have to wonder. What would you do if you could move."

I run my fingers through your hair, watching your eyes dart back and forth.

"I wonder if you are hoping you will get a taste."

I move upward, shifting my way along you. You can feel my pussy on your chest as it drags across you slowly.

"Yes, that feels good."

I keep moving upward, until I am almost to your neck.

"But no, I guess you can't lick me. Too bad."

I lift myself off you, then put my pussy against the gag.

"So, I wonder, do you like this?"

I lift myself again, pressing my pussy against your nose, so you can smell me.

Looking back, I see that you are definitely reacting.

"So, you like this?"

I shift further up, until my pussy is right in front of your eyes.

"Can you see me?"

I put two fingers to my lips, spreading myself in front of your eyes.

"Hmm, such a bad boy."

I move back down, putting my pussy over your nose again.

"I wonder if you can smell my sex."

I move my hand down, rubbing my clit, slowly at first, then faster, faster.

"Ohh yes!"

I use my other hand, putting two fingers inside.

"Ohh, it feels good!"

I work my fingers on my clit and inside my pussy, faster, harder. You can hear the sounds, wet, squishy. You can smell my juices.

"Ohhhh god yes!"

I climax, rolling over next to you.

"That felt wonderful," I whisper.

I take off the rest of my clothes, laying down next to you. You can feel my breasts pushed against your side, my arm over you, cuddling close. My legs wrap around your leg, capturing it.

"Well sweety, I would love to talk to you, but I guess we can't right now."

With that, I caress you, chest, face, even patting your stiff penis from time to time. Eventually, I get sleep.

"Well, good night. See you in the morning."

With that, I fall asleep beside you, naked, as you are left unable to do anything but feel and hear and think.

lol, no worries. In fact, you are my favorite writer on here, because you make the people human and real. And I am not upset or blaming or whatever, even the one guy who I asked on his talk page why guys on this site keep doing that. I just do not get why. It is society as a whole. I watched Freezing anime recently, and other than reaching the conclusion that the only reason they fight is to expose each other's breasts, the second season had one character who was powerful, but had smaller breasts. And the way the other characters treated her...and sadly, in society, we feel that same problem. One reason you find women who are perfectly fine, but that have smaller breasts, tend to have lower self esteem. One reason in my stories I write I do not even mention how big or small their breasts are. The reader can imagine them as A if they want, or H if they like that. I also keep it fair to guys, and do not mention the guy's penis size. I mean, I cannot control the size of breasts I was given (outside of implants), a guy cannot control his penis size (can a guy even get that kind of implant?). I mean, if it is an actual part of the story (No matter where she went, everyone stared at her breasts. Growing into a JJ cup size had influenced more in her life than just the stares too.) See, if it has a purpose, okay, but so many on here just use it as "Hey, girl with large knockers, so now lets fuck her!" Anyways, I will be quiet now xD --Dirty Me 04:13, 3 April 2016 (UTC)

Teejay, would you be willing to help me test something? I created User talk:DirtyMeStoryTime/Teejay's Talk to see if I can create individual pages for people on here that I talk to alot, like similar to Platypus' archive, only specific talk pages. Can you leave me a message on there to see if I get the "You have 1 new message" thing? You can just write a simple test if you have nothing to say xD

Hmm, sadly, not sure it worked. I got the new message because of Darky, not sure if it would have given it to me for you. Bleh, may not work trying to create a person specific archive, unless I use it like an archive like Platypus did D: --Dirty Me 04:06, 5 April 2016 (UTC)

Yep, I caught it. I have to get busy with that sometime, but today been working more on DirtyMeStoryTime Rants. Mostly making fun of others. Although, I guess, like the last page I created, some will miss my point on how I am teasing them and actually get off on it. But, I don't take issue with it, and am creating a couple more pages that will show more "reality" to highlight how stupid these stories seem to me. I am honestly hoping people both get it and enjoy it, rather than just being my personal rants and parodies of stories I see around here. I will even poke fun at Smutty Sex Romp at some point=P --Dirty Me 04:54, 27 April 2016 (UTC)

Oh, but I thought this was how women act on cyos? Aren't half the stories on this site like this?

Lol. Now you see why I say I am writing this to make fun of other stories on here. Wait until I finish the loop. Sex sex sex in a never ending loop. For spoilers check the talk page I just edited. Although you will need to either edit or select the text to read the spoilers. No worries, I do not take it personally. That is why I am posting as a rant parody. Over the top ridiculous. Each branch will have its own flavor. --Dirty Me 09:54, 27 April 2016 (UTC)

lol, I know you do. You actually make your characters human, not just automated sex robots. You give options to sleep rather than fuck like rabbits more. I guess my mindset right now is sort of on being frustrated that so many people on here write sex, sex, sex, and the women are pretty much interchangeable with any random hole. One reason I have said you are one of my favorite long time writers on here, because you don't do that. lol, I just posted lots of stuff on Fredhot's page, showing where I am making fun of different stories. What stories they are targeting. Things like that.

No worries, I will always go back to my charming, naughty self. I will be honest, the DirtyMeStoryTime Rants/Horny for sluts path does turn me on, to a point. I have had those times where I feel like having a fantasy about just being a sex object. Meh, I have let myself be one in the, I am not writing it from pure "I hate all you writers and want to make fun of you then let you die in fire". lol, I am a feminist, not a feminazi xD I do read some of the stories and get turned on, even when I shake my head and think to myself "Do you really think of women this way" or "What the hell idiot, do you even know what women are?". These thoughts are not directed at you by the way, I just mean random things I read on here. There are some that spark my interest, not so much because whoever wrote them turns me on, but because I can close my eyes, and imagine something based on their writing, but...better. Anyways, I seem to be being a little ranty and bitchy today, so think I will just stop writing here... --Dirty Me 01:53, 28 April 2016 (UTC)

lol, well, done with the first slut loop xD Sorry for the long message earlier. Platypus already told me he doesn't mind me making fun of SSR, and in fact mentioned it is a story that is very mock worthy, so wonder if people will understand my point for the whole "Never ending loop of sex" xD --Dirty Me 09:12, 28 April 2016 (UTC)

User:DirtyMeStoryTime/IRL sex experiences. Thoughts?

Actually, I was wondering more on thoughts on putting that profile page up. Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts about my experiences (The bullet items, not the explanations of what made me, well, me)? Maybe I should get rid of the explanation.

I have been watching Masters of Sex a little, and reading about how technology is dealing with sex, and have sort of come to a point where I am tired of people tittering, hiding, etc. We are sexual animals. But, I grew up in the US, where sex has a love/hate relationship. It is a vice, a hidden reality. We base so much on trying to hide sex and sexuality that it has created an unhealthy culture. I honestly think that is one reason why the US is one of the biggest markets for porn. The mentality is to taboo sex, which has created a voyeuristic culture. We charge teenagers with possession of child porn because they took naked pics of themselves. With distribution because they sent those pics to their bf/gf. We hide education behind putting condoms on bananas for our hs "sex education", and trying to push abstinence instead of having real education. Then, people wonder why there is such a problem with hs pregnancy. We teach people their body is bad, so they need to hide it. While it is better than it used to be, you can still see it everyday. And yet, we have not figured out how to move past objectifying women.

One reason I put it there, and put many of my experiences in my blog, is because it should not be a dirty little secret. I am not saying we should just run rampant, have sex anywhere at any time. There are real concerns with public health issues. But, I wish that people could be honest, could move beyond being judgmental, and just accept the fact that it is a part of us. Let people be open and honest. I put it there so people could know, "Hey, this is me. This is all the stuff I have done. I am not ashamed. I am a human, who has made mistakes, who has experimented, who has pushed the boundary, and that is okay". Sometimes I wish people could just get over their fear of evil sex, and embrace sensuality. I mean, I have discussed it on my blog, but wouldn't it be great if we could just get to a point where I could have house guests come in while I am making love to my husband, without having to stop? "Oh shit honey, sorry, I forgot she was coming over. Get off me and get dressed." instead becomes "The door is unlocked. Come on in. Sorry, we have not finished yet. Grab yourself something to drink while we finish". Imagine a world where it is okay to answer the door naked because it is hot, and I don't feel like putting on clothes. True, it wouldn't be as naughty and exciting anymore, but I think it would be better. Nothing wrong with the naked human body, so why do we shame it? Nothing wrong with having a higher sex drive, so why do people "slut shame"? I mean, nude pics of me went online, and I get threatened and called vile things for what, having a pic of me without clothes? When can we move past this, and instead turn to appropriate methods of education, and acceptance? This is why I put it out there like that. If it wasn't for these reasons, I would not have problems putting my real name, my real face, my real body, in front of everyone. But, I am as much of a victim of society as everyone else.

Anyways, that is why I put it, and why I am wondering about your thoughts on putting my real life information, well, as much as that is, on a site like this, dedicated to creating little CYoS stories. --Dirty Me 02:05, 4 May 2016 (UTC)

Help! Sigh, I can't find it. Okay, a few days ago, I was reading a page someone added, or edited, or something. In the story, you had the option to be the virgin girl. Needless to say, this story was one of my "Triggers" for creating DirtyMeStoryTime Rants. So, one path at least was a virginal girl, and I remember one path she has sex with a guy just out of the military, another path some teenager tries to rob her and she dominates him, bringing him back to her house as her sex slave. And, one path she runs into her brother at her parents house. He is skipping school, and she catches him masturbating. In one scene, she "Helps him". Yeah, my current DirtyMeStoryTime Rants/Horny for innocent girls "brother" path is a parody of this. But, I cannot remember where the story came from. I know you contributed something to it, so was hoping you would remember... --Dirty Me 06:15, 6 May 2016 (UTC)

nvm, found it. The Sexual Adventures of You, the Your younger brother Bobby path. --Dirty Me 06:19, 6 May 2016 (UTC)

lol, guess someone has actually read the summaries=P Excuse me, need to break out the toys again...thoughts of being put in stocks are turning me on again xD --Dirty Me 05:38, 19 May 2016 (UTC)

lol, today I am feeling passive and horny. No worries, you can do it "to" me. --Dirty Me 06:34, 19 May 2016 (UTC)

lol, I can be frank with you. The mood I am in right now, if it was not for three things:

  • Marriage and infidelity
  • Societies judgments
  • Legality of it in the first place

I would let me take someone to a very public place, stick me in stocks completely naked, and let people either use my mouth or pussy all they want, as long as they are gentle and careful with me. That is my current mood... --Dirty Me 07:31, 19 May 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, been trying to finish some of the options provided for me in The Exhibitionist, and I noted this one again: Go to a nightclub wearing a shirt with a deep V-neck that shows off a good deal of your cleavage and tight-fitting booty shorts with no panties

So, another slow start? Surprising, since a skirt can ride up, but shorts, well, I have worn tight booty shorts with no panties on many occasions xD

Of course, spoilers, I will have lots of "show" for the top, so I guess you will get lots of story "peeks". Forgot to ask though, the top, bra or braless? Braless is fine. Like, those Hollywood celebs that wear the deep tops with no bra, and the shirts go sideways. Especially if I am dancing. --Dirty Me 06:34, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

lol, you said cleavage. You can show cleavage with a bra xD You would have also liked my weekend shopping trip. I made sure that my top was see through enough that you could make out my nipples xD --Dirty Me 07:14, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

Well, went out with nothing under my raincoat but a bikini again today. lol, at least no one called the police again on me xD Thought about wearing a "wet t-shirt", but after going out in a semi see through shirt this weekend, I thought it might be too much.

Also, you haven't given me feedback about my completed rants xD --Dirty Me 11:59, 23 May 2016 (UTC)

Not leaving you out :o Flowers for Teejay!

Hey, you have my email address, right?

Send an email. You can just use one of your anonymous ones if you want. --Dirty Me 05:59, 25 May 2016 (UTC)

Oh, and once you do, please leave me a message on here so I know it is you, not someone else xD --Dirty Me 09:54, 25 May 2016 (UTC)

No email D: *cry*

btw, what do you think of my It's programming time!? I don't mean on how much is done, since not much is done, I just mean trying to create interesting "tutorials"? Hmm, does this fit into the "Story" part? Wonder if I can make it into a story story. Anyways, who is your dirty nerdy girl? Say it, SAY IT! Eh, I am in a strange mood today... --Dirty Me 06:24, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

Sent you a couple emails... --Dirty Me 07:18, 26 May 2016 (UTC)

You know, for an "Oops! You're Naked!" story, it seems to have an awful lot no oops, but "You decide to get naked" paths. Seems a little misleading...think I could get into an "Oops! You're Naked!" a bit better... --Dirty Me 03:51, 27 May 2016 (UTC)

lol, the rest I wrote after I had watched "Work from home" a few times xD I was thinking about gender reversal. It even made me wonder about writing a story, like that video, where the gender roles were reversed. Just not sure I could made it believable. --Dirty Me 05:04, 27 May 2016 (UTC)

Just found this story yesterday:

It is interesting. I think the author did not do well at actually writing from a female perspective (I have nothing to do with the story, other than I am reading it now), but I can so imagine this, so it isn't bad. Just wondering what your thoughts were on it. --Dirty Me 03:18, 2 June 2016 (UTC)

Honestly, the things that bother me the most is some of the specific words. I hate "Pussy Juice" and especially, really, really hate "cunt". Tits is another word that takes me out of the "From a female perspective". It is strange when males try to write from a female perspective, they do not honestly think about the actual words and language they use. Like the word "cunt". It is a double meaning, for pussy and for "bitch/whore". It is a very derogatory word, yet I notice it is used to describe her vagina. Do men really think about that? I mean, I read a study on how the brain is physically structured and how that forms thought patterns. I remember it saying, basically, "(In general) Men have larger vocabularies, but use the words less effectively. Women have smaller vocabularies, but are more proficient at using them". It was both the makeup of the brain and the part that connects the sides together. I guess that connection is larger in women, which increases the "able to use proficiently" part. Your thoughts from a male perspective?

