Dirty Me's Diary

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Dear Diary,

I hope no one else is reading you. I mean, these are my private, personal thoughts. Someone might think I am strange, or sick, or something.

HEY, ARE YOU READING MY DIARY!!! Get out!!! I am SERIOUS! I will call the police, or the mofia, or something. Ask them to kill you! I am a witch! I know how to cast spells! I will call a demon on you!!!

Okay, that should scare away anyone that tries to steal you or read you or something.

Well, just so you know diary, I am 18, and still in high school. So, anyways, where should I start?

I was in a fight at school today...

My ass was patted today while I was on the train

I got lots of doggy kisses! And an unexpected doggy kiss...

Skip ahead to stories that fall later, just because I am not in the mood to work on it in chronological order right now...This option will disappear as I make the chains up to these currently unconnected parts.

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