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Join Date Feb 2003
Status Senior Member
Position Former Moderator
Birthday August 9, 1985
Gender Male
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Gary Keropermono (known also by his nickname of GaryCXJk) is a longtime member of Charas. Formerly a Global Moderator, he's now mostly a developer - he's a developer of Charas.EX, and was also the driving force behind Charas Breakout. He is also known for frequently claiming he leaves Charas for good. In the end he always comes back.


Forum history

Gary joined on February 2003, with the only reason to contribute to the community. Because of his spriting skills and knowledge Gary was soon promoted as moderator of the forums. Around that time he also helped in setting up the banner for the first Charas Resource Contest, as well as contributing with a resource creation tutorial.

However, by the end of 2003 he was temporarily demoted after the RRWP vs Gary conflict, and up to this point he hadn't been a moderator ever on Charas. However, because of another experience as a moderator, he decided never to be moderator of another forum again, as well as never to join a team, with exception of his own.


Although his atitude has changed over time, he is often known as a harsh person. He doesn't make any exceptions to anyone.

Explaination of the name

Originally, the CXJ stood for Citizen X Justice. Later, the J had no particular meaning; it could stand for any word. The lower case k stands for his last name.

Use of capitalisation

Gary usually gets ticked off when the capitalisation is wrongly used, emphesizing that it is always capital CXJ, lower case k. This is because the lower case k doesn't take part of the CXJ part, but belongs to his actual name. It also shows that the CXJ can always be left out, but the lower case k never actually can't, because it's part of his actual name. It's also the reason why the CXJ can't be lower case, since it emphesises that the CXJ isn't always part of him.

Bas the Teddybear

Bas the Teddybear is his real-life teddybear. He also has shown up on several locations on projects he has been working on, and there is even a 403- and 404-page on the Charas-site with the teddybear. You can create the teddybear with the available charset resources in the medium sized set.

Locations he has shown up in

  • Both the pages for the 403 and 404 messages
  • Charas Breakout DX
  • As seperate resources in the generator under the medium sized sets

Projects he has been involved in

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