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A Forgotten Legend
Join Date September 9, 2006
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Joining Charas

A Forgotten Legend never made an introduction thread. In the beginning, A Forgotten Legend had cruddy screenshots on an RTP based, for the most part, Final Fantasy tribute, and a huge request for resources based on an edit of an RPG maker XP sprite. Meiscool put him in his place and told it clear. AFL, as he would later be called, didn't like Meiscool at first, but later realized how much of a n00b he himself was at the time.

Arranging Drenrin2120's music

Still early in AFL's time at Charas, he attempted to arrange music from Drenrin2120's game the Ghosts of Heart Lake. They quite plainly sucked the first and second time around. Third time they didn't suck that bad, and AFL received Drenrin2120's approval on the music. (Mostly the first movement). At one point AFL had a thread in the gallery section for his music. It went 6 pages with mostly input from himself. he has since then made a new thread in the Creative Arts section. At this point 4/2 people like his music, or think it is good.

A Forgotten Legend

A Forgotten Legend was AFL's main project. A small demo was made, and it was terrible. There were errors all over the place, and it was virtually unplayable. Since then, it has been switched over to RPG Maker VX. This project is currently taking a break.

Charas Chain Game and Charas Chain Game 2: Rebirth

The Charas Chain Game, started by Red Fox, was a major project in which AFL had the privilege to take part in. In his chapter, the heroes met a girl name Karlia, in a technologically advanced world compared to their own. The second Chain Game, which AFL started has just begun. It will use a very minor reference in his chapter of the first chain game for the main character.

Pokemon Obsidian

AFL is one of the main team members for the fan game, Pokemon Obsidian. He also runs the forums for the project. It is currently stalled, as he doesn't have RPG Maker XP at the moment. He works along with Lucas_irineu and Prpl_mage in the project.

Soundtrack Projects

Ember Sky is a project being created by the member, Phayre. AFL is working on music for this game, along with starting to make some music for a game by Fortet called .hack//Refresh Vol. 1.

Adventure of Kyoob

AFL is the musician for The Adventure of Kyoob. He admits to having a lot of fun doing the music.

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