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What if there was a story about being a Ghostbuster? It would be awesome! --Magikarp7297 05:05, 20 May 2018 (UTC)

PUBG and/or Fortnite

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite are awesome. So why not a CYOA? I mean, I'm writing a PUBG spin-off, Nuke Royale. So let's do this! --Magikarp7297 05:39, 14 May 2018 (UTC)


You are locked up in prison, facing a life sentence. Screw this, you think, and must get out. Sounds neat, right? Exactly. You can get:

Jail Points also known as JP, these are the currency of the story.

Weapons used to kill guards (and sometimes other prisoners), can be bought or stolen.

Drugs can give you a negative effect (lose HP) but also ups your Crew Points.

Crew Points for every 10 you have, another person will join you so they can escape, also called CP.

There are also different locations.

Courtyard you can talk to others, possibly gain JP or CP, and eventually escape.

Cafeteria you eat food here. Chat with other inmates, and you can earn CP or even a little JP.

Cell nothing to do hear except eavesdrop on the guards.

Black Market located in an abandoned part of the prison, you can purchase weapons here.

It sounds extremely fun, right? Well, I need help to write this, if anyone wants to do it, because it's just too much for one person to handle. Contact me!--Magikarp7297 05:31, 8 May 2018 (UTC)

Ender's Game

If you ever read Ender's Game, you have an idea of where this is going. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to try to be the great Ender Wiggin? Solve the fight with the one kid who's name I forgot, the jackass who Ender first beat up and --SPOILER ALERT-- accidentally killed. Then on to Peter Wiggin, then to Battle School, in Salamander and Rabbit Armies, then to commanding an army in Dragon Army, then to --SPOILER ALERT PART 2-- accidentally killing Bonzo Madrid, then into the "simulator" battles at Command School. All of Ender's tactics would work, and also some new ones. But any tactic where you fail would eventually end up in your death. I will gladly help anyone who wishes to write this. --Magikarp7297 06:40, 7 May 2018 (UTC)


I have noticed that games like Legend of Zelda are in CYOA (granted, I've started quite a few, but that's besides the point). So why not Metroid? There's all the material; a heroin, an adventure, power-ups. I will use my knowledge to help anyone who wishes to write, but remember I am only knowledgeable in the original Metroid game. --Magikarp7297 06:31, 7 May 2018 (UTC)

The Story of a Hundred Books

What if we could actually go into the worlds of books? Well, in this story, you can, and go into the worlds of Percy Jackson, or War and Peace, or even a book about World War II. Definitely include that last one. I'll help anyone who wishes to write this, just leave a message here or on my talk page. --Magikarp7297 04:24, 4 May 2018 (UTC)


I'm thinking it would be great to have story where you travel through time to complete little adventures and eventually save the world. The timelines would be Prehistoric, Medieval, Modern and Future.--Magikarp7297 04:24, 4 May 2018 (UTC)

Hey there buddies!

One of the most active writers (maybe) is writing yet AGAIN to say: I need YOU to write some Reader Vs. Editor challenges in Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock's page. Thanks!

But wait, there's more! You can also get this idea pitch: ever heard of a book series called Deltora Quest or something similar? Let's make that a CYOA. Or, you could make a story where you go through the Bible. Hey, I should do that! Or you can. --Magikarp7297 05:38, 27 April 2018 (UTC)

Lone Wolf the Magnakai

So, this is a story set after the end of the last book, except I heard that the Dagger of Vashna and Helshezag were destroyed. Well, lets not have that. I would do it myself, but I haven't read enough of the series. If someone could do it, that would be great!--Magikarp7297 14:44, 8 April 2018 (UTC)


So, things like pokemon and Star Wars are CYOA, so why not Minecraft? Interested? Click here --User:Magikarp7297 06:42, 2 March 2018 (UTC)

Sector Seven

This will be an intense thing. Imagine Star Wars and Ender's Game have a kid. Well, here it is. It's one of my many start-up projects, but like Runes of Valor, I plan to actually get far in it, like Smutty Sex Romp. I think you should be a guard in a military base, guarding (you guessed it) Sector 7. However, gravity gets wrecked, power goes off, and you're stuck in null gravity using a laser pistol. Against robots. With bigger guns. Lots of cussing. Maybe sex and laser swords. I dunno. I need you though. Here's the link: Sector Seven.

If you're interested in this, contact me. I need to know I'll be backed up. --Magikarp7297 05:55, 15 February 2018 (UTC)

I just came up with a better background. Instead, there has been an intergalactic war, with the old government forces of the U.N., InterNation, against the rebellion of the Separatist Confederacy. They were all so caught up in the war, that artificial life-forms realized that it was their chance, thus launching a surprise attack on one of the most dangerous battles out there: the Galactic Command Center. You were fighting in this battle in Sector 7 of 9 when the robotic uprising started. The Confederacy now has to work with InterNation to stop this.

Your part in all this would be as Rex, a rebel fighter who was like a Star Turret. You start out awakening in the heat of battle, bullets and laser flying, floating in zero gravity holding an M9. Your job is to clear Sector 7 and reach the Command room, turn power and gravity back on, and win.

Becuase enough people say this is a good idea in real life, the story is starting. Some sex, and yes to some laser sword called an Elec-Pike (bassically a short, lightsaber sized pike crackling with an electric energy, has a hilt and hand grip). Sorry, but we still don't know how to use the Force. I'll start it on 2-17-18, probably 2-18-18 UTC. Loyally, --Magikarp7297 06:56, 17 February 2018 (UTC)


My idea involves stuff like Team Valor, Instinct, and Mystic (like Pokémon GO, but a bit more RPG, please!) Stats can be your main Pokémon's Health, MP, and Level. Equipment can be things such as Pokéballs, potions, revives, etc. Also, During a battle, you can have two stats: Your's and the opponents! Please, don't involve sex/cussing, I want it to be PG for ALL people! (and if I can't get that then make it PG-13)--Magikarp7297 07:53, 13 February 2018 (UTC)

Runes of Valor

I'm thinking a huge adventure, with dragons, goblins, dwarves, giants, evil wizards, and such (notice how almost everything wants to kill you). I'm thinking of a guy who goes around as a Jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, who collects runes to master different things (combat, healing magic, archery and such). I can start it, but it needs help. If you can, help me create the place. It should be like World of Warcraft meets Cube World meets Lone Wolf saga. So please help me out.