Oh, and btw, I think Platypus is writing my strangest fantasy for me in SSR=P Lets see what he comes up with. I have read the first part, where he opens, just wondering how the scene will be managed xD --Dirty Me 04:58, 2 June 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, need your help a little. So, in my Context story, I figured out already that the reader has written an article that embarrassed the company he works for. Some spoilers I guess: The reader is of course a news writer, the person he is talking to is his ex, and also his boss. Anyways, the story was mundane: A new form of breast implant to replace silicon implants. But, it is the article title which has gotten him in trouble. I have tried to think of some inappropriate titles that may be used, but it is hard to figure out one that seems like something someone might write on the web blogs, like huffington or NYT or something.

"Breasts I can squeeze all day". "Best breasts of the west". "Wow, look at these tits!". I just can't figure out one that seems realistic. I had the idea when I was scootering, and thought of a great title, but lost it, and now can't think of a good one...any ideas from you?

After I get my title idea, I will need to draft the article, making it sound appropriately reporter like and boring, surprise the reader=P "Hey, look at this provocative title, lets click that link!" "Oh man, this is...well, sort of educational on breast implants, but also very boring..." Help me Teejay-kanobi, you are my only hope! --Dirty Me 09:00, 2 June 2016 (UTC)

lol, honestly not sure if that is offensive enough xD Maybe you are too nice to think of a good "offensive, inappropriate" headline. At least that would not really offend me. But, I think I see where you are going, trying to hint to women that "Hey, these are the best breasts. If you do not have these, you do not have good breasts." But, I think that is reading into it, and not sure the people who like to complain would really be offended by that. Put on your asshole, objectification hat. Think that is what I need. xD --Dirty Me 03:05, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

lol, I don't really feel those, but they did make me laugh xD --Dirty Me 04:39, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

No worries, I am fine, just frustrated at someone who is annoying the shit out of me...irl drama... Other than my status, I am not going to be a drama queen. --Dirty Me 05:54, 7 June 2016 (UTC)

Hardest part for me is to figure out how to do a realistic "Grooming" that you had mentioned before. When I was molested, I was just threatened, and too young to really understand. And for the older guys I have been with, it was something I just did, they didn't need to do anything special. I took their gifts, their money, and loved that, but also loved having the positive attention (Well, more positive than my highschool. At least they just used my body, and treated me decently, instead of bullying me, calling me names, taking my stuff, sometimes getting physical with me, but no, not sexually, more like slapping, hitting, etc). So, not 100% sure I can get it really accurate, but at least somewhat. Also, trying to write it without loosing it irl and breaking down, well, that is also not so easy...

But, it is real. It happens. One out of every three women suffer some form of sexual abuse. Whether it is molestation or rape, whether it is from their family member, their SO, or some random stranger, it is very real, and while rape culture has diminished, it is still out there, and given it is a pretty prevalent theme on this website, it may be good for those willing to read to see point of view. I don't care if guys fantasize about it (As long as that is the most they do...) because, what goes on in their mind is up to them as long as they do not harm someone else with in the process. But, sometimes I get the feeling that some people on this site sort of view it as a "Hey, if the girl gets off, then she will enjoy it and it won't be rape anymore". I think I wrote about this on fredhot's page once. Too many are "Ohh, no Mr. Don't rape me. Oh, well, yeah, that feels good. Okay, I guess I am glad you did." Lie a phrase I heard about "Those uptight lesbian girls", that "They just need the right man to give them a good dicking, and they will enjoy men again". I guess too many feelings like that.

Don't get me wrong, I like a good rape fantasy. But, it is slightly different for men and women. Women, it is less about him forcing us, and more about being so overwhelmed with lust that we cannot resist, no matter how much we want to. And I admit, I like the entire "choice taken out of my hands" sometimes, but again, there is that "We secretly wanted to, but were afraid, and he made us try by forcing x". Meh, it is hard to explain I guess.

In fact, many of the ideas I have for fallout 4 revolve around rape. When I played that, and fallout 3, I always wondered, what is up with this female slave chained up by the super mutants? What would they do with her? What about these raiders? I mean, what would happen to a real woman captured in this world? I will write it both naughty and horrorific. I imagine there are two worlds: The "civilized", and the "Take whatever the hell we want". If sex existed in the game itself, with raider mentality, I know very well that some would do exactly that: take what they want. So, I imagine pretty much every female raider has been raped at some point, creating three different types of women: 1. The broken woman. Either she was hurt so bad in the process that her body is tore up (just look at the bodies hanging around the entrances...something I try to avoid looking at in fact...), and/or her mind snapped and she is mentally broken, or both. 2. The one who just pretends to enjoy it because it is such a matter of life, and if she struggles, well, she has seen the other type. 3. And those who grew stronger from it. Those are the ones who created the female raider groups, or else have the female leaders, and she survived her past and used that anger to drive her to be more than the male raiders. It is simplistic, but I think it would not only show the fallout 4 world, and create a depth to the female raiders, but also make the CYoS readers happy, since it will be filled with lots of sex. And maybe lots of morals. Anyways, I am trying not to crusade, just tell an interesting story that will capture the average readers attention on here, and let them see the world through my eyes. Instead of just writing how the sex physically felt for me, write the ramifications. I did with one of the dirty me paths, when the character goes to the party and ends up getting raped due to the date rape drug thing, and how she broke from it. I think it is a good path, and shows this type of thing from the female perspective. The molestation part I did't go into details on, since I do not want to write about being forced to perform sexual acts when I was 6, just giving the brief details, but I think it describes well the consequences. And, it is only one path, so if the reader does not like it, they can skip. Yeah, I know many readers here do not want to really read about how that sort of thing messes you up, but there are a few, like you, that actually like a good story, and like understanding the story, the background, the characters, rather than just "read with one hand, masturbate with the other".

Sorry, really long post...was thinking about these things half the night and morning, so wanted to get them out there... --Dirty Me 07:30, 14 June 2016 (UTC)

Oh trust me, I already went through my fucking batshit insane stage. Drugs, drugs, more drugs. Lots of alcohol to wash them down. Two attempts at suicide. I write about the sex because it is easier to describe than getting high, especially since I can't remember half of my teenage years...lets face it, the sex was more about attention, some rewards (well, more from the older lovers and stuff), and honestly, caring about myself so little I didn't care what happened to me. More of a death wish, hoping someone would just do what I could not. If you had met me when I was high school age, I have no idea how you would have reacted.

I have a criminal record (Sealed, since I was a minor). I hung out with gang members, with drug dealers, with people that, if I was approached by them today, I would probably freak out completely. It is hard to imagine who I used to be compared to who I am today. I think one time someone did the math. I used about $10,000 a month in coke, crank, meth, pot, LSD, shrooms, speed, xtc. And I had no money, so you can imagine where some of my sex stories come from...and why I had even attempted street level prostitution at one point...honestly surprised I never ended up with some STIs (Not sure about the pregnancy risk, since yes, while I popped all the other pills, I also popped birth control, but yeah...given I got pregnant, fortunately by my husband, while I was on the pill. I blame quality control over here in Taiwan...) Anyways, I was a mess...I write about my "sexual experiences", and have hit on some of the other experiences, but normally avoid those because, well, again, hard to describe taking so many drugs that I felt like I was floating away, and telling a guy at the house to lay on me. Seriously, it was messed up. My arms and legs kept lifting, and I thought I was going to be stuck to the ceiling, or in outer space, or something. Easy to explain that, but hard to explain how it really felt. Easier to explain how being penetrated felt. I mean, how do you describe being on LSD, and the feeling that you are being followed because one of the other people cut themselves pretty bad and you have to walk home by yourself? I ran all the way home. I have never made it home that quickly before. Now, I realize, it was just the street lights, but at that time I though they were cop headlights. Then, when you are at home, calling another friend at 3 AM because you swear you are still at the same place you left, and you are dying, and if you don't get back, you will die, but there is a cop parked across the street (The neighbor across from us drove a white car that is the same model as the police use), so if you leave you will get in trouble. lol, she was so pissed at me the next day xD And that was my first time using LSD. Or the hotdog that kept talking to us. It was my stupid friend being stupid, and she was moving the bun and talking, but after a short time, it creeped us out and we thought the hotdog was really talking to us. We left the house very quickly...not sure how her parents didn't figure it out, since they were home...

Or when my dumbass bf put a drop of LSD in the birds water, I don't even remember where we were, and killed the poor bird D: The bird died basically beating itself against the cage. Or breathing pot smoke at someone's dog until it was just laying on its back, pawing at the air. Or getting my cat high. My poor cat kept trying to crawl out of the room under the door...

And those are the ones I remember vaguely. I have woken up next to people I didn't know, but know that I had sex with them, but don't remember anything about it. I have done that more than once...

Seriously, most of my "experiences" were honestly between the ages of 15-18...if that shows you how completely wild I went...and I was no angel before that either... --Dirty Me 04:02, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

I am in a somewhat whimsical mood right now, so working on the Wasteland Survival Guide. I guess my first question is: Have you ever played the fallout games? Especially 3, but for chapter 4+, it will be for others. For Chapter 1-3, I would like help seeing if I am doing very good in imitating Moria's style in my writing. But, I guess if you have not played the games, then nothing you can really help with. --Dirty Me 06:27, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

Meh, guess you cannot really comment too much on the pages then...

Well, any thoughts from an outsider on how well they were written in general? Not sure if I made the random author hops feel strange and hard to follow or not. --Dirty Me 10:07, 15 June 2016 (UTC)

Guess also if you want, you can tell me what you think of FMS/Tales from a raider/FS-Bitch1. It is not complete yet, but I guess you can get the feel of it so far. I know you will of course report back how mad it makes you on how the female raider was treated by the male member of her band, but I am wondering more how the story is. I mean, is it captivating? Does it make you imagine what is happening? Does it put you in the place of the scribe, and the raider? Is the flow okay? Does it keep your attention, or does the style detract from the story itself and break your immersion? I at first thought of doing it all through dialog, but the girl who we are finding out about is rather simple when it comes to mental capacity, and I was worried that writing too many "bad grammar speech" would detract. It would help with immersion, so you understand this is a female who has been a victim from the male band members, but that she has a pretty simple mind and worse ways of expressing herself, even though she is "officially" one of them, but I figured better to have a non-mutilated speaking method of telling the story of this girl. Anyways, thoughts and opinions on the story quality would be very nice, since the person who originally asked me to help write some fallout content appears to not really be around much. Just think of deathclaw as something super scary, and replace the random food with poor quality, hardly even seems worth stealing food. And I think you can guess what raiders are. Thieving, murdering, extorting bands that run around in a post apocalyptic wasteland, doing anything they can to survive and believing that if they can take it, it is fair game. --Dirty Me 04:02, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

Well, if you want, you can proofread it, offer recommendations on where I had problems or where things are not clear, where things need to be rewritten or have content added or removed. Feel free to edit any grammar mistakes I have made, but keep in mind that the girl being interviewed does not have a very good grasp of grammar, so those mistakes are intentional. It is pretty much done. Just need it proofread, and I guess I will see at another time if I need to do more changes. For now, I am going to move on to her leader, which is the other option I have created.

Basically, I am trying to tell interesting stories of the "bad guys". Try to make them more relatable and understandable. In the game, raiders are an annoying presence that you try to eliminate. For this, I am trying to explain why they are the way they are. How they became the human monsters that terrorize towns and murder, steal, and kidnap. With Bitch, we can see how a girl was warped from a young age, turned into a monster, rather than just being one naturally. Next, I will show how the leader has good qualities, and how he has survived the harsh world, and even has an ethical code that hopefully will make the reader feel at least somewhat sympathetic to him. Of course, for him, I will focus on different areas of his growing pains, so not sure the "sex" readers will enjoy it as much. They can always read kyle's vault girl stuff. It is full of that kind of story. I even fixed the broken pictures.

