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Hello, and welcome to the reviews section! Why was this made? Well for two reasons actually:

  • To encourage writers to continue writing
  • To increase publicity for stories

Now, this section is still new and I am right now figuring out how I should set this page out. So if you would like to help me, by all means go ahead. Reviews will be rated out of ten, with ten being the highest. I've also set up a How To guide for setting up reviews. Be sure to read through that first if you want to do your own.

As of this moment, I'm trying to review all of the nominated stories that want be featured, besides the 18+ ones. So that's 3 reviews coming soon.

If you have a question concerning this section or would like to request a review, just ask Heyoeveryone, and he should answer it as soon as possible; if he doesn't, ask Platypus.

How To Review & Rules to Reviewing

Self explanatory, you must read this if you are planning to write a review on a certain story.

Latest Reviews!

Just place your link and a small preview at the top. Reviews must be at least a paragraph long.

Title: Freedom

Author: Wizardbaker

Pages: 41

Reviewed By: Heyoeveryone

Title: Remember

Author: Heyoeveryone

Pages: 66 as of time of review

Reviewed By: JackalRobot

Title: Quest of the magician

Author: name removed

Pages: 200

Reviewed By: Heyoeveryone

Title: Inyashas Fantasy Land

Author: Syxxhidiki

Pages: 24

Reviewed By: TheElderOnes

Title: Abigail's Tale

Author: Idkname

Pages: 29

Reviewed By: Snowball

Title: Awake

Author: Natedog807

Pages: 31

Reviewed By: Heyoeveryone

Title: +Infinity

Started by: OmegaScales

Pages: 1,499

Reviewed by: Dwarftopia

Archived Reviews!

Reviews that have been on this page for a certain length of time get moved here.

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