Check it out here: Runes of Valor

Please, if you have questions, ask me on my talk page. --Magikarp7297 07:53, 13 February 2018 (UTC)

The Legend of Zelda

So far I have two Zelda things going: Quest of the Master Sword and another one in the adult section. Please help me develop The Legend of Zelda: Quest of the Master Sword, I plan for it to be a whole Ocarina of Time adventure, and the other one, go look for it! MAGIKARP7297

Old World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness A.K.A New World of Darkness, and Exalted

So. I've got an idea. I've noticed that this website seems to have a lot of CYOAs (yes, the proper term is CYOSs but I'm sticking with it) the deal with popular books, manga, anime, and television shows like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Phineas and Ferb, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Harry Potter. (Granted, a lot of these CYOAs are of the pornographic nature but porn sells.) And you know what? I find it insulting that we do not have a CYOA for either of White Wolf's the World of Darkness or Exalted. That's why I suggest that somebody should make a CYOA for the 2nd Edition for Exalted and both the New World of Darkness, 1st Edition, and the Old World of Darkness, Revised Edition and the latest versions for other gamelines. I'll try to set it up and I'll even provide links for pdfs. The actual stories will be in the "Mature" section while the sex scenes can be described explicitly in Adult Stories if anyone wants to do. Links are here: (Warning: not all of the PDFs you want or need are going to be on this website.) --User:Fredhot16 08:39, 10 March 2016 (Louisiana Time)

Assassin's Guild

Alright, I need some help here. Making 'The Legend of Zelda: Quest of the Master Sword' is easy, but making Assassin's Guild is harder. Can someone please help me with this? It's in the Mature Stories section, due to details. Well, at least when I'm done, it'll be very... detailed... er, in bloodshed and such. Also, please use good grammer and spelling, as otherwise it'll look like crap. Thank you all in advance, help this newbie! Magikarp7297, out! (22:34 California Time, November 2, 2017)

Community optional exhibition

So, it isn't really an idea pitch, since I have already put in the first page, but...I don't want to have to think of all the limited ideas my brain can think of. So, here is the idea: I am your exhibition slave. You put the option in for me, and I will tell you what happens when I do it. Anyways, it still needs YOU to give me the options before I write the paths. So, please feel free to leave red link options at The Exhibitionist. --Dirty Me 08:42, 9 March 2016 (UTC)

You participate

So, I have done this once on another website I belong to, but the website ended up removing it. I have done some cyber fantasies, and given I am not that great at coming up with my own material, it seems good with what I am good at: Taking someone else's fantasies and writing based on that.

If anyone is interested, I would be willing to do that on here too. Basically, the idea is, you create the paths and I will write what I do. So, you write, I respond. However, the people who want to participate would need to be interactive. They would need to write their part of the story, then give me the options. I won't bother starting one if no one wants to participate and join in the story. If someone likes this idea, remember, you shape what happens, and I respond to it, describing my part. It can be anything. Not like my Dirty Me, which is more based on real situations, but a world where anything can happen.

Anyone like this idea? If so, please leave a comment on my talk page --Dirty Me 08:21, 15 March 2014 (UTC)

The Twin Empires

I have this idea that I wish to turn into a story. It takes place in a fantasy world as you control a character of either gender with their own skills, backgrounds and endings. The story is about a great war between two great superpowers: The Empire of Glendia and The Ministry of Zuellni. The war lasted a few decades but in the end, both sides signed a peace treaty separating the continent of Glacia between the two superpowers. After a few years of peace. A group called "Ouroboros" along with the other problems such as the Fuerzan Bandits has begun to wreak havoc around the Ministry of Zuellni. The Ministry assumed that the group called "Ouroboros" came from the Empire and thus, is preparing for another war. Will you let the war continue or let the continent plunge into another age of chaos? What is the group called "Ouroboros" and what are their real motives? You start out in the hometown of the character you chose. As you progress, you'll eventually meet other characters, join a guild and compete in the annual Guild Wars and bring honor to your guild or foil the plan and destroy the group called Ouroboros or even join in the ranks of either superpowers and dominate the other. You can also form a party or even form your own guild. You can also add your own characters just send me the detail of the your character and wait for my approval. (Please look at the preset character for what to send) Here are the preset characters:

Name: Raiou
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hometown: Soddon (Ministry of Zuellni)
Abilities: Skills of a master assassin in which he learned when he was a child and mysterious skill in which he does not know how to activate.
Guild: None
Characteristics: A boy with black spiky hair and amber eyes. Raiou tends to be quiet and serious and always gets to the point. He's not someone who is easily angered and will try to finish a fight as quickly as possible. He wields 2 blades. He mainly uses time magic.
Background: During the Great War, his hometown is destroyed and he was taken up by an assassins' guild and at the age of 7, he was given the title "Black Wolf". After a failed attempt to assassinate Edgar, the hero of the Ministry of Zuellni. The guild has sent assassins in order to kill Raiou for his failure but Edgar managed to defeat them and decided to take Raiou as his adopted son and the adopted brother of Ritz. After the incident, for some reason, Raiou has lost his memories of his childhood.

Name: Ritz
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hometown: Soddon
Guild: None
Characteristics: A girl with long violet hair and red eyes. Unlike Raiou, Ritz tends to be cheerful, forceful and will try to finish a mission without a bloodshed as much as possible. She is also easily agitated. She fights with a sword like whip called an urumi and can use healing magic but mainly uses offensive magic.
Background: Her mother died during the war prompting Ritz to practice the whip-sword and follow her father's footsteps. During the peaceful years, Edgar has brought Raiou to the family as an adoptive son, much to Ritz dismay but soon they got along. With Raiou training with the twin katanas and Ritz training with the urumi, both form a formidable pair. Ritz has developed lingering feelings for Raiou and wishes to know his pass.

Name: Zandarth
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Hometown: Glendia
Guild: None
'Characteristics: Tall, bulky, Black hair but graying from old age. Dark colored skin. Has a great sense of humor and doesn't take most matters seriously,but can also be stern when he feels necessary. Master swordsman and a brilliant tactician and strategist. Carries a black longsword cursed with forgotten dark magic, always wears a full suit of armor minus a helmet. Emperor of Glendia. Background: As the Emperor of Glendia and the created the peace treaty, Zandarth doesn't want another war between the two Empires. But should war be waged,he is ready. Zandarth created the treaty 19 years ago after his newborn daughter, Xana was kidnapped. He never found her, and he was so depressed that he couldn't focus on the war, thus he create created the peace treaty between Glendia and Zuellni, giving him time to find his daughter in peace. He has been given a new clue to her whereabouts... On the day she was kidnapped kidnapped, a farmer saw someone dressed in a black cloak running south from the castle towards Soddon holding a crying baby. He hopes to find his next clue there.
Note: I could accept some names for the different town and villages and names of different characters. I'm also accepting guilds since I'm still planning one. Criticism is accepted.

