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As you may know, I am the author of, Surviving Today, the sequel (sorta) Surviving Today: The Traffic Jam, the upcoming and featured Remember, and am now technically the supervisor/contributor for Unkowhero23's stories. With the help of Platypus, I've managed to set up the Story Reviews section, which I hope will become successful. At this moment I'm the only reviewer, so I hope sooner or later someone will do some of their own as well. My current project, Remember, recently got featured on the site which I'm quite pleased about. I also occaisionally work on other stories other than mine when I don't feel like working on my current projects, but I want to write something.

If you have any questions, queries, tips, or reviews you want me to do. Just let me know by telling me on my talk page.

Below is a list of my works or stories where I have contributed a fair deal in.


Permission to use my stories / review stories

I've received messages from a few people asking to use my story in their own works. The short answer yes, go all out. I wrote these stories for your enjoyment and do not seek any profit out of them.

As for reviewing stories, once again yes. However bear in mind your review must not attack the writer in any way.

Issue of Inactivity

If you haven't noticed already. I have been inactive for quite some time in terms of writing for the website. This is mainly because of the workload I have in my real life that I can't really focus my time towards the building of this site, though I wish I could.

This doesn't mean I am officially quitting, moreover, just contributing less. I usually check in once a week just to see if there is any major change. I'm still taking in review requests as well, just don't expect replies to be immediate.

Oh, about Remember. I really want to work on it, but as I have said before, I don't have any time to write for it.

Heyoeveryone 4 April 2012

On a side note: I recently got results back from a test on Creative writing. 15/15, full marks. -- 23 May

Story Reviews

Why was this made? Well for two reasons actually:

  • To encourage writers to continue writing
  • To increase publicity for stories

Now, this section is still new and I am right now figuring out how I should set this page out. So if you would like to help me, by all means go ahead. Reviews will be rated out of ten, with ten being the highest. I've also set up a How To guide for setting up Reviews. Be sure to read through that first if you want to do your own. As of this moment, i'm trying to review all of the nominated stories that want be featured. Besides the +18 ones. So that's 3 reviews coming soon.

With the Review section up and running, I now move on to promoting other people to make reviews. Hopefully someone will eventually write one. That was one of the reasons I wanted to do it besides promoting stories and giving constructive criticism. To build more of a community, because there isn't exactly much going on in this site in terms of interaction. All I can do is hope and pray.

If you have any questions or would like me to review a certain story, feel free to ask in the discussion tab.

Remember (70+ Pages) (Featured from 22/10/2011-15/6/2012)

Upcoming story about a man waking up in a room, not remembering who and where he is. I'm putting a lot more effort into this story than I had previously done, so I hope it goes down well. Luckily, it did! It has recently become featured on the site! Thanks again to Snowball for doing such a great deed and moral booster for me. I have been also showing this to many of my friends and so far they loved it!

Little Taste:

You lift open your eyes, all you can see is a bright light. You get up and take a look around you, you are in a very tight room, no windows, one door, everything is painted in white, beside the door is a small walkie talkie, it looks brand new.

You begin to think, where are you? Who are you? You steady yourself and stumble towards the door, you tightly grab the knob and begin to twist it open. It's locked. Damn. You take another spin around the place. You don't know where you are, you don't know who you are, and you are trapped inside this small room. You pace slowly around the room, with your mind thinking intensly on what to do.

You pick up the walkit talkie, you press the button for the microphone and begin to speak.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Update 1: Preview of some of the first page up. This story is probably going to take the longest to complete, since I am trying to pump as much information into the story as possible.

Update 2: With the construction of the review section taking place, this story will now take a bit longer to complete, not saying it won't be finished, just that it will be finished later than expected.

Update 3: Slowly but surely, the story is being completed. I'm trying to nudge in about one or two per day, but that may only go down to only one per week! Sorry about that, but I have school and such.

Update 4: I was going to post this update sooner but I couldn't be bothered till now, so Remember recently passed the 20 pages mark and at this moment is situated at 24. Once it goes above say 30, I will be nominating this story to be feaured, then hopefully someone brave enough will switch the featured story from War Pigs to this one, though, I'd like this to be finished before it becomes featured.

Update 4.5: I finally nominated it! Hopefully this self promotion will get someone else to fall in love with it and put it up as being featured soon, though I doubt it will happen soon.

Update 5: Just noticed that this story recently passed 40 pages! It's officially the biggest story I've ever written.!

Update 6: Remember got featured!! Hooray! Thanks to Snowball for featuring me. I didn't think that my story would be featured that early on! I'm only just halfway through writing this story too! Now, I have around two months for me to finish my story until my story gets replaced by a just as amazing adventure. As of now, there are 46 pages on the story.

