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You wake up in an area between buildings, rubbing your eyes. You are 16 years old, and you work hard every day to survive. But today is different. You just have a feeling that today something important will happen. Then you remember - the king is letting the peasants come in today for the Festival of Life. Every year, this happens. You should remember; it's been 6 years of a great day for you, having to steal. With all of the people, it's easy to miss a 16 year-old steal a piece of bread, or some coins, or anything, for that matter. Getting up, you see the sun high in the sky. The festival should be at it's prime.

You first steal a chunk of bread so you can eat, saving about half of the chunk for later. Every piece is about half a loaf, just like every other chunk he has for sale. Then, you wonder who you should rob first.

Health 50 Equipment:

"1/4 Loaf of Bread, Torn Tunic"

MP 0
Level 0
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