Darkus123 1/11/2014

Super Mario!

A CYOA where you control Mario and explore Mario World! You can either do the classic 1-1, 1-2 etc... or go 'out of the game' and Explore! You like? Roaming is awesome! Status
Health would be like 'Small', 'Big' or any Powerup. Level would be 1-1, 1-2 etc. MP would be blank. Equipment may be misc objects Mario Gets! EDIT: Or I could use {{SexRompStatus|Location=|Health=|MP=|Level=}}

Goombob 20:00, 7 April 2013 (UTC)

Stone Angel

So I have this idea that I want to turn into a story. I've decided to call it " Stone Angel" because the story and the main character are involved with the title. So it takes place in this so-called " utopian" society where poverty, crime and chaos is common and the streets are actually safer than your own home. Think of the Tribe combined with 1984 and four outcasts want to survive in the society but it isn't an easy job. These four outcasts have names but no real background which I'll leave to you but they all share two things in common: they're fed up with how their lives are and they want to start fresh and clean- and fast. The problem? Nobody may know them but everybody could be looking for them. Trading, crime, work, school- anything's really possible in the society. At least it is as long as you keep away from the "guards". Other than that, roam around to your heart's content. Cop to criminal, from beggar to billionare. Angel to devil,light to dark. It's your choice in the society.

blackknight45 16 March 2013

An Adventure

I suggest a genuine adventure story worthy of the title An Adventure. Since the birth of this idea I've dreamed of a rogue-like character that has no known history but has everything to become. Who he becomes is your choice. The world is based in a medieval fantasy with dragons, dwarves, trolls(with their bridges), and other mythical creatures that add to the setting. Think of it as a mix of the worlds of Runescape and Minecraft. There is also an additional layer of distant and legendary places. Sky islands, the Dwarven fortresses, and the fabled edge of the world and what lies beyond it. Trading over the sea, sky or land are there for the character to immerse himself in or completely ignore. He can become a thriving tradesman or a pirate of the sky if he so chooses. The people of the land range from magical to industrious to cultured. All have deep beliefs in myths and fantasies that you can adventure after in attempt to discover. In the surreal expanse there are evil sorcerers and good wizards waging a mysterious war over the continuous good or bad existence of the land. To many they is only a myth. As this character travels he discovers his name, quests (to either complete or disrupt), and a new world never been discovered before. Hero or Demon. Baron or Pirate. The future is yours to discover and create.

No adventure ends.

Start Here.

I would like one story-line to take him to a city where he finds his way onto a skyship. He works up the ranks, meets a wizard, and becomes a captain that traverses the land and discovers the undiscovered to assist the wizard in saving the land from EVIL. Here is a reference to art that somewhat matches the style I'm after >

Syberiyxx 00:54, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

Wow. You just pitched an amazing concept for a Fantasy MMORPG. If you want this to work though, I suggest you don't have a character selection page, and only have one character. It makes writing the story much easier to handle, as your scope for your adventure is huge. You should also have a starting quest, or 'Adventure', a simple one at first, such as fetching something from a land not far. Then let the reader ease into the more difficult sections.

To keep it less confusing, don't make side-adventures, or if you do, don't have a lot of them. Lastly, don't make the combat system (if there is any) too robust, this is an CYOA, not Turn-Based RPG. Anyway, love the general idea. I hope to read your story soon!

--Heyoeveryone 01:26, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

Thankyou!! Okay, I've decided to give the character a name(Argoth) and have given him a quest right at the beginning. My plan is for anyone to be able to contribute. If you read the story and find a place where you would make a different choice than he did, you can create a new option for him and, if you so choose, write what happens in it. Eventually it will lead back to the main quest, or, if it is a major and interesting change, I will consider letting it be an entirely new branch to the story.

I will not be around to edit this forever though. Around the end of the year I will leave and be gone for (at least) two years. If anyone likes the theme and wants to continue as well as moderate this story, let me know.

Syberiyxx 22:51, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

It is a great idea but it is something that would require alot of work I read it so far you should expand further but that plot you wrote about above would require a full time writer

From a Random Bored Writer.(Love the idea though)

Vampires Vs. Werewolfs :]

alright so, i have an idea were in the begining of my story, Vampires Vs. Werewolfs, the vampires and werewolfs live in peace, until one night a child is born, (you are the child) that will supposedly kill off the other race. you have to lead your clan, (vamp./werewolf, its ur choice), to victory in a deadly battle for life. p.s dont expect it to be too gory!! <3 peeta.luvr


I've been working on a story about Australia in the future hit by nuclear war, think fallout meets mutant koalas. With lots of gore and sex :D The more people who help out would be awesome. give it a looky loo and tell me what you think :) Badlands

I took a read at it and here's what I think of it as of this moment... It's just a sex story. Except with Australians from the country talking crap. It would be awesome if you could make this an action adventure story, that's what I thought it was going to be anyway. I'd like to say though that it is a wonderful premise. Nuclear War, animals mutating, human's having to start over. Not that I've never heard of this idea before, but I'm always interested in those. So it's a great idea, I'd just like it not to be 'just another sex story'. --Heyoeveryone 23 October 2011

I agree. --Cyclops 4 April 2012


I'm sure a lot of people would love to engage in an open world CYOA, similar to the likes of Rampage or Smutty Sex Romp, but in a Hollywood environment. Hollywood Romp fails in this regard due to it being very specific for who you are playing as, and it is geared for one particular story. What we need is a story where we can have multiple selections straight from the start, both playing as various celebrities, and possibly paparazzi, stalkers, body guards, or tourists as well! And of course, completely open for editing. Perhaps putting the celebrities into categories right away would help. Such as 'Movie Stars' 'Singers/Band' 'Tv Actors' Or even the most basic, 'male' and 'female' celebrity choices.

