The Abandoned Adult Story

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Note by: User:Completionist Voice should all be gender neutral during the intros, but default character is male, until you reach an event where you personalize your character. Your choices WILL affect the types of adventures (sexual or non-sexual) you will experience, and the story WILL hint here and there whether choice A is worse than choice B. Shout-out to User:DirtyMeStoryTime for starting all this.

The Abandoned Adult Story

You are lying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling with eyes full of boredom.

“Nothing ever happens to me,” you say out loud to yourself. “Can’t I do something interesting once in my life?”

You look around your room. Typical, ordinary, nothing special. There are several videogames scattered near your TV, with books almost falling off the shelves beside it. You have school tomorrow, but the next day's forecast is seeing a high chance of you cutting classes.

'Maybe,' you think. 'If I feel adventurous at the moment.'

You smile. As you slowly doze off, you think of…

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