Adventures in Space

From Create Your Own Story

You are a high ranking official in the Local Defense Group (LDG). You command three space ships. Your job is to protect the three nearby planets from threats ranging from interstellar piracy to full scale war. At the moment the Local Group (LG) has good relations with the vast majority of the other 43 planets colonised by humans.

Your trio of ships are docked at Myleon Space Station with the other five ships in the LDG. A distress call is detected from an an area just beyond the LG's territorial space. It says:

"Hailing all ships! Requesting immediate aid to our location (54, 36, 89, 17, 107). Our main electrical circuits have failed. We have limited control and fear that life support systems may fail. Crackling"

Your ships could be ready in 3 hours, but the rest of the fleet would not be ready for at least 24 hours. The journey would take 35-40 hours.

Do you:

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