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Holy shit, what a way to go

I'm guessing the reader isn't gonna be happy when they get that ending.
The only way to celebrate/commiserate a death like this is to give that rage-induced physcopath a good send-off. His death notice (which has been permentaly erected on my user tab) serves as a reminder to us all that robotic arms are a ever-present threat to our society.
May he rest in eternal piss

Regarding Featured stories

I 've just noticed that your in charge of what becomes featured around here and what doesn't. It's still a W.I.P, but could you check out my story 120 Minutes Remain? You know, give some constructive criticism and whatnot? As I said, it's still under massive construction (Adding improved status indicators, changing page option names (Which takes forever btw) and constantly error checking), but I've been working on it for over a year and a half now and would really appreciate it if you would consider my proposition and maybe give me advice on any reasons why it might not be 'featured' material.
Message me back in your own time
As I said, it's still a major W.I.P and I don't think I'm even a quarter of the way finished yet (Even though I'm making much faster progress in comparison to a year ago). I'll be sure to inform you when I'm finished so you can properly consider my proposition.
Regarding non-death endings, I'll be sure to add a lot more of them.
The one-choice pages will be fixed in due course.
120 Minutes Remain is intended for the Mature section so, as I said, there will be well over 200, maybe even 300 pages, in it when I'm done sometime next year.
Thank's for the feedback!
I'll take a mental note; Once I hit 150-180 pages or so, I've omitted all errors and mistakes and the story begins to have a lot more substance to it, I'll be sure to let you know. It could happen as early as November if I work at my present rate or as late as 2019 if I'm especially lazy, but the day will definitely come.

Regarding RAGE

A few mental breakdowns, family crisis, and long, tedious hours spent writing pointless crap in French, if you really want to know what happened. Combine all them and the result is me completely forgetting about our agreement. Here, I've included a handy equation below:
404 error brain not responding+My brothers throwing shit out the window+Des trucs inutiles=Brain death apparently
Anyway, about RAGE...
I think we should include as many weapons as possible; Guns, knives, bombs, throw them all in. How good the reader does should be dependent on how many people they murder. For example, a 'bad' ending would be one where the reader is gunned down by police or killed by some other event before actually slaughtering anyone. A 'good' ending would be your usual. Bombing schools/gunning down random people/etc. This would be your typical run-of-the-mill ending, nothing special, just a few dozen or so to a hundred killed.
However, we should include one or two 'genocide' or 'merciless' endings where shit gets real. I'm talking about mass chaos and death by any means necessary (Nukes, Massive shootouts, whatever. We'll deal with specifics later). These would be the best endings to get, so we should make them difficult enough to achieve for the reader.
Any other misc. stuff can be thrown in, like you mentioned. It could be rape, theft, arson, or any other criminal stuff. Just nothing too gory or overly sexual, there's already to much of that on this site.
Sorry if this message is a bit rushed, but I'm kinda in a hurry. Message me back ASAP regarding the above and if you would like to add some things or scrap others.
See you soon!
Ok, Imma just gonna go ahead and add some pages to RAGE. Feel free to message me about any mistakes or errors I make and I will fix them ASAP.

Platypus talk

Before i found CYOS, I did other writing elsewhere. How did I find CYOS? I was doing some research on choose-your-own-adventure stories and happened across the site. Back then, there weren't even 10 stories started. Remember, this was a dozen years ago.

If life seems meaningless right now, remember, it is our job to give meaning to life, not the other way around. --Platypus 20:39, 16 September 2018 (UTC)

I believe the spellchecking is performed by your browser, not by the site. I use Google Chrome, and it spellchecks as I write. --Platypus 18:34, 17 September 2018 (UTC)

Durzan's Chat

Hey Magikarp7297, I am currently working on starting up a mega-story called Tales of Illnora, and I was wondering if you'd like to be one of the major collaborator/writer for it. It is currently classified as an adult story with the (Public) tag, as I am not sure on whether I want to pull punches or deliberately exclude adult content. The world of Illnora can get pretty dark, and while there are some things about it that can be light-hearted, I don't want to be restrained if a dark scene proves necessary for the story.

One of my goals is to have the narrative be the driving force behind any changes or additions. In other words, I don't want anything that happens to be pointless, have no impact, or make no sense (character wise or plot wise). That means, if a sex scene happens, it should flow naturally from the events that proceeded it and have some impact on the plot itself. No using the plot as a thinly veiled excuse for that stuff either. IE, I don't want fan service simply for fan service's sake. Another way of putting it is that Fan service should be used when appropriate, but it pleasure and yield to the narrative, not the other way around.

Currently, I am working on the initial story arc The Dragon Master. I have other era's that can be added on, but those time periods are quite a bit more sandbox than the Golden Age.

So, what do you say... are you up for being a writing partner?

--Durzan 00:01, 27 February 2019 (UTC)

Hello, hello: A Talk with Bunni

Hello! Apologies for the super late response. I took a hiatus from the site to focus on other things IRL. I'll just reply to all of your messages as part of this one. For starters, I would love to chat anytime. I'll check out the stories you mentioned, too. I may or may not be able to contribute, but I'll certainly give them a read and check them out. As far as your concerns, I agree that this wiki could use more sysops and more order. I'll be more active from this point on as to minimize the amount of work centralized to one person, but I do have work and other pesky real-life obligations that cut into my free time. Though really, I get the points you're trying to make and will be logging in more often. (In the past though, I was always easy to reach by email, so therefore, I didn't think it was obsessively necessary to always log in because all it took was a single email for anyone (whether than be users or sysops) to reach me). But I'll be logging into my account more and relying less on emails now.) --Bunni 22:27, 31 March 2019 (UTC)

I'm late!

Saw your message in Platypus' archive. I was going to show you how to link categories without a hyperlink, but it seems you've already found a good workaround! And I'm many years late. In case you're curious, or decide you'd rather not use the redirect (which is actually quite brilliant!), here's the goods:

[[:Category:The Library's Secret Items]]

Category:The Library's Secret Items

And hey, log back in sometime! Whatever happened to fighting the good fight and reviving the site?

--Pickles 06:55, 12 May 2020 (UTC)

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