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The Charas Resource Contest is a contest with the purpose to contribute to the generator resources. There is no prize; the only prize is an honnerable mention on the Contest page.



The resource contest was created with the sole purpose of having fun. The ideas for the contest came on January 9th 2003, and in March 2nd the actual contest started.

The first contest

The first contest was restricted to just the charsets. Every participant was restricted to a maximum of three submissions. It had to be applyable to an existing set, and it had to be fully sprited by you.

The winner was TheBrave, followed by Cosmo and Nukes.

It ran from March 2nd 2003 to May 31st 2003.

The second contest: Reloaded

This contest basically had the same rules as the first one, but this time, you could also submit faceset resources. These two were seperately judged.

The winner of the charset resources was Adjuma, followed by The Brave with two submissions. However, technically The Brave had won this contest, but because he already won the last one, the judges thought it would be more fair to give the first prize to Adjuma.

For the facesets the winner was FFL2and3rocks, followed by Winterheaven and Sharu.

It ran from August 29th 2003 to November 31st 2003.

The third contest

This time the battle charset resources were counted in. Further more the popular types (normal-sized for charsets and facing left / right for facesets) were not allowed. Finally, there was a final prize for people who could make the same object for all three generators, the connection prize.

These were the result:

Facegen Charas Battlechar

1st - moiledzep
2nd - Gold Dean
3rd - Apex

1st - GhostClown212
2nd - Sharu
3rd - Pedro Lion

1st - SaiKar
2nd - moiledzep
3rd - Gold Dean

Finally, the only people aiming for the connection prize were moiledzep and Apex. Since Alex couldn't choose, he gave them both the prize.

It ran from March 21st 2004 to May 1st 2004.


The jury consisted of members of the Charas board. The juries couldn't participate in any contest. They each assigned a rating from 1 to 10 to a resource. In the end the points per resource get averaged.

Starting from the second resource contest the jury also had people from well-known RPG Maker sites.


  • So far every banner was created by GaryCXJk.
  • A character called Bannerguy was featured in Charas Breakout DX. You unlocked him by unlocking every Charas Resource Contest banner.
  • The second resource contest was created around the time the second Matrix movie, The Matrix: Reloaded, was released. The banner also featured a spoof of the scrolling code.
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