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Yes, I am a girl.

I have been writing erotica for a while, and also publish some on Amazon.

Short form only, but I hope to actually write a full novel at some point.

I have a few stories going here, some more involved than others.

Also, while I have many things on my blog, figured I would add a page about what I have done in real life.

So, you can see it here: User:DirtyMeStoryTime/IRL sex experiences

Also, I guess in the spirit of "Getting to know the author", I have also put more of my thoughts about things here: User:DirtyMeStoryTime/Thoughts about stuff. By stuff, I mean whatever. It will not always be "Adult".
This is not anything specific. This is a review of the stories on here by me. Of course, others can add their own, just create your name specific path for the stories. I will not bother reviewing stuff in the pit, or stuff that is marked for the pit, since it will just be too short to review. Only more complete stories. This is for all categories. Subcategories can be found in the main page.

Current status of me (IRL)

Dirty Me
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A little Chinese story is just something I am working on to help me better learn Chinese, and, if anyone else is interested in learning, to help guide others through learning Chinese. It will be heavy on explanation, with a building story as it progresses. It will not be an exciting story, and will take a while to actually build a story, but eventually, I hope to be writing an actual story in Chinese that people can read, if they followed along with everything.

I will use this to sort of learn about making webpages with tables, boxes, borders, colors, etc. A learning tool mostly, and hopefully others can learn from it also.
Like the Lets make a webpage above, I will try to use this to sort of discuss programming. I will add a few languages I have learned a little about, but, since the one thing I actually work with is mostly LUA and C++, I will focus on those I think.


Prank war is about two rivals who continue playing pranks on each other. Is it not a conventional story, but a story loop. Jennifer pranks Ashley, Ashley pranks Jennifer, etc. The two main pages will simply be Jennifer and Ashley, with a list of pranks they can play on each other. It is just a short little loop, with story elements revolving around what prank one plays on the other.


Dirty Me is my main story. Most of the elements are from things that have happened to me in real life, or fantasies I have had, or how things could have been if I had continued to do the stupid stuff I did in high school. While many of the "Real life" elements from it were from when I was under 18, the character, Dirty Me, is 18. If age is a focal point, I will focus on it through dreams or memories, such as how Dirty Me lost her virginity. Dreams and memories will always have the option to go through them, or to avoid them, and will be noted in the option's wording.

This is a community driven story. I will not make the options, I will only write the story from my point of view for options others give to me. If you want the story expanded, give me your options.

This is my dark fantasy story. Here, I can be spanked, scratched, hit, spit on, humiliated, raped, and generally used and abused, and enjoy it.

So, as some people may or may not know, I have my own erotica blog. Sadly, I am not as active as I should be, but it is there. I ran a poll about photos, and the results showed more of my readers (The few who voted -.-) wanted graphics than didn't. So, I will use this, sort of create the graphics templates, and the stories to go with each. Warning: This is not just a text based story, so if you are under 18, definitely, stay out!

This is an experiment of sorts. It will have options, but not conventional options. Instead, I will add key words to the story. Honestly, I am not sure what category I will put this in yet. In this story, you will look for the normal blue words that you would see in the options, but they will be in the story instead. Clicking one is like interrupting the narrator, and will take you to an option based on that keyword. Not sure if I want to do this in a silly way, a funny way, a serious way. Anyways, I will list as adult, because knowing me, I will have some mature content in there...

Short Bursts is another experimental. You select the options upfront is short bursts (That is why this is the name), and after the selections are made, you will be presented the story. I will write this as short story format. Sadly, since it seems all I seem to do good at writing is adult erotica, I will put this under adult. Maybe after playing with it for a little I will decide it is something else, but until then, I will leave it there.

So, this is a story, sort of. It is a mixture of parody, satire, and pure rants. It is not listed because it will offend. I will use this to poke fun at not only things in general, but many of the cliches I have found on CYoS in general. Think of it as an outlet story, so I will stop leaving all these little notes on user pages like "Why would you do x?".

This will be another work in progress. I would like to create a story held only through text messages. It is an idea that came from User:Intheworstways, and made possible by his great cell phone template.

Future Adult

At some point, when I feel Dirty Me is far enough along, I want to create a story that incorporates all the Pit of Abandoned Stories. Right now, these are abandoned, and since they do exist, I think they need to find a way to live together and create an abandoned story. I have a few ideas on how I will do this, but will need to start playing with it before I really know how well it will work to incorporate multiple, limited page stories into a single one. Anyways, this is for the future, so we don't need to worry about it now.

At one point, I left a story idea in the Idea Pitches, but no one seems interested. I will only do this idea, if, and only if, I find someone, or more than one someone, who is willing to work on it with me. If I want to write about my own fantasies, I will write about them in my Dirty Me. This is for others to create a fantasy with me. To tell me what they want to do with me (To me?), with no boundaries (It will not be based on real things I have seen, done, experienced, or imagined, but instead is open to anything, so no limits, unlike Dirty Me), and let me react. Then, they can tell me what they did based on my reactions, and my options, etc. This story will require someone who is willing to write with me, not just read what I have written. Anyways, if anyone is interested, please let me know in my talk section. Otherwise, well, guess it is just some random idea floating around in the place where random ideas that have never became anything float around. Too wordy? Bleh...

Final notes

So, leave me a message if you want. I am always glad to hear feedback on my writing. I really want to know if you like my stories, and what I can do to make them better. Don't make me get on my knees and beg you. I will. And I get bitey while on my knees and begging, if you know what I mean.

Most of my story paths will come from my blog: and you can send me emails at:

All my work is copyrighted using CC BY, which means you can copy it, reuse it, remix it, or do other things with it, but you must give me credit.

You can find the CC BY simple terms here: []

You can find the CC BY legal code here: []
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