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Seriously? She would go on a camping trip with a few "guys"?

Well, as you can imagine, by the end of it, naked guys tied to trees, raped within an inch of their lives, could be found all over the camp. And Loli? Well, she already went home. We are still not sure how the guys will make it back to, well, anywhere, tied to trees, no clothing, and exhausted half to death.

Oh, you want a story about "Loli" going on a camping trip with lots of guys? Sigh. Okay, if you really do not like this one, I can make a different one that will get you all hot and bothered.

HA! Fooled you! No story here. Maybe I will write one later=P

PS: Okay, I wrote one. Here, because I will create another path on this, is the story. I am also putting up the link, currently not being written, for what would happen with Loli on a camping trip with 5 guys who are more than willing to have sex with her, whether she wants to or not.

Hidden notes below

Intro: (Yes, these right now are the internal thoughts. This is not what the story would look like.) "Hey Loli, me and a few friends were going to go camping," x named person said. Although I, being sweet and innocent, do not notice, he is always being pervy, trying to see down my shirt, walking behind me and studying my ass, always taking creepy pics. All in all, not the kind of guy someone would go on a camping trip with if they knew his true nature.

Lets start again with the actual story:

More to come:

Hmm, debating on one more element. Do I want to have other campers involved in some way? Too bad the blindfold scene left her not wanting to do that. Then again, maybe I can find another way of introducing it, if I decide I really want to. Also wondering if I want to create an alternate "camping", one that Loli is not a willing participant? I haven't decided on this yet.

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