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This is the realm of Ilnoria, where elves, dwarves, trolls, giants, and the like travel around. However, you will have to make a living an do as much as possible here.

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Because of constant backtracking and other issues that cannot be addressed in the current format of story writing, you will have to keep track of your own stats. These stats are HEALTH and MAGIC. To find this, roll a 100-sided die. If you do not have one, is recommended.

Next, use a 20-sided die to discover your ATTACK and DEFENSE. Your DEFENSE can never be greater than 50.

Lastly, a 10-sided die can be used to find these Attributes: Stealth, Wisdom, Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Speed, Intellect, and Charm.


Items have special effects: they can increase your stats and Attributes. It will say the effect when the item is introduced. Items can be classified into several main groups: Bag Item, Weapons, Armor, and Special Items.

You can equip two hand items: Primary and Off-hand. These can be two weapons or a primary weapon and a shield.

You can equip only 1 armor. You can equip 6 bag items. You can hold 10 Special Items.


Combat is rather simple. Roll a 10-sided die, and add it to your attack. This is how much damage you deal. Then take the enemy's ATK. and add it to a second dice roll. Then subtract by your Defense as a percentage. To simplify taking damage, the equation is:

(1d10 + [Enemy ATK]) - ([DEF] รท 100)

Repeat until either your HP or Enemy HP is 0. If your HP is 0, you die and lose the game.


Your currency is in 3 types: Copper, Silver, and Gold. These coins relate to each other: 10 Copper = 1 Silver and 10 Silver = 1 Gold. They are used to buy new items, gamble, bribe, et cetera.


These are not terms used by characters, but by narration.

xdy - x number of times you a roll a y-sided die. (i.e. 5d20 means rolling a 20-sided die 5 times)



WIS - Wisdom

DEX - Dexterity

INT - Intellect

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