Also, I am curios of thoughts on FO3 Shorts/When molerats attack! The untold pheromone story.. Think of it as a female "black humor" or "dark comedy". I was trying to write it in a way that will be sort of funny, but in a very dark way. --Dirty Me 05:54, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

Honestly, a few more pages, and not going to bother reading more. I think I have a pretty good idea for the story, and have already finished the review. Now, I guess someone with more of that kind of story taste can write their own. It was for that that I added something in The Review Guide, because my idea is that each person just puts their own review, so users get more than just mine. I don't like the idea of only a single reviewer, because while I may be hard on the devil's daughter, just look at my "female perspective" and second conclusion, others may like the story. It is not written badly, just needs someone to fix mistakes since I do not think the author is a native English speaker, but it is just shallow and more than a little misogynistic. Much more than a little... --Dirty Me 03:40, 22 June 2016 (UTC)

Well, finished the review of your story, A Big Ugly Story. lol, I guess one of the few stories you have actually authored on here? I haven't seen any actually started from you. Hopefully you do not think my review is too harsh xD --Dirty Me 05:16, 22 June 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, no feedback on the review? I didn't think I reviewed it that bad xD --Dirty Me 03:04, 24 June 2016 (UTC)

Ohh, hmm, *blush*. Not sure how I missed it xD --Dirty Me 04:15, 24 June 2016 (UTC)

I have finished my second story in FMS/Tales from a raider/I am a female scribe. So, what do you think? I would ask for a review of both Bitch's path and Greg's path, but honestly, not sure I can say there is enough to warrant a review. If you want, you could always look them over and let me know what you think. And, I will try to get to that review tomorrow. Today, I finished the one, and want to take a break from reviewing. Wanted to work on a story I had made. But, not sure how well I did with Greg's path, I think more because I could not sympathize with it as much as with Bitch's path. So, wondering what I should do to improve it. --Dirty Me 09:19, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

Bleh, I had to stop after the scissors. I feel like I am about to throw up... Yeah, I might just keep reading the delaying path, and skip the killing. I have a pretty good feel for the story now... not sure I can finish it xD --Dirty Me 02:46, 28 June 2016 (UTC)

Congrats on the new house! Hope it is better than the old one =D

--Dirty Me 02:05, 4 July 2016 (UTC)

Miss me? lol, I have been busy playing Pokemon Go and now No Man's Sky=P

Was just thinking. When are you going to either blindfold me naked and lead me through a room full of strangers, or tie me naked so I can see all the strangers, but cannot do anything about it? Fun either way - I am not aware of it or I a helpless to stop it=P

But look, no touching! Hmm, touching could be fun though...decisions decisions... --Dirty Me 06:42, 19 August 2016 (UTC)

lol, at first I am like

00a9.png 00ae.png 203c.png 2049.png 0038-20e3.png 0039-20e3.png 0037-20e3.png 0036-20e3.png 0031-20e3.png 0030-20e3.png 0032-20e3.png 0033-20e3.png 0035-20e3.png 0034-20e3.png 0023-20e3.png 2122.png 2139.png 2194.png 2195.png 2196.png 2197.png 2198.png 2199.png 21a9.png 21aa.png 231a.png 231b.png 23e9.png 23ea.png 23eb.png 23ec.png 23f0.png 23f3.png 25aa.png 25ab.png 25b6.png 25c0.png 25fb.png 25fc.png 25fd.png 25fe.png 2600.png 2601.png 260e.png 2611.png 2614.png 2615.png 261d.png 263a.png 2648.png 2649.png 264a.png 264b.png 264c.png 264d.png 264e.png 264f.png 2650.png 2651.png 2652.png 2653.png 2660.png 2663.png 2665.png 2666.png 2668.png 267b.png 267f.png 2693.png 26a0.png 26a1.png Why would you try to parade me in front of Arab women. After looking it up, I know what you mean. But, I am still confused. Don't they normally like men, not women? Still sort of confused... --Dirty Me 02:06, 22 August 2016 (UTC)

lol, you know, I have wondered, just offhandedly, how you would handle being married to someone like me xD --Dirty Me 03:33, 30 August 2016 (UTC)

You know, that explains so much xD --Dirty Me 05:31, 30 August 2016 (UTC)

The nice guy with a dirty mind=P Very sexually oriented in your writing (Not sure I have ever seen you contribute to a non-adult story), but you also humanize it, rather than making the woman a random fuck doll. Just doesn't surprise me you have had a partner that is very open. --Dirty Me 05:46, 30 August 2016 (UTC)

Random thought for the day: I was surrounded by, like, guys, and only guys. No other women anywhere. Suddenly the thought popped into my head "I wish one of you would just pull your penis out so we can have some fun!". No, I wouldn't have done it, but still, that thought lurked in my head xD Maybe I am just loosing it xD --Dirty Me 10:20, 31 August 2016 (UTC)

Imagining myself there, sure=P Even girls can have naughty fantasies. But really doing it, no. If my husband was accepting like you, maybe, I honestly do not know. But it was still fun to imagine being there, in the middle of them all, and suddenly, some Japanese porn or something xD They were college guys, so still cute. I live right next door to a college by the way. I mean, literally. My kitchen window looks onto their (... okay, I am really starting to get frustrated. Building where you play sports, has the basketball court/volleyball court/whatever the re-purpose it as, lockers, etc...and I cannot think of the name for is starting to become more obvious that I do not live in an English speaking country when I really cannot remember this stuff...). When I throw the trash away, I see their dorms, since it is right next to the building we throw our trash in. When I go somewhere, I drive by their basketball court. And sadly, given my husband has been working long hours (No worries, this isn't like "My husband is working long hours" when he is sleeping with someone else. In Taiwan, employees leaving at *gasp* the time they are supposed to is frowned on. I know this from personal experience...), and since we have a son running around that sleeps in the same bed as us, intimacy is...lacking, so I have been a bit frustrated and found myself fantasizing more and more lately. Toys do not make a long term substitute for your husband's warm arms around you, and his warm other parts within you =P --Dirty Me 05:30, 1 September 2016 (UTC)

Yesterday was nice though. Got to scratch that itch the night before. Too bad we were interrupted by my son waking up... (He still sleeps in our bed with us). Then yesterday I got to met a couple friends of my husband. The wife was a programmer in a large company. Was so nice to meet a woman programmer! There are very few in Taiwan... Too bad the husband was the one that spoke English xD --Dirty Me 05:11, 2 September 2016 (UTC)

In high school, my, eccentric, side pretty much turned me into the taunting target for the school... Then again, I admit, I have grown alot since then. I admit I was whiney, needy, selfish, and a drama queen. Hmm, I still have many of these characteristics... --Dirty Me 07:52, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01101110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 00101110 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100001 01101101 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 00101100 00100000 01110011 01110100 01110101 01100100 01111001 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101000 01110101 01101101 01100001 01101110 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01101111 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 00101110

(btw, if you want to know what it says, try: =P) --Dirty Me 09:08, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

btw, when you say eccentric, do you mean my new "camping" path? I am actually writing a hidden story, and will unhide it once I am done xD --Dirty Me 11:47, 5 September 2016 (UTC)

Only one problem, while I can write it as something like what I did, a very vague sketch, I would not be able to actually write a story like that. I tend to be more of a sub personally. In the right mood, I can be a dom, and when I am in the right mood, you better do what I say or I will find ways to make you do what I say. I can take charge when needed. But, it is not really how I normally am. I am the one who always tries to be polite, helpful, things like that. While I do talk alot, for the most part, I am pretty passive. I do not think I could write a story about the female character flipping on the males that has bad intentions. Not and make it an obviously attractive read on a site like this. lol, check out my rants, the double D one xD I tend to take more of a lecturer approach I guess, not that great for a story. The camping path I am writing is still in my normal line, the passive girl. But, although I use Loli to highlight some of the absurd elements of stories on here, in fact, all my rants are aimed at that, I do admit that her story turns me on. It is the idea of being so innocent that things like that can be done in a way that is sort of easy to understand from her perspective (Yeah, as if any woman is that innocent...), and can be done in a way that she still maintains the innocent appeal, while doing some very un-innocent things. It is the way that innocence allows her to do things both kinky and dirty without realizing they are kinky or dirty. It is the sexual release without the guilt, because she does not see anything wrong with it. I guess it is sort of hard to understand. Like, the principle path. I did that in a way that she stays innocent, not realizing that it is "bad", or that she should feel ashamed. But, also showing the consequences (Although honestly, I do not think I will put the consequences in the camping path I am working on). "Oh, yeah, I shouldn't tell anyone about this thing you did to me because, it is like a doctor, not because you are like a completely sick and twisted person that should not be within a mile of children". Or the pictures of the other girls with no clothes on on his computer. "Yeah, I mean, everyone likes pictures! He is really awesome for taking pictures with his students. But no clothes, so must have been hot!". Yeah, I wish I was more like her, seeing things innocently instead of realizing how messed up people are. It may be more parts naive rather than innocence, but the Loli character will not go through hell wondering how evil she is, how dirty, and thinking that she does not deserve happiness. It is that she can be so carefree and not even see all the evil lurking around her. You can see it a bit in my other turn-ons. Exhibitionism. It turns me on more, the idea of being exposed in a way that will both turn people on, but also where people will not fault me. Where I can show off but I am blameless and not judged for it. "My dress got caught in the door!" "My skirt got stuck in the escalator!" "Oh, sorry, I didn't realize the door wasn't shut!" "Oh, I didn't realize you could see under my skirt, or that I was bending over and showing off everything in my top!".

I have sometimes wondered about that when I have thought about who I am. I mean, you know I was molested when I was 6, and how that crushed me and made me feel. But, I have wondered, if I went to a sympathetic ear, who understood what had happened to me, instead of to someone who said "You don't do that. It is evil", would I have been as broken as I was? Or would I have healed better, maybe even retained some of my childhood innocents, if it had been approached in the proper, textbook way? If I had not been damaged already when I was raped, and if society did not blame the victim to the extent it does, would it have been less traumatic and easier to get over? How much does our messed up societal views actually mess up our own self worth after being a victim? I have thought about my molestation, and wondered things like, what if it was Greece during the times of the philosophers? Didn't they have sex with minors? I know, it was young boys, but still, did those young boys grow up to be broken? Or, since it was a normal, accepted social phenomenon, did they actually grow up to be normal (In their society)?

I mean, I think about that related to today's age and nudity. I sleep in panties only, and our son sleeps in our bed with us. Does that mean I am a bad parent for letting a two year old see me topless? What is unnatural about nudity? Are minors that are raised in nudist camps harmed by seeing naked men and women? I understand that there is a health issue, which is why nudists bring things to sit on, rather than sitting with their skin touching public surfaces. But, why has the battle for public breastfeeding been going on for so long? We do not pop our nipple out for sexual titillation. We do it to feed our infant. My breasts, while they can be touched in the right ways to bring about sexual response, are not actually a sexual organ. So, why do I need to cover them? I mean, you want more sexual reaction from me? Nibble on my earlobes. That will get you attacked (sexually) faster than anything you can do with any other body part. The nibbling may not please me, but it does elicit response and excitement. But then again, no matter how much you play with my breasts, I will never orgasm from that. I have never known a woman who can (Although I have heard rumors, but again, not like perfectly viewable other parts could not create the same reaction, like ears...).

But, I am also someone who does not view public sex as bad either, as long as it is done in a way that is hygienic. It is a natural process. I think the US view on sex, the human body, etc, has created more sexual dysfunction than anything else, and has done more harm than the entire population engaging in sex and nudity in public spaces ever could. And, if this wasn't this way, would I have grown up much healthier, mentally? Would I have done many of the things I did, given most of my teenage years was pretty much me not caring since I felt I was worthless, evil, and did not deserve happiness? What is one more penis inside of me if I am not worth anything? What is one more dirty old man enjoying my underage body if I am evil, and don't deserve to be happy? No, don't address these, they are rhetorical questions based on how I felt growing up, not on who I am now. But, if society was more open, honest, non-judgemental, non-shaming, etc, would I have still felt this way? I know, lots of questions, explanations, whatever. I hope you don't mind that, while I will leave up the beginning with guys tied to trees all over the place, my story will still be based on what I can imagine. So, Loli in the camping path will still be the innocent girl that does dirty and kinky things because she doesn't understand that the are dirty and kinky, and that she will still see them through some positive, innocent light at the end. Now, I just need to figure out how being tied to a tree and all the guys having sex with her will mesh with her "innocent" mindset. Yeah, I have been having this fantasy more and more lately, so this is a way to write about it=P

Anyways, I could probably keep typing and typing, but think I should stop for now. --Dirty Me 05:23, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

lol, how very open minded of you. I can almost imagine the cries of "Liberal socialist" rising already xD SMH, anyways. Yeah, for some reason, I am just in that mood lately. The kind of mood that, as long as I am not physically hurt, I would be more than willing to just be a public sex toy.

Strip me, tie me, use me, abuse me, tease me, please me, do whatever you want. Let them all watch. Let them all join. Leave me covered, leave me dripping, hot and sticky, wet and willing. Anal, vaginal, oral, hands, fill me up and spray me down. I promise not to spit baby, just don't stop. I promise not to scream, well, unless you want. Will we do it in the mall? Will we do it in the hall? Can we do it on a bike? Or maybe while we take a hike? While flying in an aeroplane? Maybe in the high speed train? How many eyes to look at see, or take part, with you and me?