Crimes Which FAIL

It's a simple storyline where only one crime can be carried out that you get away with but you get a horrible ending in all others. Looking for co-writer to help as I have a major exam coming up next year, so I can't edit stories often, and I have to revise.My next school hangs in the balance, so if someone could take over I'd be grateful. It's on the Main Page 'C' area (Singapore) --Snowball 13:56, 8 November 2011 (UTC)


So I have an idea. I've been thinking of a story I could start for a while and this is it. I'll probably start quite about by myself first, but I want to know if anyone else would be interested in it. I won't start a story of my own unless I'm sure others would contribute.

So basically, you are a god. You need to make people worship you. You go about it many different ways; go old testament and kill everyone, go Greek and sex everything, start wars with others gods or make deals with them, etc. Later I might add new ages like futuristic and medieval, but I think going primitive (caveman) might be best start. I might add different types of gods as well. God of fire, wood, dinner plates, whatever the hell you want. So anyone think it's a good idea, or be willing to work on it?

-Okay, so maybe you choose the God you want to be and gain RP(Reputation Points) and give ranks such as

God of wood

RP:1 Like, ten obsessive people, all woodsmen

RP:50 Give thanks whenever they burn firewood, nothing else

Rp:250 Many a parent thinks you were the significant other.

Or maybe you can split it?

RP: General knowledge of you Reputation Points

IP:How much you effect lives Influence Points

TP:Whether you are thanked for gifts Thankfulnesss Points

Try a system.

--Snowball 06:17, 23 October 2011 (UTC)

I like the idea! Instead of Reputation Points. Just leave it as 'Reputation' and then beside it range in severity from 'Heavenly' to 'Horrific'. You can than implement such points as 'Fear/Praise Points', the more of those they have, the more likely they will do your willing. Such as, take over another country, or attack another religion. I don't think I could help you at this time though. I still have to finish my current project Remember, and some very important tests are coming up for me so I can't be writing all the time. Once those are done (which will be some time), I will be happy to work with you and write up this story. I suggest you start it off as soon as possible, then show it to me so I can have a look and suggest what should be changed. --Heyoeveryone 23 October 2011

Anyway, what're you going to call it? Also, maybe it would be a scale, so one end would have well, heavenly, and the other could be the Horrific. Decisions will change the scale and the scale will provide actions. So if you're really near the horrific side, you can show acts of kindness if you want. Perhaps you have a status of how widespread it is. ie: Reclusive Religion, Holy High-Up,Leading Light. You should probably start now. I can co-write and as he said, Heyoeveryone can halp too. Three way writing! Any ideas for Actions?

Merge Self with ____

Agree to live in the same Era with ___

Try to destroy ___'s reputation

And you need to put a letter and a / or : it simplifies the story, and stops the overlapping of pages. Click Die and see what I mean.

Snowball 13:45, 8 November 2011 (UTC)

Who's the third writer? Just wanted to know. I'm not going to start the story, more like I will just occaisionally add pages to move the story forward. Also, we'll need some sort of template for this at the bottom of every page. Do you happen to know how to make templates? Otherwise, we could just manually type it in the bottom.

As for the name of the story, I wouldn't have a clue. Perhaps, Eternal Greatness, The World Is Yours, or just basically, God.

I was also thinking of ways to start off this story. Maybe we could start off with the gods having a meeting, and welcoming the newest recruit (you!). Then, you will be assigned to architect and maintain a new 'Earth'. The first decisions you would make would be about how many superior races would be situated on the world, and which ones would rule it. Then you could enforce upon religions, cause natural disasters, perform miracles, make the Earth move forward in technology, etc.

Then after a certain point (say you reach a 'Heavenly' or 'Horrific' standard of your world), the gods will then host another meeting, in which you will recount all of your actions. If you chose to make it 'Heavenly', you will be applauded and congratulated. Then assigned onto a new world, which will be of a harder difficulty. If you made your Earth, 'Horrific', the other Gods will look upon you like some sort of freak, then cast you out.

That's all my thoughts on this. To sum up: I will love to help, but I will just add pages to move the story forward. --Heyoeveryone 09:16, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

Well, I don't know who posted it at first.

How about if you're cast out you can turn back and wage war. Also, we could let the God lie, so he would get a new world until one of the other gods find out. Anyway, I don't know either. I've never tried before but I think it was something like Template:Place whatever it was here with the [s and the]s. Oh, and maybe you trick the other gods and try to kill them. Then the Endings could also be classsed. If you do great on all your worlds, you get heavenly. Oh, and we could make it if you intervene too much and the race depends on you, you lose. Hmmm, maybe one could be lettting them evolve but guiding them slightly and the other would be shaping them in 5 minutes. --Snowball 08:33, 10 November 2011 (UTC)

Sounds great! Uhh, whenever you're ready, begin. Then once I finish with Remember, I'll help out on the story. Just make sure that the intro is interesting. Bad intro, people will leave after the second page!

Hear's what I say the levels are:

  • Heavenly
  • Holy
  • Miraculous
  • Savior-esque
  • Neutral
  • Depressing
  • Destructive
  • Demonic
  • Horrific

You can switch them around or edit some if you want, this is just off the top of my head. Also, let's try not to make to many endings. I know it's called 'Choose Your Own Adventure', but if we limit the amount of endings to say about 3-6, it'd make the workload just a tad easier. The person who originally posted this has most likely gone and left the site. I thought that this was your idea since the first signature that was left was your own. That's why I initially got interested in the concept.

Anyway, start the story whenever you want. I'll come and have a read, then perhaps add a few pages if I have the time. --Heyoeveryone 09:04, 10 November 2011 (UTC)

This is an absolute great idea but it sounds just a bit too much like the game populas(probably incorrect spelling) but just try and tone done the flying between worlds thing that's just my idea

From a writer who doesn't know how to post the link to my name uh i think ->

IDEA - I AM MAKING A STORY CALLED You Are God, Snowball if you don't want me to do this, just lemme know on the first page in discussion. Don't worry, it's not too big of a deal, you just inspired me. --Magikarp7297 22:54 Pacific Time, 3 November 2017

--WRITER1234 09:42, 12 March 2013 (UTC)

I have abandoned the story You are God and am creating a new story: Deity. It is more or less the same concept. Definitely based off of this idea pitch. You wanna edit? Edit my story. Just check the discussion page first. --Magikarp7297 15:59, 10 July 2018 (UTC)