Update 7: I have important exams happening throughout this week. So I probably won't be able to write any pages at all this week.

Update 8: Logged on today to find out that this story on it's first page has just passed 1000 views! Hooray! I'm sure at least 50 of those would be mine coming in to check or to just head to the index so I can type, but hey, it's 1000, what can you say to that? Also, I may make the pages from here on in into a second chapter. Yes, that's right, a second one. Why? Well, it's like a book or a play, they both have separate 'chapters' or 'acts' so that the viewer/reader can understand that it is a new section of the story. Same rule goes with this one. Originally, it was going to be three chapters, but I've shortened it to only two, with the third only being made if popularity stays. So for now, just have fun waiting, I'll be posting up more tomorrow. Oh! The my user page will also be affected with this, since I will probably make a separate section for both chapters. Anyway, happy adventuring! (Big update XD)

Update 9: Well I recently started up chapter two of this story, and so far it's doing fine. I've got a few interesting cards up my sleeve I want to use later on in this story. As you also may have noticed, I didn't make a new section for chapter two, because that would then just fill up more space into this already large page. We wouldn't want spam now would we? Also, someone reviewed my story. Let me tell you right now, it's not necessarily a good one. I asked him why and he said he'll just make it higher when I actually finish this story. Which I'm fine with. (Check my discussion tab if you want to see the full reason)

Update 10: If you haven't already noticed, I've been inactive for quite some time. Reason being is the amount of work and time that goes into my studies, even more so today. Meaning that I had to sacrifice a few luxuries along the way, working on my story being one of them. I still go online though, every so often, I even wrote up a page for this story just then. Don't expect the story to be finished any time soon though.

Oh and I would like to say that my story has been featured for ages! Not saying it's bad thing though, it gives me encouragement that people still want me to finish the story, and with Remember having 5000 views on it's first page, I still might. So everyone just sit tight, and hope that I can chuck in a few new pages soon.

Update 11: Well, it's been a while, and I haven't been doing much if anything at all. I've been trying to find the time to add a few more pages to Remember, but free space hasn't really been oncoming, and if it is, something else gobbles it up. I'll try to start making one page per day, hopefully doubling it by the end of next week. Anyway, stay tuned, because there may be possible small updates yet to come!

Genesis (Side Project)

A little side project that me and Snowball are creating, it's basically a God simulation game, in which you can choose two separate paths, one of kindness, and one of destruction. This is going to be one fun story to make.

Little Taste:

"You ever wonder how we began?"

Suzie turns her head towards him, "What do you mean?"

"You know," Harris replies, "How we ever began, how this world began, how the universe started."

"Oh that's easy!" She exclaims, "Billions of years ago, there was an event called 'the Big Bang'. Now this was-"

"I know what that is, I've been listening in Science class. What I mean is, what if we're wrong? What if, we were just some little simulation that an advanced intelligent species used for their entertainment or other purposes."

Surviving Today (Finished 20 Pages)

My first every story! Its about some guy who wakes up one day to find out that a tornado is about to destroy his town of Netrue and he has to escape.

Little Taste:

"Breaking News: A huge category 5 tornado is heading straight for the town of Netrue. This tornado is the wildest and most dangerous ever recorded since 1950. The Police came knocking on every house in that area to see who had left or stayed. The Police reported that everyone in the area has evacuated except for a few people who are brave enough to stay inside and brave the storm or want to watch the tornado in action. For anyone still in the town of Netrue, i beg of you to please stay inside or evacuate immediately. Onto other news now..."

Surviving Today: The Traffic Jam (35+ Pages!!)

You are a guy, who happens to wake up one morning to find out that there is a tornado heading for your town! Achievements are now available!

Little Taste:

"What the hell were you doing in the middle of the road!"

You explain your story to him, you then ask why are they here too. The girl turns around and see her face, somehow you are entranced by her deep eyes.

"Well, can't you tell," She speaks loudly, "we're storm chasers, this is actually my first time doing this, so i'm not sure on what to do here."

"You should be recording the tornado!" The driver interrupts, "No one else is getting pictures of these, and the pay is really high this time of year."

Teehee! (Contributed)(60+ Pages)

I decided to do some new pages on this story since it wasn't really finished. I only finished one of the 5 stories. But you can still check it out. I wouldn't say this I take much effort into making the pages here, as the pages before were very short to begin with, so I should just keep the style like that and continue that process.

Element (Work In Progress)

This is just a Turn-Based Strategy. You choose an Element (Wind,Fire,Earth or Water), then battle an opponent. I'm right now looking for people to help out and finish this project sooner since this should take a while by myself. I'm still doing battle one as i type here. If you are interested or would like to read this story, just click on Element or go on the Main Page to find it.

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