Review: +Infinity

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Title: +Infinity

Author: OmegaScales, or at least he's the one who started it. Many people have contributed, such as me.

Pages: 1,243 and counting

Preview: First off, Anything and Everything you can think of can happen in this story. Second, if you don't like something in this ever ongoing story, deal with it or add a page from your own imagination. Third, there should ALWAYS be an option on a page; if not, then feel free to add one.Finally, have fun, but don't break anything... or do... whatever floats your boat.

Review: Well well well, I present to you the winner of the Most Random Story award of 2015. Seriously, it deserves that as well as being featured on the main page of the site.

To begin, you are faced with a wide choice of characters, mostly added and developed by users, such as God, an animal, a zombie, a viking and, well... a dildo. That also recalls to the presence of swearing and explicit sex in the story, because let's confess, if you want to get good comedy for all ages, that's what you need; in fact, the story has some serious, well-written parts made presumably by the author and it is those parts that include good and described sex scenes, but for everything else, it's pretty much random stuff that comes from the twisted and somewhat creative imagination of some individuals.

Usually the pages don't have too much written in them, but it is what is written that really gets you laughing. Sometimes just a line is enough to create laughter, and this story is the example. Though if you are looking for some well-written pages with no adult content in them, choose something else.

Grammar is mostly good and spelling mistakes are not encountered often.

The story, although not nearly complete, has many endings already which mainly consist in you dying in some weird way.

I quite liked two parts of the story:

  • Girl/10: the story of a 10-year-old girl at home with her 7-year-old sister and teen babysitter. Although full of adult and violent content, this part packs a lot of fun such as tons of unnecessary violence, punch lines, pop culture references and constant suicidal options (I can't say I have never decided to kill myself while reading this...), and overall randomness. Unfortunately, this branch was removed.
  • Interweb travelling virus: this part isn't very developed but has an RPG sort of mechanic and with some help and good work it can be completed or even turned into a separate story!

So overall, a fantastic story with a load of options, definitely my favorite on the website, with its only flaws being the incomplexity of some parts and the classification as an Adult story.

Score: 8.25/10.00

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