Element Help

I recently started this project called Element. Its basically a Turn-based Strategy. Now the problem is that school just resumed(i'm in Australia) so that means less time on that project. If anyone is interested in helping me finish this project. Or even just editing, please do so. Please also be aware that if you cannot do anything that can be rude or offensive, it is a PG game after all. If you haven't already, please click on Element and if you express interest please go ahead and help this cause.--User:Heyoeveryone 6:29, 2 Febuary 2011

High School Sophomore Year

I just started a new Adult Story, High School Sophomore Year, and could use some help, mainly with dialogue and details. I'm still working on adding more pages but could use alot of help expanding it! Thanks in advance to all who help!!!! High School Sophomore Year Loch

Succubus RPG

Would anyone want to participate in an RPG with succubi? Either playing as the Succubi or humans. And would it be best to have it novel (free-form) or stat based?--ChaosLacky 10:08, 20 March 2010 (UTC)

participate yes however it seems my writing or something sucks I can help but anything I do would need to be proof read and stat based sounds good--user:rhynohyde


i got this cool idea where you wake up on a space station with no memory and there doesnt seem to be any people around. The whole place is falling apart, and walls are collapsing and whatever. The ship was actually the last humans from earth, but we had to evacuate earth for some reason, but on the ship somehting went wrong and a bunch of people died. i dunno, just the beginning of an idea, but please give me some ideas if possible.

i also got this other idea, where instead of every option leading to entirely new stories and everything, you start off with a map of the area your going to choose your own adventureize and make every point where you can stand a new page. sort of like a point and click game, only with choose your own adventure. i left a more in depth explination in the discussion part, so look at that to. Also, if certain things in the game are kept track of by the player, on a peice of paper or something. For example, in the story "a knights tale" you could cut down the amount of work significantly by having player's stats kept on paper instead of each class leading to a new page, meaning you could expand much easier and faster.


I've been thinking about making a story where you are an international mercenary and you get to choose an organisation to work for. I went as far to make a setting for this story.

This is it so far...

This story is set in the dystopian future of 2050. You are a mercenary, Jack Templar. You work for whoever pays the highest price. In such an unstable world, you are never short of work.

Here is a brief summary of Jack Templar world

North America- The former superpower was plunged into a second civil war during the 2030�s. The North and the South are once again at each others throat. Neither side can gain superiority over the other.

Western Europe- Its people have the best standards of living. However, puppet democracies are really controlled by powerful aristocratic families and everyone is under 24 hour surveillance for their �protection�. Think George Orwell�s 1984

Eastern Europe- Individual warlords control the rural areas, and the conflict between them creates many atrocities. Meanwhile, its larger cities have become the red light district of the world as a result of the thriving sex slave trade.

Africa- Any hopes for harmony in Africa are all but destroyed. Old tribal tensions and civil unrest has plunged the continent into unimaginable bloodshed. As a result, most of the world�s military contactors use it as a base of operations.

China and Japan- An uneasy truce exists between the worlds leading military and technological super powers. Their mutually beneficial arrangement makes them a force to be reckoned with. They are suspicious of all foreigners.

Jim's Barbeque- Prophets of the onset of the most delicious food this universe has ever seen, and fanatics in the ways of beef-fu. The leader is a figure cloaked in the shadowy fumes of teriyaki sauce, and noone has ever seen this wonderous man (or woman????).

South America- Most of the continent is controlled by a dictator. To the people, he is a benevolent revolutionary. Under the surface, he runs the biggest drug operation in the entire world. Resistance forces occupy most of the Amazon.

Russia- The old soviet power has long since shut its door on the rest of the world. Few know what goes on inside the country.

Middle East- Groups of all descriptions squabble over the last oil reserves. The longest wall ever built surrounds the state of Israel. Meanwhile, Palestinians have united and started an organised front against their old enemies.

Australia- An unknown epidemic swept the continent clean of any human habitation. There are many rumours that mutants occupy certain parts of the mainland.

Sorry. My imagination went a bit crazy.Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appriciated.

---You've created a world. Not much else. There's no real plot to your idea, or supporting cast, or anything. These things could be forgivable, but your world isn't even that interesting. It's a world spawned by a few exaggerated cliches. North and south start fighting? Over what? Slaves? Japan and China enemies? Whoa how novel. Africa enveloped in civil war? But Europe is controlled by government? Incredible. It'd be more novel to make Africa the strongest united nation in the world, plunge Europe and America into poverty and civil war, then have China and Japan on the move to take over these disputed territories.

And Jack Templar? Might as well call him Buff McWarriorpants. Give him an ordinary name. In order to draw reader immersion and interest, in-fact, it would be best if you made this Jack some deadbeat nobody. One day he's enjoying his life somewhere in the word when it's suddenly usurped from him. He has to learn to survive in a hostile changing world. There, that's a basic idea for a story, one which is well suited for CHOYA. Thanks for enduring my critical comments.--Anubite 11:29, 28 November 2008 (PST)

I'm actually quite interested to see that. Will there be choices for you to make, which would depend on the outcome?--Ashmount1 00:14, 19 April 2014 (UTC)

I'm fine with the name, to be honest. Like Anubite already said, you've got the world going for you, but now you need the plot that drives it. As a start, you can probably create more than one character who are living in one of the countries. If that's too difficult, I suggest maybe to get Jack to somehow be an agent trying to resolve all these wars and conflicts. That will lead to some heroic action. Then maybe some enemy catches him and drops him off to Australia with those mutants. Now you're headed for a survivalist story. Something like that. But that, of course, is just my opinion.--Completionist 00:46, 19 April 2014 (UTC)


I've been thinking about a story were: 3 teens are dared to spend the night in a haunted house and they get attacked by gousts and they find secret rooms and stuff like that.

---Good idea. What name and what rating?

---Jeffthdork: Rating = R. Name = Fright.


I've go another idea: A haunted prison kills it's convicts and it's guards.  You would be a guard and have to try to live.  The prison would be able to turn on machines by its self and make unreal stuff happen like the back wall of a cell push the inmate in the cell against the cell door, slicing him into many pieces.

-Well, I'd help you, but you do need to create it. Hmm, maybe the manacles clamp onto every part of the prisoner's body and drags him down into a pit. The main stuff can only be prison items, but that gives a lot of room. Maybe the ghosts go into the posessions of people and those try to kill them. So if someone smuggled drugs inside they'd get stung until they faint from drug abuse.

Good Concept, I'd help if it went up.

