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This is a holding page as I try to sort out how I will put the various adult stories in the pit into one overarching story. I will change this page and create more once I have a better grasp on how I will put the story together.

Credit given to User:Completionist for the basic idea of how this may be incorporated. I may follow a different path, but he is the one who started this in the family friendly area.

The current pit stories for the Adult section. Italicization denotes that my part is done.



Hall of Fantasies

1,001 Sexual Fantasies - 2 pages, reader sees a big tent, ringmaster offers reader a trip through hall of fantasies. Might be good for splitting stories.


Tickle adventure – 10 pages. Male pov. Guy goes to school and encounters girls that “tickle” him. Straight male.

High School: Freshman Year – 2 pages. Male POV. Sudden sex scenes happen for no reason. Straight male.


SexLife – 3 pages. Male pov. Guy wakes up and decides what to do. Only path involves going to his sister with his girlfriend. Straight male.


1st Time - 9, a 16 year old gay boy, still a virgin, meets two potential lovers. GAY

Creekside University – 8 pages. Male POV, college student and his adventures. Bi. (if denied sex encounters)

Your Gay Adventure – 11 pages. Male pov. 21 year old gay manga artist tries to lose his virginity. GAY (if decided not to go to college)

The Gays of Hollywood - 6 pages. Male POV. Gay man's adventure in Beverly Hills. GAY (if decide to move to Beverly Hills)

Club Piacere - 6 pages. Male POV, where you enter a sex club. Sex scene present. Bi. (go downtown)

Unobject/Female (Fate)

Senior Year Slut – 14 pages. Straight senior girl wants sex during class.

Conceive – 14 pages. Female POV, where the main goal is to satisfy the girl’s dream of getting pregnant.

Nice'n'Tight| - 6 pages. Female pov. Homeless busty blonde’s adventure.


God of Multiverse

God of the Multiverse - 6 pages. You are an all-powerful deity that can shape shift into anything. Large list of known fictional characters, red-linked. Can set up for larger picture?

Control characters

Claudia Inn: An Erotic Skyrim Adventure - 3 pages. Female, 3rd POV. Based on a Skyrim modded quest, where Claudia Inn tries to rebuild an ancient cult. First page discussion provides the main plans of the original author's story. LESBIAN

The Adventures of Les Adam Chambers - 4 pages, 3rd person. 16 year old boy, just discovered he likes girls. Has one crush interest. Straight.

Forced: Audrey - 10 pages, 3rd person, controlling Audrey. Note: female choices tend to be passive in this one.

Star Wars: Dark Legends – 4 pages. 3rd pov. Less legend, more sex. There’s some background in the story due to overwriting. May recycle.


So Lost

I'm So Lost – 3 pages. Male pov. Like the title says, no real focus. There is a part where you play a videogame and another where you search the web. Videogame is Middle Earth-type stuff; Web is porn sites.

Computer porn

Videogame: Fantasy-theme


Smutty Sex Romp 2 – 25 pages. An attempt to make a sequel to Smutty Sex Romp. M+F

Anal Fun - 3 pages. Starts with masturbation. Last page has reference to doing something with poop that has been left in the toilet. M.



Calláte, Cariño (Under Construction) - 17 pages, man in Puerto Rico tries to make do what's left of his vacation. Brief scenes of foreplay and sex. Misdirected links to Life of a 13 year old.

Eastbound and Down: Shelby County Gone Wild - 8 pages. PE teacher's sex romp in said county.

High School: Sophomore Year – 3 pages. Male pov. High schooler’s attempt on flirting with girls.

High School Story – 5 pages. Male pov. High school senior wanting to get laid.

For Fuck's Sake - 3 pages. Everyday life with sex. Gets crazy.

Lonely Stallion in the Sweet Green Pastures – 2 pages. Male pov. Big-boned man has sex with girls he encounters.

Noir Detective – 8 pages. Male pov. A detective noir. Has actual story, but also some sex scenes.

Sexual adventures – 5 pages. 22 yr-old man craves sex.

Study Break – 3 pages. Male pov in college having a study break.

Twenty-First Birthday – 20 pages. Male pov. Man celebrates his 21st birthday in college.

Male - 1st

Errands – 7 pages. First person Male POV. Boy’s errands turn to sexual encounters


Forced Exhibitionist – 9 pages. Your friend makes you an exhibitionist. Sexual scenes focus more on arousal through public exposure than the act itself.

A job at the bodypainting place - 10 pages. Female pov. Body-painting, exhibitionist fetish. Connect to above.

Protectors – 6 pages. Female pov. Think “Annie.” Story-driven in the beginning, only to be perverted in the later pages.