Yeah, poetry, not my strong suit=P Anyways, yeah, been having these fantasies lately xD Too bad they do not have an APEX here (And that my husband would never agree). I do miss that about APEX. The voyeur parties. The swinger parties. lol, I was not a member very long, a few months right after I turned 18 (Since you need to be 18 to join), but it was...interesting. To this day, I can still remember one person I met. She radiated pure sexual energy, and you could tell she was a dom. Not a fake dom. She was the real one. I fell in lust with her at first site. Sadly, I never got the courage to even try. Too bad...she probably could have taught me what BDSM was really about, rather than all the phony "doms" I have had talk to me online, that are really just guys that want a wet hole that will do whatever they want, without needing to do anything of the real things a master or do should do, like take care of their slaves/subs... The users, not the real masters, the real doms... --Dirty Me 06:34, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

Dirty Me's new sextion

Okay, getting annoyed at that message that this page is too long, so starting a new section xD

Can you go to DirtyMeStoryTime Rants/Camping trip and hit edit? Inside, you will find the <!-- writing stuff -->. Can you look over the stuff I have written? Some is notes, but most is the story I am working on. I just want to know if I am doing good at explaining how Loli sees this stuff, how she rationalizes it. "Sure, go ahead and use the bathroom. My dad and brother do that too, since we only have one", and if it is somewhat believable. I am trying to figure out how to work in the compromised positions while still maintaining her "Oh, it is just something innocent" mentality, while showing the reader that while she does not understand what is happening to her, and does not think of it as something bad, the readers can get the messages and still find themselves able to stay immersed. Like what happened to her while she was sleeping in the back of the truck. "Hmm, salty, slightly bitter. OMG, did I drool all over them? I hope they didn't see, let me wipe this away." I know readers will sit back and "omfg, she is so stupid, naive, etc", but, hey, that is one thing that keeps you attached to the character. It is better than "this story sucks", and lets face it, that is one of the points of my character Loli, she is so innocent, or naive, depending on how you look at it, that these things happen to her without her realizing she shouldn't be doing this and shouldn't be letting these guys do this kind of thing to her. Anyways, believable? At least on a level where the story can be followed without just saying "forget this"? --Dirty Me 12:45, 6 September 2016 (UTC)

Hmm, no review and recommendations yet? No worries, you can put notes in there. Just need to make them noticeable, maybe in ()s. And why do I have the feeling you had me in mind when you wrote Nicole's body type? Maybe that is just my "center of the universe" mentality showing. I am still sure the Earth revolves around me though. I mean, I never move, so it must xD --Dirty Me 05:20, 7 September 2016 (UTC)

Okay, warning, this will be a long post. Just getting my thoughts out, seeing what you think about them.

So, you still haven't reviewed the hidden Loli camping story. But, yesterday, after I had expanded more, I was thinking about her. Alot. Who Loli is, and why I am allowing this kind of thing to happen to her. I mean, she is a sweet, innocent girl. Maybe some will argue she is naive so bad it hurts. Maybe some will think she is a complete and total idiot. I don't honestly know. But, she is a sweet, sensitive, helpful girl that is willing to go out of her way, and do things that she doesn't really want to, to help others. And that she doesn't realize that what others are doing to her should not be done. So, I started thinking about why I am perfectly okay with letter a bunch of guys basically rape her in her sleep (At this point, as sex while she is awake will happen more further into the story). Not the fact that I am okay with writing about it. The fact that I am okay with letting it happen to her.

It made me wonder who I am. I mean, while I can picture her perfect, while I know her, I am her creator. So, in essence, I am the one letting these things happen to her. It made me start wondering if I am just a sociopath or something, since I can sit back and imagine these things being done to her without feeling anything but excitement. No remorse. No feeling bad for her. Nothing...

It has to be a part of my own psyche. Sadly, it make me think about how I would feel if I was in her position. I thought about the fact they are taking advantage of her trust and friendship to rape her as she sleeps. I thought about my own thoughts on this being done to me. I came to the sad realization that, as long as the perpetrator left no evidence, I would be completely fine with it. I would not ask, I would not try to figure it out. I would just ignore it. By evidence, I mean as long as I did not get hurt, I did not get pregnant, I did not get some STI, whatever. It brings me back to my thoughts I have had about sleeping in a room full of strangers. Sadly, I think, if I was single, if I knew there was no risk of being injured, and if I knew if I slept in that room I would get taken advantage of, I would still close my eyes.

I am not really sure how I feel about this part of me. Maybe it is just the dramatic life switch I had, going from slut and drug whore to married, loving wife. We have been married now over 6 years. Maybe it is just my past, and I have became numb. I still break down and cry when I truly think about being molested. I still break down and cry when I think about the first time I was raped. But, the second time? I know I should feel horrified. But, I just felt meh. I said no, but since he wouldn't stop anyways, I just wanted him to finish fucking me and get the hell away.

One thing that is scaring me, is the fact that I am not scared about some of these fantasies I have been having lately. Okay, so you know about my walking path. I went back yesterday in fact, after my husband got home so he could watch our son while I went for a walk. Let me tell you about this path. It is an old road. No lights, no nothing, blocked off on each end. Technically, people should not be on there, so I can walk along it freely without encountering anyone. Not that no one will ever be on it, because anyone at all could do the exact same thing as me and just walk down it, allowed or not. Yesterday, I brought a small purse with me. Once I had gone far enough that no one could see me from the road, I stripped and put all my stuff in the purse, walking around the path completely naked. At first, I walked along it, feeling the breeze on my skin, feeling excited, being naked out in public, even if the chances are very low that someone else would see me in the public space. Finally, I stood there and played with myself until I orgasmed. What I watched while I did that was gifs from a rape tumblr. In the past, I have done the same thing, although I didn't watch anything, I just closed my eyes and imagined it. I imagined encountering a bunch of men, alone, in this dark path, outside of the normal public view, forcing me down, shoving me against the bank, my ass in the dirt, as they raped me. And, it turned me on.

So, yesterday, I was thinking about this, after I was done of course. And, it made me wonder what my mentality was. In some ways, it almost feels like I want that. Like, I want to engage in this rough sex, with complete strangers, but that, given I now live in the "social norm", with a child and loving husband, that I cannot do this, so it is like I have turned these fantasies on themselves and moved from willingly doing this to being forced to. Like, I inwardly want this, so I am not really being raped, but I want the excuse that I had no choice to justify the action. I mean, even my "oops" moments show this. I would rather be "accidentally" exposed, so the choice taken away from me, than to do it in a way that others know I want to be exposed. Honestly, if faced with the situation, I cannot say I would feel this way. But, right now, my mind is telling me I want this to happen to me. Reality vs fantasy? So hard to explain how I feel. Like, roofie me, gangbang me, and make sure that I do not suffer consequences, like torn vaginal muscles, torn anal muscles, bruising, scraping, pregnancy, STIs, pictures that will ruin my future, etc, and I will be perfectly fine to take that drink from you. Then again, recently, I have been reading more BDSM stuff. And, I have spanked myself. It makes me wet at the same time as it hurts. So, I am not even sure where my pain boundry is. Maybe just if it is temporary. I honestly do not know, and cannot really test it, as my husband will not do that.

So, what does that make me? I have thought of myself, of when I did prostitute myself. If I hadn't been beaten half to death that first time, would you find me on a street corner? Still high as hell, fucking anyone with the money to pay? Would you find me in your favorite porn? Would I be that porn actress that does those rape porns? Or the slave porns?

I am honestly not sure right now who I am, where these thoughts are coming from. Maybe my life transition from party girl, drug girl, easy lay to happily married housewife with a son to drive around, cook for, change diapers for, was too sudden? Sometimes, I almost think I miss my teenage years. When I was fucking and sucking, when I was snorting and smoking. But, I am happy now, so why would I want that, from a time when I was miserable? Why am I letting Loli get taken advantage of? I mean, my principal path, I was highlighting the absurdity of some stories on here. The dog path. The brother path. That was more parody than the camping path I am working on now. The camping path, as I have laid out for her, is pretty much just Loli being used as a sex toy for a bunch of perverts. No consequences like the other paths. Just an innocent girl who is being taken advantage of, and doesn't realize it, just explains it in her innocent way. I am starting to feel bad that I do not feel bad I let her be taken advantage of to this level.

I mean, even the roofie potential, I am not honestly sure if I would care if I woke up and knew everything that happened. If someone slipped something else into my drink, paralyzing me, so I could see, hear, taste, smell, and feel every single thing that was done to me, yet could not speak or move. Right now, in my head, I don't think I would mind that. I could just blame them for it instead of saying "Yeah, I wanted to be fucked by all these guys". Again, real situation, I don't think I could, but I guess I am not sure how I would react in a real situation as I doubt it will happen. Am I turning into some unfeeling sociopath? Is something else wrong with me? I cannot get these thoughts out of my head, and I know that it is not something that is healthy, not something that is good, that I would want to happen, on an intellectual level. So, why do keep hoping, one day, down a dark path, I get attacked and raped by some seedy men? Why do I seem to want to be taken advantage of? Why do I want the control stripped away, and to be locked in a basement, or even better yet, in a town square, where I will just be sexually used and abused?

Hmm, can a 24 year old have an identity crisis? Is that what all this is for me?

Anyways, hopefully you read all this. Just, trying to work through my own conflicting thoughts, and see your thoughts on them. Also: I still want to know how to make Loli's camping trip more "believable". I have thought about completely removing the parts she gets taken advantage of, and leave it all that she does the things willingly thinking they are innocent. I am even thinking of changing the character so it is not her, so it can be just a fantasy, and not part of a character that is aimed at parodying all the "loli" stuff on this website... --Dirty Me 05:24, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

Eww, Trump. Don't even get me started on how stupid he is...I am voting Hilary. There may be a few things I do not like about her, but, I think it will be great to have a female president finally, and I do support her on many other things. And, Trump as president would just be some cruel, inhumane joke...

Anyways, your response brought other things to mind. At first, it was some naughty writing about my past. Making it seem more...erotic and exciting, I will admit that I cleaned up the details alot, to make them more "Oh god, this is making me so horny", rather than "Oh god, why did she do something like that" but still. Then, it was getting into old habits. Finding exhibition outlets. Now, it is pervasive thoughts about wishing I could do it. So, what is the next step? Me putting myself in potentially dangerous situations where it could easily become reality? Not as easy here in Taiwan as it would be in the US, but still. I imagine if I tried hard enough, I could find a way, or get myself arrested for trying...given I could always go to a KTV and just be a KTV girl for a day, without requesting money, or maybe and request money...I drive past the betel nut girls, and wish I was Taiwanese so I could be in that glass box. Then again, a white girl in there might attract even more people. It would just not work, because of my Chinese ability... (If you want to see what I am talking about, check here:

See, this is the thing. This keeps building inside me. So, how do I keep myself from doing something that I know I will regret. And no, it isn't just sexual thoughts. It is drugs. Fortunately, I do not know drug dealers here, but god, sometimes I think about how wonderful it would be to get high. I read about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. It makes me remember getting stoned. I think about how good it would feel to just have a line of coke.

And, all through this, I think about how I do not feel guilty with the idea of doing any of this. That I just stop myself because I do not want to face the consequences... I do not think I would feel guilty (Again, maybe I would if I really did it, but I do not feel that way right now) having sex with another guy. I just don't do it because I would not want to face the consequences if my husband found out. I really don't want to lose him. --Dirty Me 07:07, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

lol, would rather he blindfold me, tie me up, and pound me hard=P Preferably leave me that way for a long time, and use me infrequently all throughout the day so I never quite know when he will attack xD. Maybe do like those Japanese porns, strap a high strength vibrator right on my clit so it is constant, for a long time.

Maybe even a few spankings. Make it rough. But...this is the problem. He won't...and my "toys" won't either...although it is fun to shove a vibrator in, get dressed, and go out. But, after a while, it stops being pleasant, and becomes irritating. Wish I knew where to pick up better sex toys here. Wish I had the money to order some better sex toys online...

No worries. I do try to be a good girl. You know, good girls do it in heaven. Bad girls do it everywhere. (Yes, I know the song is...slightly different=P But, I want to do it everywhere! Not go --Dirty Me 08:03, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

No worries. lol, I don't expect anyone to fix it xD I am a big girl, and I will figure out how to deal with it. I go crazy time to time, but I am smart enough to know when I need to stop xD And now, I have things I care about enough to stop myself. It is just good to have someone to talk to. I don't honestly have many IRL friends. I have lots of people who want to be my friends, but that is more about "Hey, I can talk to a foreigner when I want" and "I have a foreign friend! You should meet her", rather than someone to sit down and seriously talk to. While I like it here, sometimes it gets a bit lonely. Guess you can guess, given I am talking to a strange guy on the internet, pouring out all this stuff that I would normally talk to another girl about xD Well, not completely, I would still edit many of those sexual thoughts...

Anyways, no worries. Thanks for listening. I will stop being nuts someday xD --Dirty Me 09:50, 8 September 2016 (UTC)

Did you know, I think of Justin as you? Yes, I realize you would not take advantage of young Loli in that manner, but as a part of you. Trying to make sure she enjoys it (He will teach her what it feels like to receive oral in the next part I write), and not in the fact that he is being just as not upfront with her as the others, but in that he tries to help her a bit, make her feel more comfortable, explain a little more. Like, a more asshole version of you, but acting nice. Or maybe just the way Loli perceives him is more like you. Okay, am I confusing you yet?

If I ever end up single, and decide to take all the people on EP on an adventure, I will be Loli, you can be Justin. For the other 4, well, sure, Fred can join, and Platypus. I can pretend to be all sweet, innocent, naive. Maybe it can be like a script=P But, well, you don't mind if I use birth control, unlike Loli, right? I don't want to end up like Loli is about to... --Dirty Me 09:03, 12 September 2016 (UTC)

More eyes to see

More ears to hear

More hands to feel

To feel, to feel, to touch, to tickle, to tease, to grope, to fondle

Everywhere. My top. My bottom. My front and back. Outside, and inside. Watching me squirm, listening to me pant, to beg, to scream, in surprise, in shock, in pleasure.

Seeing me, in my ecstatic agony. In my glorious humiliation. In my state of carnal bliss, and erotic torment.

