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Hi folks!

JackalRobot was designed and created by a team of occupational therapists that were seriously bored and incredibly lucky when it came to circuit design. Now the JackalRobot is dedicated to fighting crime in the unique way of editing Choose Your Own Adventures, which hasn't yet yielded significant results in the national crime statistics.

JackalRobot hasn't yet made any CYOAs on this site, or at all for all you know.

Hit me up on my talk page, and we'll parley. Criticisms welcome, 'specially the constructive and accompanied-by-lots-of-money kind.

Stories the JackalRobot Thinks are Worthy of Note

Vaped! rocks the socks, what's there of it.

Adventures in Space looks like it has a lot of potential, but again needs to be longer.

Transylvanian terror seems interesting and well-written. Note to self: check it out more.

Avast! is fantastic, and deserves more writing. Note to self: steal glory by editing in a few options! Mwahahahaha.

Remember totally got reviewed by you. Don't forget it. Note to self: punish yourself for that one. Note to self: That one too.

Pirates! A High Seas Adventure is great fun, almost 100% complete, and in need of a few tiny edits.

Other Pages the JackalRobot Thinks are Helpful

Tutorial is the best place to start if you're not sure what you're doing.

Platypus seems to have his and/or her head on straight.

Recent Changes happen. Sometimes it's editors changing things up. Sometimes it's more hair and overactive sweat glands. This one is the former.

Things Wot I Contributed is a link to my contributions, for the nosy and hyper-nosy alike.

Those Pesky Uncategorized Pages are right here and waiting.

Pssst... hey, you. Yeah, you. You like my rounded boxes? Want to use them for your own stuff? Feel free.

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