Time for fun – 3 pages. Right now, just character creation. F

Naughty But Delicious – 6 pages. Gender options. No story yet, but naughtiness already evident. F

Gender Options

Attack upon the world - 14 pages, unsure what it is about, but has alot of sex already on the female path. M+F

Hentai World – 2 pages. Just sex. Female only has lesbian choices. M+F

Hentasy-Fi – 12 pages. Story with fantasy theme. There’s actual action with less sex. M+F

Planet Tentalia – 7 pages. Gender option. Tentacle/foot fetish story. M+F

The North Kingdom – 3 pages. War story with gender option. M+F

Another Furry World - 14 pages. The reader likes furries and wishes they were real. Suddenly transported to a world where they can create anything they want, and they have gates that leads to different places. M+F

Remembering The Forgotten – 8 pages. Memory loss story… that’s it. M

White Nights – 3 pages. Ridiculous story about a penis as large as a leg. M

Barbarian - 5 pages. Sets up for sex and violence, but doesn't reach either before it runs out of pages. M

Cannibal Adventure - 7 pages. Man with a ship full of women lands on an island of cannibals. No sex yet, but probable set up vore. M

Hemlock, Mercenary From Hell - 6 pages. Male POV. Mercenary adventure, less sex. M

The Tormentor's eyes -10 pages. Gender option. BDSM story. M

Tranny Fun -3 pages. Gender option. School story with transvestites. M

Coming Home Early Has Benefits?! - 2 pages of story about a man coming home too early. Situations depend on whatever reader chooses. An attempt at comedy? M

Halo: Fucking Evolved - 4 pages. Gender option. Sex adventure based on Halo game franchise. F

Happy Fucking Games! - 5 pages. Gender option. Sex adventure based on Hunger Games. F

The Multiverse Saga: Infinite Orgy – 14 pages. Gender option. Prisoner tries to live in a world of sex. F

You're a god, good for you – 10 pages. Character creation. F

Arisen Anew - 3 pages. I think it is about the reader being a demon, but hard to tell. No sex at the current time. F

Suckubus – 2 pages. Female pov. Succubus finds a path to the surface for the first time. Straight, bestiality. F

The magic show – 4 pages. Magic story that includes giving a man breasts.

Eris of the Red Lions – 6 pages. Borrowed terms of Greek mythos accompany the world ruled by women with penises. ?

Lost Galaxy – 11 pages. Sex space story about women with penises. ?

Categorized and Ready

Princesses and Kingdoms

Another World - 10 pages. Male pov. You are a king of some strange land that has all manner of fantastical creatures. Has rape early in.

The Royal Guard – 16 pages. Male pov. You are a Royal Guard ordered to protect the princess.

Fantasy World - 6 pages. Knight turns into an amputee or a catgirl in the beginning, and encounters adventures in the forest.

Naughty Kitten – 4 pages. Female pov. You’re a naughty catgirl that needs her master.


Lana the Bounty Hunter – 2 pages. Female pov. Post-apocalyptic bounty hunter searches for a war criminal in a city that objectifies women.

Sexy Gay Vampire Assassin Cult Adventure Erotica! – 6 pages. Male pov. Exactly what title says. Begins in a chapel. GAY

The Cage - 12 pages. Apparently you are a vampire and must fight others to death until only one stands. Non-sexual.

Scarlet Lovers – 14 pages. Female pov. Human girl’s escapades in a city of vampires. Unnecessary status bar. F


Powers (Gay) – 11 pages. Male pov. Choose a power, which will determine your story. Can connect to mind control. GAY

X-Men Academy - 8 pages. Gender option. Set in X-Men universe. Sex references. M+F

ShapeShifter – 16 pages. Gender options. You are a shape shifter. M+F. Use F path to connect X-Men.

Mind Control – 3 pages. Gender option. You control people’s minds. M+F


Dementa – 7 pages. Female POV, survival horror story a la Clock Tower, only more sexualized.

Demon Rune – 3 pages. In a world at war, where angels and demons exist, adventure awaits. Original writer left out notes to work with.

Drake's Uncharted – 13 pages. Based on Uncharted video game. Only available story is about an Elena Fisher attempting to steal Drake’s treasure.

Left 4 sex – 25 pages. Female pov. Zombie game turned sexual. Has option to be a man.

SimLife – 9 pages. 3rd person. Gender options. Will need to revise to original writing. You control the Sim.

Pokegirl – 8 pages. Gender option, but all lead to one path anyway. Based on fanfiction game that is based on the Pokemon game. (Furry?)

SexMon – 4 pages. Gender option. Pokemon-themed story.

(Sexual) Adventures in Pokemon Training – 2 pages. Male pov. Boy’s adventures in a world full of people having sex with Pokemon.