Watch me, tease me, taste me, please me. Happily bound to the chain, enslaved in silk and velvet, caresses bringing ecstatic pain, with everyone I ever met.

Anyways, sorry, that stuff randomly popped into my head, and I had to find somewhere to write it. Sadly, I wish that was my mindset. Lately, I have been feeling stupid, useless, pointless. Seems like everywhere I turn, I get told that I am doing everything wrong. No, not from my husband, but by others... I feel so dispirited, so dejected right now. Starting to get depressed... I ended up bursting into tears as someone was bitching at me about something the other day. Had to walk away and just try to clear my head. Sigh...beginning to wonder if it is something wrong with me, or wrong with this culture I live in...I don't really know anymore...

Soooo, any thoughts? Masochist me? --Dirty Me 08:49, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Actually, not really. More based on fantasies I have, rather than realities. I mean, as with all my writing, I will draw on my personal experience (like being spanked by my dad), but just, eh, what can I say, I have studied a bit of BDSM, and sort of like the 50 Shades of Grey, even though I know it is basically garbage. So, figured this would be a good way to let my kinky side out, the side of me that wants to be humiliated, who wants to be spanked, who wants to try all these things, since it won't happen in real life. As for my family, they are wonderful. My husband is very busy lately, and sadly, I am too. My son is a handful. But, it was him that gave me this idea. Not sure why he is doing it, but after I spanked him once, he started spanking himself. It was just a single spank, but his behavior made me wonder why he did that. It made me wonder, are some people attracted to pain? Does it stimulate, rather than make one want to flee? So, I created a character that has the exact opposite reaction. For example, in the opening, I mentioned "rewarded myself". I remember, lying in bed, waiting for my husband. And, I spanked myself. Then did it again. And again. One night, while waiting for him, I took out the belt. Started spanking myself, again, and again. It hurt, but at the same time, I found myself growing wet, and wetter, and... Anyways, I haven't tried again for a while, but I found I sort of liked it. And, well, decided to make a story of it. At first, I wanted to make it a pure rape story, and was getting ready to repurpose Rape Magnet. The author put one page, and not that great of a page, and never did anything. But, each time I tried, I realize, sure, I want to explore my darker side through writing, but not just about rape. I wanted a plausible story, not "a voodoo witch doctor cursed me, so now everyone will rape me", but something that really exists. Something with real seeming people. Sure, I will write about rape, but also about someone who enjoys being degraded, enjoys being hurt, and humiliated, and used. Why? Well, then I have something to fantasize about when my mind starts to fill with those kinds of fantasies. Yes, I do masturbate to my own stories. Why? Because I think there is some part of me that actually feels, at least a little like this. Why? Well, because there are real people like this in the world. In fact, the "psychologist diagnosis" was taken from wiki, as a real psychological condition. There are real people like this. So, it lets me step into these shoes, and imagine, what would it be like if I was someone like that. No worries, I am not, and not going to do things like that. But, it lets me imagine. Isn't that the purpose of fantasies? To imagine things you don't really want to do? So, guess in here, some mystery men get to choke me, spank me, pull my hair.

As for how I am doing in real life, no worries, doing fine. Money is always tight, like normal, but I am doing good. Now, if only you could tell me your secret to making money at home...since I don't think teachers could handle my little ball of energy... I need to keep a constant eye on him... --Dirty Me 10:07, 13 March 2017 (UTC)

Okay, I think I have finished most of the backstory and intro to the character in Masochist me. I am worried though that I did too much for it though, or that it rambles, or will bore the reader. Can you do me a favor, go check everything, and let me know if anything is awkward, too much, too little, too meh, or whatever? I am trying to make sure the reader knows who the character is, but not sure if I am doing that good at it... --Dirty Me 06:53, 15 March 2017 (UTC)

So, not too much? It helps demonstrate who the character is, and doesn't go overboard? Just want to make sure. I will write some of the actual "story" parts soon, although I have introduced a few short ones already. --Dirty Me 07:24, 15 March 2017 (UTC)

It sounds bad just from the name alone...I checked it on IMDB, and it sounds just as bad as the name suggests... --Dirty Me 08:26, 16 March 2017 (UTC)

lol @ mumble years ago. I finished high school in 2010. Wow, almost 7 years now... hard to believe... --Dirty Me 09:55, 16 March 2017 (UTC)

Sigh. Why do I feel like right now I am more explaining to people "how to be a more interesting date" than writing a naughty BDSM escort story? Anyways, you said before you found the information useful. How about the current "training" parts? Are they actually helpful to get into the mind of someone who's job is to keep strange men interested and coming back for more? I understand, maybe this is way too much details (Which you still haven't told me if it is too much, and if I should just skip to the story), but wondering if it is helpful to get into her mind a bit, and try to understand her world. --Dirty Me 08:14, 20 March 2017 (UTC)

You know the funny part? Writing these "escort training" pages, I am actually learning a bit myself. I mean, I know most of these things, but have never really thought about the why. At first, I was just planning on writing my own reasons on why I think this or that may be important, but after I started actually looking up the information, I started realizing exactly how little attention we normally pay to how we present ourselves to others. Or at least how little attention I usually pay...

I mean, I touch those people I am with and feel comfortable or attracted to, but I never thought about how touch will normally play an important part in the attraction between a couple. I do quite fine with dressing myself, but have never thought about some of the other things related to it. Most of these "character reactions" is how I would have reacted if I was with the character. I think that researching these things I am writing now has actually help me better understand what we do on a subconscious level, and made me think about how we actually apply some of these things, consciously, to improve existing relationships xD Sort of strange I guess that I am learning almost as much as I am trying to tell the readers. --Dirty Me 04:36, 21 March 2017 (UTC)

Well, was thinking. Maybe once I finish up my training material, I will let you be the male instructor to come in and teach us "how to please a man sexually". After all, a male should probably be teaching this class in my story. Otherwise, me writing it will probably sound rather, cliche..."oral, let him stick it where he wants, focus on his satisfaction not yours", and sadly, would probably sound like many of the stories here... "lick shaft, stroke shaft, cup balls, twist balls, swallow, etc". I am not honestly sure, if a guy was teaching a group of escorts the "general how to make sure a man is sexually satisfied" that this would be how he would teach it. I mean, eye contact. Vocalization of pleasure. Do men prefer specific positions in general (Does it feel better for him)? I have heard that men actually depend on the woman's facial expressions to determine how turned on by her he is. All these strange little tidbits. Anyways, just giving you a heads up so you can think about it, and will let you know when I have the page ready for you. Of course, the instructor can do it in any tone of voice he wants. Later, I might even have her go for BDSM training (I have had some limited training). Honestly though, not sure if I want a full demonstration (AKA, actual sex in the training session or not), and it will be an optional class, outside of the agency, for those who do wish to add sexual intimacy to their companion services as an escort. I think these training classes I am writing about help paint the picture in the readers head better, so they can see the character, see what she is doing and learning about, so they can feel more connected to her. But this could just be me, and not anyone else who is actually reading what I have written so far... --Dirty Me 06:30, 22 March 2017 (UTC)

Okay, all created for you ^.^ Well, the option is: Masochist me/Sex training

I have left the notes there for you on the request. But, I know you do not "have to do it", but hoping you will do it for me. I know you can! Teach me how to please a man! And don't forget, if you don't, I will be taking some BDSM classes soon, so will know how to properly handle ropes, and whips, and Cock and ball torture (Although Masochist me would never do anything like that...)... Can't wait to see my class, and learn lots of new things! --Dirty Me 08:03, 23 March 2017 (UTC)

Don't even know what to --Dirty Me 14:03, 28 March 2017 (UTC)

lol, I stumbled across that on youtube. I could not stop laughing. My poor husband didn't understand why that English was so...wrong, until I explained it to him, and sadly, he had to attend a video conference call, and I could not stop laughing. --Dirty Me 01:39, 29 March 2017 (UTC)

btw, thoughts about the current training? Sadly, I am not very far in. Just now finished kissing, and next need to move to caressing. I will also write that the character misunderstands the teacher, starts to strip thinking he is asking for sex to not kick her out of the class. He will refuse, and then explain the problem. This will help show that, although the character and teacher will have sexual contact, it is not for nefarious reasons, and that he is a good guy. But, after she explains about herself, he will also find some difficulties, as her sexual responses do not follow the normal conventions that he is trying to teach, so there may be some materials exploring the further differences between her (And how she can only achieve 'climax') and what he is trying to teach the other students. Anyways, I know the current sex education material is long, just want to make sure that it is okay from the male perspective, and doesn't state things that are incorrect. --Dirty Me 05:46, 29 March 2017 (UTC)

So, how did you like the twist? Where the teacher was trying to teach them "slow, closed mouth, non aggressive", and it was the female in this case that escalated it from that to "Fucking stop being gentle"? I like writing the storyline to keep it interesting. --Dirty Me 07:48, 29 March 2017 (UTC)

Okay, criticism time. Please feel free to go through my teaching parts and critique if needed. You can leave the critiques on the discussion page for that part of the story. Well, if you want to. I know I ask alot. And I know that you have no requirements to help. Just want to see where I am not doing good. Or if I am putting in something redundant. Or something... I swear my english is rapidly deteriorating. My mom even told me that I have an accent now, and I notice myself using Chinglish, so I am rather paranoid if I am writing this okay right now. I also assume, at least this part, you are enjoying, since we haven't gotten to the beating, and spanking, crying and screaming. Also, some of it is based on my own knowledge or thoughts about the way things work (Like the current touch, since it is harder to get information on touch, since everything out there talks about kinds of touches-caress, hug, cuddle, etc, and not about the specific areas of touch, light vs. heavy, stroke, or poke, or firm pressure, etc, or what a touch on the neck means, what a touch on the cheek means, what a touch on the stomach means, so most of this is based on what I think and know, which may not be correct). I know you may not know any more or less than me, but if you see something that seems stupid, or flat out false, please let me know. --Dirty Me 07:40, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

ヽ(゜Q。)ノⓌⓗⓐⓣ? --Dirty Me 01:43, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

Okay, I guess I need to add some. Looked up some dirty poems just for you:

Mental anxiety,
Mental breakdowns,
Menstrual cramps,
Did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN!

Okay, fine, I will copy some of the actual poems:
If guys had their periods
They would have compare the size of their tampons

Sigh, okay, a real one!

Holy mother, full of grace
Bless my boyfriend's gorgeous face
Bless his hair that tends to curl
Keep him safe from all the girls
Bless his arms that are so strong
Keep his hands where they belong
Bless his dick, the one I sucked
Bless the bed, in which we fucked
And if my mom happened to walk in
Bless the shit I'd be in

So, I finished the petting training page, that should cover your recommendation of groping and fondling. But, not sure I covered it well enough from your viewpoint? If you want to look it over, and let me know. It just felt strange to have a sex training with "Hey, women, let the men grab your breasts and ass, they will like that", since it is supposed to educate both men and women. Even had a bit of a sex scene in there for readers. Women do like to grab also=P Of course, it was a shorter one than the touching, since it was focused on private contact, rather than pure touch. Next, I will get to oral. Now to research how to give good oral, for both men and women, considering I cannot say I have had many partners that have been that into oral, so honestly, I am not sure what good oral is either xD Had plenty of men able to cum in my mouth, but is that a measure of "how good of a cocksucker I am"? Anyways, let me know what you think. --Dirty Me 06:49, 10 April 2017 (UTC)

Sigh, think I will let...someone else watch this new guy, Teddy, to make sure he does what he should on the site...


I don't even know what to many typos, misspellings, things that are just plain wrong, and the story is just, bleh, and I have no interest to even help it... --Dirty Me 09:45, 13 April 2017 (UTC)

You know, beginning to wonder if our new neighbor is an exhibitionist, or just doesn't think that we can see straight into her kitchen. From time to time, at night, I will see her in her kitchen, topless. lol, maybe she doesn't care, since I tend to go into my own kitchen topless at times xD Wonder if my husband has seen her yet though. --Dirty Me 01:49, 16 May 2017 (UTC)

lol, well, if I knew the answer to that, I would decide if I more xD But, not the first time I have seen someone walking around topless in their house. I think it is just that they do not think about it like that. Too bad. It would be interesting if she was. We could give each other a show. But, that is not the kind of thing you ask your neighbor (And I wouldn't know how to ask her that in Chinese anyways). --Dirty Me 03:54, 17 May 2017 (UTC)

  • cry* I assume you have heard of Ariana Grande's Manchester concert...I wanted to go to her concert, since she is supposed to be coming here. But wondering if it is safe...probably, I doubt that would happen in Taiwan. Then again, if something did happen, sure not too many people would miss me... --Dirty Me 05:48, 25 May 2017 (UTC)

I have been working on my Loli camping story, and need your help. I am getting close to finishing it, but I want to have the boink games. Loli thinks sex is two people kissing, and the guys with her, finding this out, call sex boinking instead of sex, and the next part of the story I am writing is them having the boinking games.

First, what is that one sport called where you run to a set point, like a tree or something, then run back. Back and forth? I forget what it is called...feel like my English is getting worse...I know it isn't relays. Those are the ones with the batons. I forget what it is called though.

Anyways, here are the boinking games I currently have:

Boink tag - She picks someone, and boinks them. They need to tag someone else. Once they do, that other person needs to chase her and catch her. Once they catch her, he gets to pick the position and boink her. She will then pick someone else, choosing the position she boinks him.

