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Hello. I am a simple user that wishes to collaborate and create a non-sexual story that doesn't die in redlinks too quickly. All I want is to help people with anything they need done.

Here's my Status Indicator for the constant struggle to revive the site:

Health Hello Equipment:

Nintendo stuff, YouTube, Hello Neighbor game, pants, computer, notepad, pencil, Jesus, Thot B Gon.

MP Neighbor
Level AFK

What can I do?

I can unofficially delete pages, start a flame war with vandals, teach newbs, and best of all, write 20 stories at once. I love nachos!

The Shadow Legacy


A group about determination and helping each other is what defines the Shadow Legacy.

Our Members (you can join by contacting me on my talk page!)

Tutorial Services

I can teach you many things. Just go to Magikarp Training, where you can practice anything (as long as it's Family Friendly/PG-13) to practice your skill!

Major Projects

DeathWeaver - 6 pages

At last, an RPG. It's complex. It's got some dice involved. There's also lots of death.


As you gaze down into the gallery, you put an arrow into your bow. Taking aim, you release an arrow through the slit. Then, crouching down on the gallery's floor, the sound of a creature dying tells you your arrow hit it's mark. Peeking through the slit into the throne room, you see the remaining undead guard examine his comrade before the Powder Arrow explodes, rocking the building.

You have made your presence known.

Our God Satan - 1 pages

Death. Destruction. Churches burning down. I think I might have a problem.


My stories I want help on and have started.

Family-Friendly Stories

Nothing to see here!

PG-13 Stories (More advanced, for readers 10+)

Quizzes & Challenges

Mature Stories (stuff found in R-rated movues, no sex involved)

Or click here: MotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfuckerMotherfucker

Adult Stories, 18+ ONLY!!

Nothing to see here!

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