--Snowball 03:18, 23 October 2011 (UTC)


Is this page public?I hope so,cause I'm not sure xD.I had an idea for a story that I couldn't finish.Your a average guy who has a wife and 2 kids.Then all of a sudden this dude calls,saying he has a expert sniper who has a lock on your family,and you gotta go through a bunch of obstacles(involving fighting numerous enimies) assigned by the guy,or else he'll order the sniper to take out your kids and wife.Sorry that was so long :P

Yes, this page is public. And that's not too long for an idea pitch. --Platypus 16:17, 24 August 2008 (PDT)

Jack Frost: That is a really good story idea. (how come I never think of these great story ideas?) Would you mind if I write that story? It sounds excellent. Its just the thing I need.

TheEverLastingTale:Are you talking to me?LOL I'm NovelOfDoom,but sadly,I completely forgot my password,so I ended up making another account,LOL.Jack Frost,I likey that name :D.If you were talking about me,I would be honored if you write that story :D(I'm just guessing that you've been on this site for a long while,LMAO.)


how about a story where the laws of physics (or reason) don't apply, so the most sensable choice might not work eg: if you ask boss for a raise he explodes and if you kick him he'll give you the ocarina of time.

or is that a bad idea?

Jack Frost: If somebody ever writes that, I hope they put it in the "Nobody Should Read These" section. But, that does sound like it would be a good story. That also seems like a great idea for a story.

Trar: I need help writing my story, Would You, Could You, Fuck A Goat?!. Every page has to have an option at the bottom of it leading toDie, ALWAYS, no matter what. Also, the player will NEVER actually fuck a goat. That would be bad.

TheNeverEndingTale:This is getting annoying ><.I keep forgetting my password,so I ended up making yet ANOTHER account(I'm NovelOfDoom and TheEverLastingTale.) I have another idea.You live in (whatever country you want) where the President is reall corrupt,so you take it upon yourself to take him out.


You are Joe Jones an unimportant Sales Representative on a Dystopian Earth in 2230 but times are changing. The Nations are as follows:

� Allied States of America: The remaining states have allied each other together in order to weather the attacks of revolutionaries. � Confederate States of America: After the economic collapse of 2184 in order maintain the industrial base of the former confederate states they readopted slavery and war was declared by the Allied States of America. � Microsoft Computer Corporation: One of the only Non-Asian Corporations left Microsoft Computer Corporation declared Sovereignty in 2185 and negotiated a treaty with the Confederate States of America. � The Obsessive Cult: The Obsessive Cult declared Sovereignty in 2084 at the same time as the 2834 nuclear reactor incident, and has put a xenophobic position of all the citizens. � The European Union: The European Union has been put in instability because of pressure of the Soviet Union & the Ottoman Empire. � The Soviet Union: Russia reinstated communism on the factors of the economic collapse, communist party�s pressure, newly assimilated china, and the American Civil War. � The Ottoman Empire: The Ottoman Empire was formed when the Turkish Ousted the American garrisons from major middle east oil resources in 2175 and later joined an alliance with the Soviet Union � Africa: Africa was leading the world in stability, technology, and economy but after the 2834 nuclear reactor incident it was completely crippled though there may be some survivors. � Others: Japan, South America, Australia

Early Plot Threads Early Plot Threads could be: � Trying to move up in your career � Further Education � Emigration And later plot lines would be developed over time.


Hey all! Just wanted to say, The Life of a School Kid is online! It's public, but if you write a really dumb choice, I'll delete it. Also, if you write a section, please include (This section write by ---)And don't delete anyone else's work! thanks! The Life of a School Kid


I have an idea. You are a kid named David who wakes up in a haunted mansion and must get out. it'll be slightly RPGish, as you'll gain Health, XP, ect. while facing creatures from spiders to Ginormous Screamer faces. He'll also have a fear meter. You'll want to keep it low to beat enemies easier, but keep it high to destroy cracked walls ect. There'll be 2 passages in most every room.

Reporko: i have two ideas....

one is where you are kicked out of your home by your girlfriend and are really depressed. you walk into an alley and discover you have secret powers.

The other one is where its like in post future like 2011 or 2015 or something and like the world is collapsing and people are surviving when the apocalypse and after. Tell me what you think.

A little cliche, but maybe because you're just brushing the top of some even better ideas. Dig deeper! :) -NightChime 14:38, 19 October 2009 (PDT)

Olympian Quest

Does anyone agree to this: This is about a quest that takes you to Mount Olympus and find a stolen trident that the greek god, Hades hid.--Greenlande23 15:24, 4 June 2009 (PDT)

Go for it, tell me when you finish most of it. --Storylover141 18:00, 19 September 2011 (PDT)

I see no reason to object to someone writing such a story. --Platypus 16:01, 4 June 2009 (PDT)

Seems like a good idea, in fact i think you should let it fly! --Megadeth1 17:34 23 june 2009 (PDT)

Fixing the red ring of death

I had an idea to make a funny adventure of your x-box 360 geting the red ring of death, and you try to fix it. I just need to see if people think its a good idea.

Ring of Death eh? The old Ring of Death... well, I guess it wouldn't be really funny if you make it like, 'you restart your Xbox360. YOU WIN!' That would be lame. To me, a good story based on real life always has a kick-butt fighting scene, a huge plot twist, an evil wizard, Russia and it's 11 time zones, Shaka Zulu, and a Jamaican guy. So, if you include all of those, then yes, it would be an EPIC story, like mines. Play it here--> An Epic Adventure --Forsak3n1 16:33 August 6, 2009

Way to whore out your adventure Forsaken. Jakeinator 23:09, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

This is why I'm making Xbox Down. I mean, come on, this is amazing! (and yes, there are russians)--Magikarp7297 07:57, 13 February 2018 (UTC)

Castle II

This is a scenario that I have done verbally, and want to put on here. It is a puzzle/rpg/type thing, with a plot and many different options. You explore a castle, trying to find the person who cursed your hometown. You encounter many dangers, monsters, conflicts, and other action-like things. Is this a good idea? ~Ebony949 14:32, 2 August 2009

It sounds like something with potential. --Platypus 08:11, 2 August 2009 (PDT)


I'm new, so sorry if I edited this wrong. I'm just copying how other people are editing this. Basically my idea for the story is you start off normally. You're a man, kids, wife etc etc. Then out of NOWHERE, some guy tries to kill you! So you head off on a quest to try and find out who and why they tried to kill you. For fun, I will also put in some hidden random stuff in the story. Slipping in a internet meme, or a video game quote. The unique parts of the story(hence the title) will be the BADASS moments. Where the character will start off a combo(for lack of a better word), and you choose how to continue it. Some will advance the combo, and some will leave you flat on your face. I will try my hardest to put as much pages and effort into this story before summer vacation ends. Good idea?