Boink racing - She will boink each one by one, and she needs to race to see who she can get to cum first. The guys need to try not to cum. The shortest one is out, then it will repeat until only one is left.

Hide and boink - The guys will hide. She will boink each as she finds them. The last one hiding wins. For some reason, they will suck at hiding...I don't know why...

Last idea is the (Not relay). She will be one point, a tree in the forest the other. The first person to reach her boinks her. The rest run back to the other point, the tree. Then, once the one boinking her cums, he will run back to the tree and continue racing. They will stagger out, so everyone will get a chance to boink her, but obviously, the ones that run the fastest may be able to boink her more than the others.

The boink games will not really have anything special for winning, other than the satisfaction of winning, but the guys don't seem to mind.

Anyways, can you help me think of more boink games? I want to have 7, for a week of boink games. (And help me remember the name of that one non-relay racing...) --Dirty Me 12:14, 9 June 2017 (UTC)

Okay, all done with the camping trip. Sorry, it is a long, boink filled story. There are a couple notes at the beginning and end, but the story is done. So, let me know what you think after you finish it ^.^ --Dirty Me 09:34, 12 June 2017 (UTC)

Well, you realize Justin was a reference to you. Not the "Take advantage of a girl who doesn't understand" part like all the guys, but the "Gentle, comforting, show her pleasure too" parts. --Dirty Me 01:16, 13 June 2017 (UTC)

Honestly, you don't realize how turned on I get from this story. I think it is just the thought of being able to enjoy sex without having to think about the consequences, without having to feel guilty, to being able to have sex without any idea of societies views. She doesn't know she is having sex, so she doesn't know she is acting like a slut. She doesn't know that there are risks of STIs, pregnancy, things like that. She doesn't get hung up on the link between love and sex, because "boinking" is not sex. Had they been kissing, she would have had the same hangups all of us must face and either accept or reject. She doesn't need to think about what her parents would say, because she is a good girl and has never had sex (in her mind). She doesn't need to think about what her friends would think, or her brother, or anyone else, because as far as she understands, there is nothing wrong with what she is doing, and in fact, she is helping her friends, so is doing something good without any bad results (that she is aware of). It is this innocent, carefree, guilt free sex that I find a turn on. Being able to enjoy the physical act without all the baggage.

Then again, some of the excitement of sex and sexual behavior comes from the element of risk. Letting a guy finish inside without protection: Risk of pregnancy. Walking around naked through a dark park late at night: Risk of getting caught, arrested, raped. Random hookups: Risk of STIs. Walking down the stairs in my apartment bottomless: Risk of humiliation. Getting in a car with a random stranger: Risk of being raped, tortured, killed. I took alot of risks when I was young. Even now, I still take some risks, just...minimizing them. Now that I am a wife and mother, I can't really take risks, and don't want to. I care about myself more, so don't want to so much, and I don't want to put myself in a position where my son will lose a mother, my husband would lose a wife. So, I just fantasize about it now. But, this is why this specific Loli story actually kept me more than a little wet... --Dirty Me 05:15, 13 June 2017 (UTC) --Dirty Me 03:52, 4 July 2017 (UTC)

I was scootering home today, and it was raining. I have thought this before, and wanted to before, but it struck me again. I saw someone in one of those clear rain coats. They are cheap, like basically one dollar us. I always jokingly call them garbage bags with holes, because they are like a garbage bag with arms holes and a head hole. I was looking at the person riding in this cheap, clear rain coat, and thinking "You should be naked under that". I keep wanting to take a ride on a scooter either naked or in one of these cheap, clear rain coats. Every time I imagine it, I always imagine myself, scootering along, naked, and a couple college guys come along. They pull up beside me and start trying to talk to me. I am sitting there, hunching over, trying to hide my naked self from them. But, can't really cover up, since my hands need to stay on the handle bar. I so want to try scooter naked though.

Sigh, I need to find some me time sometime, late at night, so I can head over to the park, go for a naked hike... at least I can do that without getting in trouble. Still, I miss naked rides from when I was younger. Bicycling around completely exposed. --Dirty Me 11:40, 7 July 2017 (UTC)

lol, no comment on the "God, Iw ant to scooter around naked" thing? --Dirty Me 07:10, 11 July 2017 (UTC)

OMG OMG OMG. So exciting last night! So, let me tell you what happened. After my husband got home, I went out for a walk. The college is pretty dead since it is summer break, but there are a few students still. As I was walking, a guy started saying "Hi, what's your name, are you American", etc, in broken English. I am used to that living here. Anyways, suddenly he says "I like your breasts". Now, here, normally people are pretty polite, and do not tend to say things like that. I have heard "You are so pretty, you are so beautiful, you are so sexy", even once "I love your legs", but never something so obviously sexual. For a split second, I thought about walking away or saying something. But, well, you know me, I instead went another way. I lifted my shirt and showed him my breasts. I have not done that in like, 9 years. I mean, purposely exposing myself to someone. I mean, a foreign country, I worry about getting in trouble. Well, even the US I could get in trouble, but I would not be deported there or anything. Just, the way he suddenly said that made me feel that "hey, I can do this without getting in trouble". His jaw literally dropped. I ended up putting back down my shirt and walking away as fast as I could, but it was so exciting, and I felt so...well, hard to describe. I know, risky (Not risky as in risk of getting raped, that is not something I am honestly worried about here. Just risky as in risk of getting in trouble), but still, I felt like I was a teenager again xD

As for the naked scooter ride, I am telling you so I can get it off my chest. You should know me better than that. I get something into my head that I think would be fun to try, and eventually I work myself up to trying it. lol, not sure if I was looking for you as the voice of reason (Don't risk your safety and freedom) or the voice of YOLO (Hey, just find someplace you feel you would be able to do it safely, and then go for it). You know, someone else excited about the idea of me there, naked on a scooter, at least helps me feel more than an empty desire to do something, and frustration that I cannot do it.

God, this weekend, no excuses, I am going to do naughty, naughty things to my husband. It has been way too long, with us never getting to bed in time. I don't care if it is 3 am, we will be "boinking". --Dirty Me 05:02, 14 July 2017 (UTC)

Me to random Taiwanese college student on a dark and lonely street: My shirt!

Does that work with your thoughts? --Dirty Me 05:39, 14 July 2017 (UTC)

Dirty me needs another new Sextion

Lust? Eh, hard to tell anymore. Our life is: Weekdays - up at 7, and he gets ready for work while I go buy him breakfast. Once he is ready and I am done, he goes to work. Then, my day is busy taking care of our son. He is a huge bundle of energy, so trust me, it feels like a full time job. Only quiet time I get is while he is sleeping (Either nap or at night) or eating and watching his show. Plus, now I am trying to start potty training him and teach him, so dealing with peed in shorts while trying to get him to say, well, whatever. Once my husband gets home, it is time for me to work. I have started teaching online for one of the local adult english schools. Once I finish that, it is time to start getting everything ready. Wash the dishes, hang the laundry, clean the floor after my son has knocked half of it off. By the time everything is done, it is after 12 or 1. We take out the trash, come back, and take our shower. By the time everything is done, we go to bed, well, on an early night, around 1:30 am. Sadly, early nights don't happen often.

The weekends, well, love life doesn't have much chance either. We have someone living with us now, so even if our son takes his nap, even when we go to bed, it is still the same time or later, and the rare love making is with me trying not to wake our son, laying right next to us...

Needless to say, I have not had sex in over 2 months. Not unless you count with myself. And I have been doing that more and more lately...

lol, haven't you noticed? When I start coming on here, and start talking more and more naughty, and start thinking about things I want to do in real life, well, most of the time it is because I miss being touched, being desired, being sexual. It isn't my husband's fault. It isn't my fault. It is just life, and how busy our lives are. But that does not mean that I do not want...something. My late night walk yesterday, only reason I had time is because I only had 1 class scheduled last night. Been a while since I have got to go out and just walk and enjoy being outside, without having to chase our son, tell him no, tell him stop. Sigh, no idea if we will even find time this weekend. It is more what I want. I want him to tie me up, and not let me lose for the entire weekend. I want to tie him up, and see if I can ride him until his penis breaks. But in reality, he will probably sleep in. I will teach some classes. He will eat while I am teaching. The breaks will make it so it is not convenient to go anywhere or do anything. And I will think again about what would happen if I taught the class naked. That will probably be the most excitement I will get...

But god, so horny. I want to go to my little, dark park. I want to put my clothes in my bag and go hiking. I want to have to hide because I saw someone else walking late at night. Not like I can throw on my clothes that quickly. That is why it is exciting. Because, it is fun wearing the right shirt, so others can catch a glimpse of your breasts. Wearing no panties in a nice, light, pleated skirt, that blows just the right way to show I am not wearing panties. It is fun to wear a short skirt at store full of escalators. To try on clothes and see if anyone peeks into the dressing room. At the markets, they are normally the cloth type, easier to leave cracked. The ones in the department stores are normally doors, so I don't dare "accidentally" not getting them completely closed. Not if I want to continue shopping there. Very infrequent times, okay. But, I do not want someone I see frequently thinking I am doing it on purpose. And where I am, there aren't that many department stores. It was easier in Taipei, because I could just hit lots of different stores. Now, this area is smaller. So, the stores I go to are the same stores I always go to. Harder to look someone in the eye when they know you are showing off your private parts intentionally.

A nice shower, and the right shirt, great. I actually went out that way a couple weeks ago when it was raining. But sadly, not even much time for finding ways to get naughty, with or without my husband.

And I don't do that when I have my son with me, so most of the time it is late night, after he is asleep, when I need to go out for something, or sometimes, just when I can find an excuse to go out.

I miss being young, single, and stupid... The kinky side of me, the broken side of me, needs something to release. Fuck, if I was single, right now, the way I feel, I would go see if I could rent that train car (It was a story in Taiwan, someone rented a train car, then a girl had sex with 15 guys in it). I would go see if I could get a job as a betel nut girl. Not sure if they are allowed to sell them in the little glass booths wearing nothing but lingerie (In some cases, literally nothing but their underwear). I don't see those anymore, so they might have cracked down, but would still be fun. From what I was told, while they do not prostitute themselves, they do tend to get people who do things like pull out their penis and masturbate in front of them. The betel nut girls sit in a glass booth by the side of the road, waiting for customers. They sell them betel nuts, or bottles of tea, or cigarettes. When the car pulls up, they leave the booth, the person inside rolls down their window, and tells the girl what they want. Like I said, not like I am worried about getting raped here. These girls wearing almost nothing don't tend to get attacked or raped. The most they need to worry about is the random guy whacking off.

If I was single, I would probably lend them a helping hand=P At least, the way I feel right now xD

God, I want to go to a sauna and enter the men's area, see how long it takes them to say something, see how long it takes the spa people to come in and remove me, the crazy foreign girl who is in the wrong sauna. I want to go fuck in that changing booth with the door, and see how loud I can do it. I want to do something before I explode...

Eh, never said I was perfect. I am still broken. I am just happier now. I have an addictive personality, and tend to do things because they make me feel good, even when I shouldn't do it. Trust me, I was researching where to buy marijuana in Taiwan. Found out, don't fucking bother. With my husband and son, I wouldn't do the other stuff, but that doesn't mean I don't think about how great it would be to have a gram of cocaine. A little something to get myself feeling all nice and good and fuzzy. Just not as sexy talking about using drugs as it is to talk about being naughty=P

Oh well, that's life and its struggles. Sigh...time to go grab my vibrator and fuck the shit out of myself before my son wakes up. Writing all this game me lots of things to visualize. Think when I close my eyes, I will be a betel nut girl, naked in a glass box while all the cars pull up to buy something=P --Dirty Me 08:37, 14 July 2017 (UTC)

Funny thing I read today:

Crazy how women have the stereotype of being chatty when 90% of dudes have 45 minute podcasts that no one listens to.

I love 21, but it is a picture, so you will need to go there yourself:

There are alot of good ones there xD --Dirty Me 03:02, 26 July 2017 (UTC)

Debbie? As in Debbie does Dallas? lol, one my mom recommended to me xD Still never actually watched it. --Dirty Me 08:39, 26 July 2017 (UTC)

lol, 22 years ago. I was like...3... You don't know how tempted I have been sometimes to ask how old you are >.> No worries, not going to ask xD No, for some reason, when you wrote the SSS page, I wondered if the girl in that page was named Debbie because of that. You know, sometimes my mind just pops up with random things xD --Dirty Me 01:56, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

lol, you means your intro? It says you have two munchkins, which makes me think they are younger children. And, well, if it was like my cousin, even with children that are 18, you could be only 34 years old. My cousin got pregnant at 16. I think that is one of the reasons my mom started making me take birth control as early as she could. My aunt also did that to her other daughters after that. And you honestly think you need to be 18 to watch porn? Meh, I was making porn (Well, not really making it, but being recorded as we had sex) before I was even 18. So, 22 years ago, well, you would have been 12 (If you were 34 I mean). I don't know if it actually true, but there are all those "12 year olds watching porn on the internet". Well, maybe your brain is better at that than I am. Honestly, I was beginning to wonder if you were like, 50's, or something xD --Dirty Me 04:47, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

Well, adding some planning material for Masochist me at Masochist_me/Planning_and_editing_page, Rape_fantasy, ravishment section. Wondering what you think of it so far. I still have more to write, and once I have the appropriate part of the story in place, will copy it to the main part of the story. --Dirty Me 06:43, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

lol, that is why I ask you. I would feel creepy asking those that tend to write all the rape stuff in the stories to judge how well written it is. It almost feels like saying "Hey, I am writing about rape, and you like rape, so you should come rape me". I know, probably many of the people who write those here aren't rapists (And I would hope none are), and maybe, like me, they just want to write about some fantasy. But, it feels wrong. Like asking the mugger about what it is like to be a victim. Again, not judging, just the way I feel.