Movie/TV show-themed

iCarly: iAm Horny – 12 pages. Female POV. Carly’s sexual adventures.

Spongebob Squarepants is a gangster – 9 pages. Running away from Spongebob, a rapist.

The Vampire Diaries: Sex Edition – 3 pages. Male pov. An attempt at sex-version of Vampire Diaries. Nothing really happens.

Twilight – 6 pages. Male pov. Twilight sex fantasy. Bi.

The Twelfth Doctor - 10 pages. Gender option. Doctor Who fan fiction about the twelfth regeneration. Becomes sexual right after prologue. M+F after prologue.


Bleached - 13 pages. It is based on Bleach. You wake in a hospital, get turned on by the nurse, and have sex with her. Not much else happens.

Brain Bleached - 15 pages. Author writes pointing towards sexual attributes (Breast size, sexual experience level, etc), but never does anything sexual. Author tries to point towards violence, but no real violent writing. Based on Bleach. Hard to follow.

Naruto Love – 5 pages. Story based on anime Naruto. Focused more on sex than actual story.

An Akatsuki Party - 4 pages, Naruto thing, they play snuggle bug (other games incomplete), which means the person who picks the paper with snuggle bug written on it has to snuggle with the person who found them for 3 minutes minimum. No sexual content yet, but could easily turned into a sex story.

Alexandra's Summer Vacation - 3 pages, female view. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy references, and no adult content.


In The Life Of: The Kane Chronicles – 3 pages. Character option. Sex story based off of Kane Chronicles.

Archie's Tale - 3 pages. From the Archie comics universe. Only option takes you to the mall to look for girls. No sexual content yet.

Archie comics vore - 10 pages, no sex included, just about the person getting eaten. Set in the Archie universe.


Violence only:

12MP - 9 pages, story where you kill a doctor, then try to get away without getting caught. Has status bar.

13 years - 10 pages, kid goes to prison, lots of murder, one page with rape description, but light description.

Avoiding the Dead - 12 pages. Think this is a zombie story.

Barge Story- 8 pages. You are a male, kidnapped, and given the choice to watch anime or wear a furry suit. Being enthusiastic or not playing results in gruesome deaths, and not wanting to play results in doing both while getting raped.

Final Day of Carmacks Team: The Prequel to the Doom Movie - 3 pages, male POV. Probable buildup to violence.

Freelancer: The Universe of Possibility - 18 pages, male pov. Space action adventure.

Gray Matter - 8 pages. Gender neutral, mystery survival adventure.

Hit And Run – 6 pages. Male pov. Fighting with a stranger.

Lone Wolf – 6 pages. Male pov. Story about a fighter named Lone Wolf, armed with a weapon and a special ability.

Life Behind the Badge – 6 pages. Needless gender option. Police detective story.

Mob Story – 12 pages. Male pov. Man has a mobster life.

Princess Revenge – 6 pages. Female pov. Story driven, no sex. Princess escapes a castle.

Psychonauts in Hell – 4 pages. Gender neutral. Story based on Psychonauts game.

The Red Lance – 13 pages. Male pov. Dark armored knight fights enemies.

Where are you? – 7 pages. Story starts off where you are strapped to a table. Gender neutral.


Magical Faerie Mystery – 6 pages. Female pov. A young girl is recruited by fairies for a special mission. No sex.

Life – 3 pages. Stream-of-consciousness-like story. Not sexual.

Lives of Awesome...and one idiot. – 5 pages. Character choices. Simply about the lives of “awesome” people. No sex.

War of Fur – 4 pages. Gender option. Too incomplete to follow a story.


red flag = underage

blue flag = cannot edit by public

yellow flag = idk what to do about this

A family tale of corruption - 3 pages. Family tales. Has misdirected links to Sex World. Red

Lust God – 30 pages. A 13 year old boy and his sexual escapades as sex god. Red

Possessed Little Boy – 12 pages. Similar story to Rampage, only with children?. Red

Sex Aging Series - 31 pages. Series, not individual story. Male pov. A young boy’s sex adventures. Red

The Princess of Amoris – 11 pages. Female pov. Story-driven than all sex. You are a princess looking for suitors. Has editor’s notes. Blue.

Sex Trade – 3 pages. Female pov. Girls in the trade. Blue.

Space Chronicles – 5 pages. Star Wars – themed. Blue.

A Story of Corruption – 18 pages. Blue.

Stuck in West Africa- 4 . Blue.

Tails and Tribulations - 14. Seems like a giant story in itself already. Yellow.

Seduce a User – 8 pages. Not really a story. Simply attempts to seduce the reader. Yellow

Lone Loser(Italian)|| 3. Yellow

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