~CheeseToast 6:58PM, August 12th 2009 (GMT)

Very good idea, I'm a bit of a fan of action heroes myself. I'm also new, so, I'll try and do my best to help you out. --Vet 01:32, 31 July 2010 (UTC)

Comics Unrated

Much like the Star Wars and Star Trek, adventures, you choose characters and have sex, fight, kill, curse, etc. Basically way to express the comic heroes as if they were more like people and not heroes. There would be a set story for each hero. I even thought at the beginning you must choose DC or Marvel, and then it starts. I think a lot of people would like this.

~Carmenlover 3:17 AM, August 15, 2009 (PST)

Battle royal xtreme

I'm also new so sorry if i edited wrong. My idea is that there is a big battle royal, but instead of weapons, there are powers like wind, water, fire, earth and lightning. If someone dies they are respawened into a waiting room until the fight is over, but you lose and the story ends. You can chose your power at the start. So please if someone could make this as i'd probably suck, CHEERS!

If you get game over, why can't you just be dead then? Makes it a little more important that you win. If the point of it is so you're fighting the same people over and over, that might get a little boring. Maybe the people running the royale have a ton of extra people locked up as backup, and just replace the dead ones so the fight goes on after every round. You could slip in some character development, maybe it's like a tournament, so there can be other people fighting that you meet that you don't immediately have to kill. Or maybe it's not a tournament at all, just entertainment for a twisted society. Gladiator, but with magic instead of swords. -NightChime 14:38, 19 October 2009 (PDT)

Digimon Adventure?

Honestly, I've seen a few Pokemon related adventures but none of them, ironically, are 'Digimon'-related adventures when there's a big freaking series called "Digimon Adventure". lmao Sorry, I just have to point that out. And, I pointed that out because I have an idea for one. It has quite a long plot, so I am just going to try and summarize it down here.

Similar to DC Comics' Earth Prime, this is what our Earth is like in my story, with the Digital Worlds you see in the anime being real planetary systems in parallel dimensions. The origins of those systems are naturally related to computers (again), with the creator of the first ever Digital World, called "D-World Neo", being specifically the ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) and its shaper (having to build upon the foundations created by the ABC) being the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer). That first D-World is the one you see in the Digimon X-Evolution movie. Four other 'D-Worlds' were both created and shaped by more advanced Personal Computers. They were then called Alpha (Tamers' Digital World), Beta (Frontier), Gamma (Adventure), and Delta (Savers). Now here comes the plot. (There's a plot?!) Yes, even among all these documentary-style aspects, there is a plot.

Some of you might know about Millenniummon from the video game called Brave Tamer. He... or I guess it's 'it' (since there are no genders among Digimon) controls time and space. He then turned into an alternate 'Ultimate Form' (do know that I'm using original Japanese-translated terms here instead of the dub terms) of his called Zeed Millenniummon. He was stopped by a kid named Akiyama Ryo, fused into one with a Digimon called Monodramon and turned into a single Digi Egg. Now, having done that, Zeed's data naturally is inside Monodramon, and though that allows him to evolve into his 'Complete Form' called Cyberdramon, that data also makes him very violent.

After some years of control, Cyberdramon finally caves in to the influence and there's nothing that its partner, Ryo, can do about it. Cyberdramon runs away, seeking to return to his 'Deus Ex' Zeed Millenniummon body, seek revenge upon Ryo and, of course, bring chaos to the Worlds. But, to do that, it needs an energy source to evolve into the 'Ultimate Form', and a deceitful Demon Lord Digimon claims that it just happens to have that energy. Barbamon offers Zeed a deal that Zeed will have to serve Barbamon for an eternity should Barbamon successfully return Zeed to its true form. An eternity is nothing to someone who controls time, so Zeed agrees. Boom. Zeed evolves from Cyberdramon to Zeed again, but Barbamon backstabs him by bounding Zeed as its very own mind-slave.

To restrain Zeed's omnipotent powers, it has these fractal-code chains wrapped around its body, of which the lower-half is trapped in a crystal. To remove both of these, Barbamon needs Zeed to absorb the souls of 'pure children' and their 'pure Digimon' partners. So, it summons you and a few other kids to Digital World Gamma (which was depicted in Digimon Adventure in our world) and it begins your 'training' into pure souls. Sounds cheesy, but there is a whole lot more to it after Zeed's chains are removed.

What do you think?

--OminousFlare 23:55, 23 September 2009 (PDT)

Friday Night

This story is about you and a group of friends deciding that Fridays are now the day that you all smoke pot and just see what happens.

The first Friday of this new tradition and:

1.Tugboat (Greg Tubot) is caught by the police driving without a license. You and your friends are desperately trying to hide your pot while the police are getting the tow truck to tow Tugboat's car. In a last attempt, you all run to the car and take back roads which can either save you or kill you in the end.

2. After being late, you realize that your friends started smoking without you. While inside, you begin to watch movies and listen to music. After a few hours, you hear moans outside. Thinking it's Randy (whom disappeared for the last 2 hours) you laugh it off and pretend to be scared. Once Zack decides to look outside he shouts "look at these fucks trying to scare us", as he points and laughs at the zombies heading your way. You, not even getting your first inhale of smoke yet, realize that it isn't a prank by Randy and in fact, it is the Zombie Apocalypse. After a brief flashback, you remember that you and your friends have read the "Zombie Survival Guide". Once you remember this, you thank god you were in Ed's house for he has gotten prepared for this. (most up to this point is one set of possible events and it will be continued).

3. You try to break a record and smoke your own weight in Marijuana. After you and your friends pool money for that massive amount of pot, you begin to smoke it. After a hour, you pass out and can vaguely remember what happened. All you see is a blonde nurse and a redhead doctor. The blonde has a decent size of tits where the redhead has a pair of huge tits. (from here on out you fuck your way out of the hospital).