And, I am writing them because I do have the dark tendencies, and the victim status, so it is a way to work out that stuff in myself. I know, strange, right? Someone who knows what it is like to be raped sitting there having sexual fantasies about being raped, yet finds it hard to actually talk about her own rape. Guess you would need to find a psychologist to ask about that... But yeah, it is like the president. The people I want to be president aren't the ones who want to be, even though I think they would do a great job. You don't want to see if it is good, because it isn't something you like really, but you are the one I trust to judge it more. lol, imagine me asking some of the people that have written some of the rampage stuff, and just completely demean women and use them like a one time sex toy, then slit their throat...sorry, it is their story, and hopefully they aren't acting it out, but...yeah, I avoid talking to most of those people on here... --Dirty Me 08:53, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

lol, you can always tell when I am going out of my mind with boredom when I start spamming the spammers xD Guess you can check the comments I left, if you can get to the pages before Platypus wipes the account and everything else... --Dirty Me 08:11, 9 August 2017 (UTC)

Starman Jones. Sorry, but I had to look it up. Wow, that is an old book. I have been reading the Expanse. On book 6 right now. The authors are so bad at character details. But, they are good at world building. Reminds me of Infoquake. Interesting, easy to imagine worlds, but character development was so meh. --Dirty Me 03:50, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

wow, A girl's life, no clue what to say... I tried to at least make sentences out of his past thing, then left him lots of things to think about on Talk:A girl's life. After reading that, I can imagine pulling up to the McDonald's drive thru

"Hello, what will you have today?"

"I will have the sex, with a side of sex, and extra sex. For a drink I would like some sex."

"Okay, your total comes to sex dollars and sex cents. Please pull up to the window."

"Hello, here is your order. How will you take it?"

"Doggy style please. And don't hold the cum."

They sex.

"Thank you, cum again," he says as I leave the window.

The sex end.

Sex. --Dirty Me 05:02, 11 August 2017 (UTC)

Stories: Codsworth Thoughts? I know you don't know the name, but I am hoping the story will be explanatory enough that it doesn't need a full background. --Dirty Me 05:17, 14 August 2017 (UTC)

I should. I have thought about it, have even visited the page before. Just need to get around to making up the paths. Same with Masochist me, or filling in some of the red links in Dirty Me.--Dirty Me 05:43, 14 August 2017 (UTC)

Sorry, no idea about the movie. I guess I could check google for it...and the horticulture joke was funny. I didn't get the thing before xD --Dirty Me 03:22, 28 August 2017 (UTC)

lol, that one was funny. Too bad I am son appears to have gotten the flu from somewhere, and I got it from him. I feel horrible.

Yesterday, while I was scootering around, I thought of a new game to add to Loli's camping trip. Boink a wee wee. Since most guys get soft after cumming, you just keep working on the other guys, trying to get them all soft. Maybe I will add that to one of the days for Loli. Of course, since they are all high school guys, well, it may be a bit harder to do than if they were all older guys. In high school, guys seemed to spring up again very quickly. Wonder how long Loli would need to boink their penises before they stay down. --Dirty Me 04:24, 4 September 2017 (UTC)

A right twisted wench from Caprees-ed
Orgasmed each time that she sneez-ed
To the druggist she went
And laid down her last cent
Said, "A barrel of snuff, if you pleas-ed."

This one made me laugh pretty good. I have milked a cow, and part of my family lives in rural areas, so I know a bit about farms (Yes, they have farms in Arizona...)

A new farmer's helper named Kull
Accidentally was milking a bull
The farmer said, "Boy yer dumb,
You done milked the wrong one!"
Said the boy, "But me whole bucket's full."

--Dirty Me 01:49, 8 September 2017 (UTC)

Well, added in whack a mole to the boink games in the loli camping story. It seems like it could be interesting, and, like Loli, probably not possible to do, fuck a group of guys until all of them are soft. Well, maybe if they are all like 50 or something. Meh, whack a mole sex game wouldn't work well if they took viagra. The whacked moles wouldn't go down xD --Dirty Me 07:35, 12 September 2017 (UTC)

A girl goes into the doctor's office for a checkup. As she takes off her blouse, he notices a red 'H' on her chest. "How did you get that mark on your chest?" asks the doctor. "Oh, my boyfriend went to Harvard and he's so proud of it that he never takes off his Harvard sweatshirt, even when we make love," she replies.

A couple of days later, another girl comes in for a checkup. As she takes off her blouse, he notices a blue 'Y' on her chest. "How did you get that mark on your chest?" asks the doctor. "Oh, my boyfriend went to Yale and he's so proud of it that he never takes off his Yale sweatshirt, even when we make love," she replies.

A couple of days later, another girl comes in for a checkup. As she takes off her blouse, he notices a green 'M' on her chest. "Do you have a boyfriend at Michigan?" asks the doctor. "No, but I have a girlfriend at Wisconsin. Why do you ask?"

--Dirty Me 05:54, 6 November 2017 (UTC)

Nope, never heard of it. Google search found it pretty quickly though. The series I just finished was Remembrance of Earth's Past by Cixin Liu. It wasn't too bad, although you can tell the differences in how the Chinese view society and people from it. Right now, been reading some Stephen King. Well, started reading for Halloween, and still reading. Did you know this is the first time I have read Carrie? It is strange, it is so well known, and I never really read it or anything before, just knew all the cliches.

Sadly, this weekend, I talked to my mom. Found out my cousin had a heart attack. He is only 2 years older than me...they ended up having to replace a valve. At 27... Sigh... --Dirty Me 01:22, 12 December 2017 (UTC)

Debating. Either go out riding my scooter with a button up blouse completely unbuttoned, or completely topless...

Obviously, it is much more exciting going completely topless, as there is nothing I can do until I can get to something to cover myself up with if someone is on the road or sidewalk, but it is more exciting because it is also riskier.

Thought about seeing if I can go through a naked run through the park close to my house (I have done it before, since there is not really anyone that goes there at night), but there are construction workers nearby working on the new rail lines at the time I would normally be able to get out. I could completely avoid going too close to the road so they could not see me, but one of the paths takes me beyond the treeline, but back in the park still, away from the road. More chance for them to see me that way. I don't know. It seems like the last couple weeks, this has become an obsession. I really want to be caught (just not get in trouble)...

Maybe I just need to see if there is an English speaking psychologist here that I can go to, before I get in trouble...

--Dirty Me 06:03, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

Eh, trying a new style now, Dirty Me's Diary. Now, you be good and don't go reading an innocent girls private thoughts! wink wink

Sorry, I know, high school story again. Just want it to be "firsts". Firsts are always more fun. --Dirty Me 08:24, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

Well, took your advice, but with a jacket with nothing on under. Had to pick up drinks, so I kept it zipped up enough while I was scootering through areas with people, but down enough so it was obvious that I was only wearing a jacket. Zipped it all the way up before I got to the drink store (I know them, so not going to parade around my "behavior"), then unzipped again a bit while going back out. Once I hit the road with no traffic, zipped it down so far that it was barely zipped at all, and made sure it opened completely in the front. Sadly, that road is getting more and more new buildings, and I can't be naughty on as much of the road as I could before...soon, not sure I can even do anything.

At least the park is still the same, and there is still the blocked path that I can be naughty on. I am seriously contemplating a naked jog through the park, about 7 or 8. The lights are off in the park, so it is dark, so not worried about that. But, thinking I really want to take the second path that goes near the road. The construction workers normally seem to gather around there after they finish, and if one looked over at the right time, they would definitely see me. Not that I would do anything with them. Bleh, construction workers in porns are much better looking, while real ones are older, beer bellies, and not very attractive. And I am married, so there is that. But still, give them a show xD I have the feeling they would not call the police or anything if they saw a naked woman jogging through the park. Then again, I could be wrong... --Dirty Me 12:29, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

Wow, had my ass patted today on the train. But, he stopped when I looked around and saw him. I didn't glare, or give him a specific look, I just saw who it was and turned away again. Too bad he didn't keep it up. I didn't mind=P He could have done so much more before I would have started minding xD That makes the second or third time (Unsure about one, someone brushing my breasts with his hands, it could have been a real accident, but one actually grabbed my ass before, so I doubt you can say that was an accident) I have been touched inappropriately on the MRT. Now, I want to know when it will turn into one of those Japanese porns, and they will actually fondle me... I promise I won't resist, as long as his penis stays out of me. Would the police believe I was the victim if I didn't scream or say no, if I just stood there and endured it, until the perpetrator had me naked in the middle of the train? "Officer, I just didn't know what to do. I was so scared, so I just stood there, and tried not to make it worse" --Dirty Me 05:44, 17 April 2018 (UTC)

lol, well, I didn't really react much, except to see who was patting me. And I know it had to have been intentional because it wasn't crowded. As for if it was a woman, about the same. Not much reacting on my part when he did it, it is just unexpected. Remember, I am bi, and do like women also=P --Dirty Me 01:22, 18 April 2018 (UTC)

So, lately, seems like I have been breaking out my summer outfits. Getting hot here lately (Well, until today...). Some are a bit less...opaque...than others. So, I was at a red light when a police officer came across the crosswalk. As he walked passed, he looked at me so intently. Not in the leering look, but more like he was looking for me doing something wrong. Maybe just my imagination, a guilty complex, etc, but still, it was not a leer or a glance. I pulled myself inward, worried that he might see something he shouldn't. I don't think my top would have shown anything, it was just a normal button-up, black, and nothing at all that might have exposed myself, but I sort of freaked out anyways. Who knows, maybe it is just the look he gives everyone, and I was just freaking because I have been feeling like I really want to show myself off lately.

Maybe I need to stop wearing some of these outfits, or start wearing a bra anyways. --Dirty Me 04:47, 3 May 2018 (UTC)

So, I almost got the nerve to go scootering topless, but guess it is good I didn't. I had to go to the convenience store at 2 am. I took off my top completely, but then got too nervous. So, I left my top off and slipped on my windbreaker that I keep in my scooter. I left it unzipped, so not sure it was not that much different. Anyways, guess it was good that I didn't go completely topless, because there was a security guard next to his scooter at one of the construction sites along the way (This one was right next to me, since it was a very small road, unless the one that saw me with my skirt up, since that was one of those 4 lane roads with the center divider, and he was on the opposite side, so probably didn't see much if anything. No doubt this time I was seen...). Well, he got an eyeful anyways, because the windbreaker was unzipped. I have to admit though, it was more than a little thrilling.

Think I am almost ready to try a longer ride, completely topless. After, I want to try bottomless. Although, maybe it is better to try the opposite way? It is easier to notice topless than bottomless, at least from a distance. Anyways, work my way up to a complete nude ride.

lol, the other day, the neighbor was in her kitchen cooking something. I went into my kitchen, completely naked, and masturbated while watching her. I kept wondering if she would turn around and see me. She never did turn around, but it was thrilling to think that all she had to do was turn around to see me. Not that she would see much. I mean, our windows in the kitchen are high enough that she wouldn't even have seen my breasts without me standing on a stool or on my toes, but still.

Hmm, maybe that is why the next door apartment keeps getting new people all the time? The first people there caught me, masturbating on my balcony. The second people I am sure saw me doing something. I don't think the third saw me doing anything, unless it was walking in my kitchen naked (If stand near the far wall, you can see the other balcony door, which is glass except the frame, so it is possible to be seen). Now, we have these new neighbors. Maybe they are all getting scared out by that crazy foreign woman next door? --Dirty Me 04:50, 8 May 2018 (UTC)

I have had an interesting week and a half...

So, there is an apartment, across from our kitchen, one floor up, that the construction company has been doing something with. Guess there will be new people there soon.

Well, once I noticed there was work going on there, I started getting naughty in my kitchen, hoping the construction people will catch me. I mean, no risk so go nuts.

It seems since I discovered someone was working up there, I have not went into my kitchen fully clothed. Topless, bottomless, in bra, in panties, completely naked. I have not seen the workers yet, but who knows, not like I watch the window to see if faces appear the entire time I am in my kitchen. I actually do things in my kitchen, like cooking, laundry, washing dishes.