You are faced with all sorts of traps, hazards, all sorts of dangerous situations, but since you are MacGyver, you can handle pretty much anything. Could have branches for both the silly, building a bomb out of pocket lint and his own eyelashes MacGyver, and the serious, real human being who's just highly trained, intelligent, and resourceful MacGyver. There could be a plot involving terrorists or some other disgustingly American story that needs a capable hero, to honor the original series. Would work well in super-short, individual situations you need to get out of, short stories, like the length of an episode, all the way up to an epic novel length story with plots, conspiracies, and probably Russians. And of c

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

I know it sounds stupid, but I want to make a adventure based off a song by the name of "Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf". I found the song very entertaining, and I think it'd be cool if I could make a story based off the basic concept of the song. I plan to use the information the songs gives you, while adding different endings and backgrouind story. So basically, the plot in the song will be the true ending, while there will be other endings you can follow.

Please give your opinion on the rating as well. The gore will not be very descriptive, I'm still at a very young age.

Good idea or way too weird? --Thoughtless 21:02, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

Elements of the Earth

Hi there, I'm new to this wiki and I have started a gamebook with the same name of the title. It has just started, and any help would be appreciated.

--Timewalker 07:37, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

A Lightbulb Pops on my Head

I have a good idea, and anyone can take this idea since I am working on EOE(see above).

It's about three scientists, Albert Einstien, Issac Newton and Thomas Edison. They three meet together, the third world war erupts and the government(for some reason) has banned scientists. In the starting, you choose the scientist you play as.

Not really good, but it seems good to me.

--Timewalker 07:37, 24 August 2012 (UTC)

I'm guessing that they somehow invented a Time Machine as well before hand? Perhaps it could be taken into a really Sci-Fi direction by making the adventure all about your chosen scientist either:

  • Stopping the War from beginning through Time Travel
  • Destroying everyone through Time Travel (and other means)
  • Brokering Peace between countries

There is also the fact that Scientists are banned, so this could be interesting.

Heyoeveryone 23:21, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

21 Sept 2012: Sounds like Isaac Asimov meets Ayn Rand!

Connection page

I'm new to the site, but I just thought of an idea, and I wanted to see what people think of it.

My idea is to have a "story" that will lead into many/all the other stories. The user can start there, and follow several links to decide what story they would be reading.

For example, the first question could be "Are you interested in family-friendly stories, or adult stories?" --Yoohoo2 16:32, 10 January 2013 (UTC)


You (A character of your choosing) and your teenage friends become victims of a psychopathic genius with a dark secret past to shiver your spine. This man (soon to find out who) has set up small games of challenges, puzzles, traps, and obstacles for you to play. This abandoned facility is filled by an unknown presences. You'll uncover the dark story behind this place and the mad men. With how they are all connected. Will you sacrifice anyone to win? Will you try to save everyone? Will you take the next corner? What will you do? Only one question remains in these halls? Will you win the game? The insanity begins here.

Playable Players:

Marcy- Popular girl with some degrees in journalism.

Jonas- A boy who has an interest in solving mysteries.

Johnathan- The jock.

Candice- A smart girl that loves puzzles.

Sarah- A popular girl who has a history with Jonas.

Skyler- A Gothic boy who has an interest with dark unknown secrets.

Michael- A popular kid who knows leadership.

Penny- A sister of Michael and an athlete.

Jeremy- A brother of Johnathan who has in interest in electronics and programming.

Dog - Jonas pet (non-playable)

Objects in the Story:

-Renown points- The currency of the story and can be used to help you in mysteries.

-Interactive Characters- Other characters who are victims of the mad man. Including others who are insane as the mad men that lives in the facility.

-Leadership points- You have to maintain a balance of leadership points (100) to keep order among your other friends and keep them loyal in each of your choices. If you have a low amount, they'll start questioning your every moves and may have an increase chance of leaving you.

-Side Quests- Complete side quests for interactive players for renown points and more details behind the facility.

-Weapons- Find certain weapons or buy certain weapons to defend yourself against mad men, creatures, and other hostiles.

-Players (Friends)- Interact with your friends to maintain leadership points. Also gain their trusts as well so you don't have to loose much leadership points. You can learn more about them when talking to them. Remember, all players are valuable. They all have advantages in coming obstacles built by the mad genius.

-Item bars- In the story, every character has health, MP (Levels, experiences gain), trust (leadership points), panic levels (best avoid), and a backpack (storage for main objects, side objects, weapons, and certain objects only available for certain characters).

-Entertainment Level- Keep the mad men genius level entertained so you don't have to deal with harder obstacles, hostiles, puzzles, and any hostile environments. So keep him entertained by completing these little games by him or any devilish actions.

-Good and Evil- Two bars that keeps track on your person. Either your a good person or an evil one by your choices.

-Unknown Presence- A dark unknown presence that dwells in this facility. All you know about them is that they are hostile and demonic.

Note: I'm trying to figure out on how to work on this. I'm stuck on my first one. So I added this story to the idea pitches for anyone to work on or help me on in the future sometime. Just contact me first. Contact Catpeople on create your own adventures.

Candle Light

It's a small little story I thought of basing it off of children story books.

You are on a quest in a fantasy mystical world that is full of danger, light, darkness, happiness, and morale lesson in each of your choices. In a search for the last candle light. This candle light is a source of power that is desired by both good and evil. Anyone who obtains this candle light can bend reality in their images. You are a peasant of the low lands. Once your farm land is endanger by tax mans, dark creatures, bandits, and your own family. Even the sickness threatens your family. So the only way to save them is to go on the journey in search of he last candle light. Will you take the journey?

Objects in the Story-

Good points- If you do good and noble actions, you'll be rewarded with good points. A currency in the story.

Evil points- If you do devilish and greedy actions, you'll be rewarded with evil points. Another currency in the story.

Companions- Depending on your actions and deeds. You'll be encountering by characters that can accompany you on your quest.

Side Story- Small side stories on the side of the story. Once completed you'll be rewarded with (Good or evil) points and any equipment.

Mariuk or Urgash- Two pets you can earn during your quest. Mariuk is a dog with golden fair. It is a symbol for all that is good. Urgash is a small flying dragon with red and black scales. It is a symbol for all that is evil. Either pets will give you beneficial powers to help you in the story.

Level- Level up to gain more powers in the darkness or the light.

Love Interest- Pursue relationships with companions or default characters.

Equipment and Backpack- Any equipments that you gain, buy, or find will be loaded in the backpack. Including weapons, armor, and potions.

Health Bars- To keep track of your health.

Note: I'm trying to figure out on how to work on this. I'm stuck on my first one. So I added this story to the idea pitches for anyone to work on or help me on in the future sometime. Just contact me first. Contact Catpeople on create your own adventures.

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