Needless to say, I have orgasmed a few times in my kitchen, hoping they will catch me. Although, still no sightings, so it is starting to wear off a little, and I don't want my neighbors to catch me, since I have to live in the same community as them xD

Some friends and us had a pool party yesterday. Well, not really a pool party. We just went to visit them and spent the time we were there in the pool. I wore a bikini. Nothing special. I mean, I got it from a store that tends to sell rather blah clothes. The sexiest thing they have is panties with semi transparent back. So it wasn't some micro bikini or anything. And, I didn't do anything. We spent the entire time in the kids pool, since she has two daughters and a son (her husband wasn't there), and I have 1 son. I felt so self conscious. Isn't it strange, that I feel so self conscious swimming around in a kids pool in a normal bikini, yet I don't feel self conscious masturbating in my kitchen where some workers can see me if they look out the window? I know, probably more because I was around people I know and am friends with, while the workers, if they catch me, are complete strangers. Still seems strange. Of course, last night, my husband told me "I am so surprised you would wear that there". Didn't even no what to say... (And no, he doesn't know about my "exhibitionism" fascination...) I admit, you rarely see Taiwanese in bikinis, but still, not like it was that risque. I mean, the store I got it from has granny panties in every shape you want, but not a single "sexy" lingerie. They don't even sell thongs, or g-strings, or tanga cut panties, let alone other, sexy underwear, so when you think swimsuit, don't think "very sexy", instead, cute or boring. (Even my bikini was hard to find, they had two different bikini options...) Of course, I did notice a couple guys check me out. And one older guy for some reason was staying at the kiddie pool with his, not sure, think the girl was like his grand daughter or something, or he had her when he was older than normal. And she was more than old enough not to need supervision...

Also, a couple days ago, the glass door on our shower shattered. I mean, completely. It even fell. Glass all over the bathroom right now. I have already cut my foot and my finger...

Sadly, the people sent by our landlord to check it was sent yesterday, while my husband was home. Too bad, because I imagined myself, sleeping naked, no blanket, while they came in to check the door (I mean, it was 8:00 AM, OMFG, too early to get up on a weekend). Hmm, wondering if they will come over to repair it while my husband is at work. I really want a shower, and don't think I can wait for them to finish. (lol, that is what I did last time the door was broke...makes me wonder wtf is wrong with the construction company, putting a door like that in for the bathroom door...)

Well, because of all the broken glass I had to go and get a plastic bin. Yeah, not easy to scooter with. Sadly, I had worn shorts, and, well, it was late at night, and dark, so, I also picked up a nice skirt. I slipped into the bathroom, slipped off my shorts and panties, and slipped the skirt on.

Now, since I was on a scooter, it was either try to hold it with one hand and scooter with the other, not very good. But, fortunately it fit between the seat and the, well, whatever that front part is called, where the handles are. That meant I ended up with my legs spread wide, scootering down the road. I know a couple people got flashed when I had to turn.

It has been a very interesting time lately xD

Some workers still to try to show off for, both near my house (upstairs, across from our kitchen) and in my house (while fixing the door in my bathroom)

Honestly, you don't know how excited I have been feeling lately. Hmm, wonder, what would happen if I grabbed my sex toys while they fix my bathroom door (btw, it is the master bathroom, so in the master bedroom) Would that be pushing it too far? "Hey, come in, please take your time and replace the door. I will just be here in the bedroom, fucking myself senseless right here in almost the same room as you, where you can plainly see me". Concern is, they were hired by my landlord, and my husband talks to him. Wonder if they would say anything to my landlord... --Dirty Me 03:33, 21 May 2018 (UTC)

Eh, pretending to be asleep would not work. If they come when my husband is home, well, that wouldn't work. If they come when my husband isn't home, well, then I can't really pretend to be asleep because we live in a gated community and I need to ring them in. Plus, my son will be with me, so while I could entertain him with his tablet while they are there, so I could be alone in the bedroom with them, it wouldn't make sense for me to go "back to sleep".

Nah, last time the door was fixed (This will be the second time), I "urgently needed to take a shower and get ready to go". Since it is the bathroom door, well, I was showering right in front of the workers (not sure if they will be the same ones this time or not, not like that matters). I know enough Chinese to tell them I need to take a shower because once they are done, I need to leave, and no, they can just finish the work while I shower, just please don't look. (bu hao yi zi, wo yao shi zao. ni men gong zuo hao, wo gen wo de er zi yao qu wai mien. mei guan xi, ni men huei gong zuo, ke shi, qing bu kan) (excuse me, I need shower. You work complete, me and my son need go outside. No problem, you work, but please not look).

As I said, in the US, no, I wouldn't do something like that for fear of being raped. Here, that isn't honestly something I even worry about anymore. Not saying rape has never happened to women here (Looking it up, I guess new Taipei city had about 50 rape cases reported in 2016, so I guess it is not non-existent), but I have never heard of any of them (you can check here:, a US vs. Taiwan for crime). Very possible that it is just not reported often here, given this society is still very patriarchal, not sure, I just know other than being touched inappropriately on the MRT, I have never been sexually assaulted in any way, and only verbally assaulted (when I was with my son... some stupid driver who apparently was pissed he had to slow down because I was stopped, waiting for traffic to clear, before turning left...yelling "fuck you" out his car window as he passed multiple times) once. Oh, sometimes, I get looks. You get to know the looks of those who don't like foreigners, and my husband has gotten looks, having a foreign wife, but nothing else really (Older generation tends to give those looks more often than younger). I don't really slip into the role of "protect myself when I am walking alone late at night" like I did in the US. I don't constantly examine my environment for a threat. Honestly, if I ever go back to the US, I am going to have to change my mindset again, as I have fallen out of these habits.

As for the book you are reading, it seems to be Red Storm Rising, but I had to google it=P Never read that book. Honestly, never read any Tom Clancy books. I have meant to, but never have. --Dirty Me 06:26, 23 May 2018 (UTC)

Good news, the repair guys are coming over when my husband and son will be out. My husband will be taking my son to swimming class, so I will have them all to myself.

I will greet them in a sexy, see through teddy. I have a nice blue one picked out. Then, while they are working on the door, I will go take a shower.

You honestly don't know how badly I want to strip naked, lay down on my bed facing the bathroom, and let them watch me fuck myself with my sex toys. If my husband would go along with it, and if he was home, I would let my son watch his favorite shows and have my husband make love to me right there in front of them. But, I won't even suggest it, I know he wouldn't. And, I will be good, and not pleasure myself in front of them like you recommended... party pooper...

Still, so excited right now! The construction people across from my kitchen have been disappointing, they have still never come to the window at the right time. I only know they are there because of the lights being on (and I know it is the construction company because of the paint fumes that I smelled when I found out about it...). So, here is my chance to at least get caught, without risk of getting in trouble, naked and wet=P --Dirty Me 07:05, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Hmm, well, I found out a few things. This is the same person that changed the bathroom door last time. And, based on how he was talking to my husband on the phone, and the stuff that he was saying, I don't feel like showing off for him, at all. He already knows what I look like, but I am not going to show him anything again... This guy is pissing us off. So, the door broke once before, and he replaced it, no problem. Now, he is sitting there telling my husband "I can't accept that it broke by itself, you must have hit it", other crap...

I know we didn't hit it, I know what happened each time it broke, and so does my husband. He is acting like we are insulting the quality of his work or something, where we are just trying to say that maybe it is the quality of his supplier, or maybe it is just the environment, and that glass isn't appropriate.

He already pissed us off when he came over, tried to shove all the glass is a cardboard box, failed, and just left it there for "next week". Now, it is almost next week, and my husband just told me that he won't be here this week, he will come next week. God, I keep telling my husband he should just tell the landlord and let the landlord talk to the guy. This isn't even our house...and yet, we will need to pay out of pocket for it because "I just don't believe you didn't hit it" or whatever it is he is saying.

Maybe I will get a fucking frog from downstairs and let him see that naked, but I think I will wear as thick of clothes as I can stand when he is here... No longer in any naught mood, especially not around someone like this guy... --Dirty Me 12:14, 25 May 2018 (UTC)

Teejay, sorry, I am...not been around. Been playing on discord lately xD No worries, being careful. Do you use? --Dirty Me 11:32, 1 August 2018 (UTC)

Aww. If you ever decide to try discord, let me know, I have my own small server I am trying to work on writing with and a few friends on there. I am still around, just honestly, trying to work on my stuff in other places. Have to be naughty in public somehow ^.- (no worries, no pics or anything, I just mean text flirting and writing my stories slowly publicly). --Dirty Me 05:53, 6 August 2018 (UTC)

Dear daddy

I am afraid I did something bad. I just wanted to let you know in case someone tells you later. You know it has been warm, and well, I was wearing this skirt. I know, I have been warned before about wearing the short skirts when scootering. And, I don't think you will like this. You know how I like to feel the breeze, down there? Well, I didn't put anything on under the skirt...

So, I was scootering, and I guess when I sat down, the skirt pulled up, so that my bare butt was on the seat, instead of on the skirt. And, well, the wind sort of blew it up, so everything down there was able to be seen. I wasn't paying much attention, you know how I am. And, well, I think a security guard saw me, with nothing covering me down there, as I scootered passed. Don't worry, it was in one of the new buildings, so he didn't know me or anything. It wasn't the guard at our community.

Anyways daddy, I don't know if you will punish me or anything, but I wanted to tell you. You always said it was better to let you know if I did something wrong before you found out, not after, and that I wouldn't get in trouble if I was honest with you.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know. I guess I will wait for your reply, to let me know if I am in trouble.

Love you daddy,

--Dirty Me 03:07, 13 April 2018 (UTC)


I am glad you are not mad at me. I guess I should tell you the rest.

My skirt blowing up and showing off my all, down there, was not an accident...

I wore the skirt on purpose, and didn't wear panties on purpose, and made sure that it was not under me when I sat down on the scooter. I let it blow up on purpose.

Of course, the security guard seeing me was not on purpose. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, umm, I guess that's all...

Still not mad?

Love you daddy,

--Dirty Me 12:28, 13 April 2018 (UTC)

Blackadder38's messages

Thanks. I do read the stories on Literotica at times. Congratz on your munchkins my bring me joy as well, although the eldest is out chasing girls now, and the youngest doesn't kiss me goodbye when I drop him off at school anymore. Still the good times outweigh the sad ones I hope it's the same for you. Love-Blackadder38

Feel free to add anything I don't mind Blackadder38

Editing on 2T4U

Hey, I have been contributing to 2T4U lately, and am trying to work out a cohesive story line between all the characters. I was wondering if it would be Ok with you if I were to do a major overhaul of the material under Maria Cortez, and probably any other characters you have done as there need to be some details brought together for all characters to make this work. So far, I have only worked on Jack and have written several sex scenes with him. (Actually, I think I have probably written all of the sex scenes he is involved in.)

For the most part, I am going for a much more dark angle to the story, and that includes Maria being far more malevolent in nature (witch I have gotten from discussions with Elerneron was his intention for the character as well.) user: Jemini

Yes, I am quite aware that is the point here. I am just of a disposition to be polite and ask regardless. So, thanks :) User:Jemini

On "Morning After"...

While I planned on opening it to the public soon, the section you're posting on is your character reflecting on the events of the night before. I'd change it so it's Shiori confronting her as they're playing videogames. -Sir Blahtson


I was wondering why I had never even heard of a "Pull Dickoff" until I remembered Paul Dickov... I always felt a little bad for him. Wannabe rockstar 05:07, 28 December 2015 (UTC)


Thanks man! I've still been reading stories on this site, but I finally worked up the energy to start writing new pages again.

I have an arc planned for Slasher, I hope I'll have the energy to complete it. AgentVincent 07:28, 7 March 2016 (UTC)


Feel free to continue on that /far away/ branch if you want, I was having trouble coming up with ideas for it. If you want, I'd like if people added new characters to the first page, or Kerry's branch needs some love. Every time I try to start that character I hit a wall. Outside of that, just ask first. I check pretty much every day lately even if I don't update. Ask if you have any questions about Janet as well. In The Worst Ways 12:40pm, 04/22/16 (Eastern Standard Time)

Okay, I like your addition to that, Leaving/Janet/Nap/Weapon/Gun. I was going to go in a completely different direction with that, though. So, continue on from there unimpeded if you like, but as I said last time, please ask first if you want to add on anywhere else. I may like your idea better than what I had planned, I just want to hear about it so if I had something else planned it doesn't just go out the window. Kerry's branch is still wide open for editing since I'm at a loss with it, and if you want you can start another character on the first page of the story and do anything you want with it.

I was actually going to have that page be an "end" page, Janet dies and the player gets an option to follow into the afterlife like I was doing with Marie. I can still implement that somewhere else, of course, I just thought you should know. I check every day, feel free to message me or put it into the discussion of the page you want to branch off from. In The Worst Ways 12:28am , 4/25/16 (Eastern Standard Time)

Hey, so, as I've become sorta inactive lately (though I hope to come back soon) I have a proposition. If you want to continue on from somewhere else in Leaving, go ahead and start a new branch on an existing page. Or if you want to follow through with an existing red link, perhaps make a duplicate of the option you want to follow through with and when I'm around I'll see about differentiating between them or just merging yours with the existing option if it's just plain better than what I'd have done.

This is mostly selfish, I admit. I want to give you more options but I don't want to just have my existing ideas "overridden", which is mostly mental on my part. I feel like if a red link is carried on by someone else, I don't want to just delete their work, so if it's presented as another link entirely I'll still have the option of deleting my existing red link or modifying it to take a different course. Idk, this is probably dim of me, but there it is.

Feel free to add new branches or continue existing options by making fresh links for them. Keep in mind that Kerry is still completely open and new characters are always welcome. In The Worst Ways 4:50am est 5/5/16

Thank you. And the reason I bring it up now is because if the worst case scenario happens, we might not have internet access for a long while and I would hate for you to have an idea and let it go because you can't get hold of me :v In The Worst Ways 5:15am east 5/5/16

chance has it that I'm related to hitler--Poopyhead 18:54, 2 January 2017 (UTC)

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