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The Charas Movie Chronology or Charas Movie Mythos is the storyline as it was and is for the Charas Movie and its spin-offs. The base idea was settled by GaryCXJk, which were based on both Cosmo's ideas and events that happened on the Charas Community.


Charas Team 1: First generation

The Charas Team was created by Alexander Bonivento and SMB, who both came with the idea of creating a crime-fighting team. It first consisted of Alex as leader and SMB in sub-command. They were assisted by X-F3R, Cosmo, Grandragora, DeKoffie, BabyCatjuh and RRWP. The team however soon disbanded after events on the Charas forums. Only Alex and SMB were left.

Charas Team 2: the reunion

A few months later Alex tried again. The first batch of people consisted of Darkfox, SaiKar and Kijuki_Magazaki. Soon others joined like Carmen, Red Giant, Razor, FFL2and3rocks, Warxe_PhoenixBlade, GhostClown and Midnight. However, it didn't work out the way Alex planned, and within no time Alex contacted GaryCXJk to aid them. Gary initially refuses, since he already is on another team, but Alex and Gary both make a deal.

Gary joins the team as a tutor, and all but GhostClown, Alex and SMB have to join the courses, much to dislike of Darkfox. However, for unexplained reasons SMB decides to join the class, even though he doesn't need the courses. Of course, SMB does every course perfect, how hard they seem to be, while the rest begins to hate Gary for the hard training. This finally pushes Darkfox to the limit, and he challenges Gary to a duel, and if Gary should lose, he should give up his function. To give Darkfox an advantage, Gary gives Darkfox the option of having partners. Darkfox chooses Kijuki and SaiKar, and the duel begins. However, both Darkfox and Kijuki are defeated easily. The only one standing is SaiKar, and both Gary and SaiKar engage in a fierce battle. In the end, SaiKar is defeated. This does leave Gary a little bewildered, and he wonders if SaiKar isn't holding back. Because of that he gives SaiKar special training.

The siege

Things are getting strange when Gary keeps leaving the team. This makes Darkfox believe that Gary is betraying the Charas team. This feeling becomes even stronger when Gary is gone for a few hours and the base is under attack. After the base loses all its power and Gary shows up, Darkfox confronts him. However, instead of arguing with Darkfox, Gary shows his ability to create music from sound-producing objects. By doing that he is able to concentrate to the song to bring back light in the base. After the whole room is lit, they see shadow-like creatures, the ones they faught in earlier missions.

But instead of helping them, Gary disappears again. One by one the team is captured, until only Trevlac, MrMister, FFL2and3rocks, Darkfox and Warxe are left over. This leaves Darkfox with no choice but to hunt down Gary. He tries to persuade the leftover members to follow him, but gives up and goes on his own. The rest appoints FFL2and3rocks as the leader.

Breaking out

Every team member appears to be held captive at different locations. Gary himself also appears to be captured and tied up, together back-to-back with BabyCatjuh. Gary tries to free them by trying to make a speaker out of a plastic cup, but when it appears BabyCatjuh has earplugs with her, he frees her using his ability again, to loosen the ropes. They escape, but don't get off unnoticed. Just when they are about to get recaptured, Gary's other team arrives to help them out, together with FFL2and3rocks' team. From here they split up, BabyCatjuh going with GaryCXJk and his own team.

FFL2and3rocks' team goes off and save Red Giant, GhostClown and SaiKar, who are trapped in a labyrinth, while Gary's team goes off to a warehouse where Carmen is held captive. Both succeed in freeing their teammates. Soon other teammates get freed, until only Alex is left captured.

Instead, Alex manages to escape himself, but can't get out of the fortress where he is held. Luckily the team arrives to save Alex, and with the aid of GPI, X-F3R and Cosmo, manage to rid the fortress of the shadow creatures. Only X-F3R then decides to rejoin the team, for old time sakes. However, Gary decides to quit the team, not only because he already has taught the rest enough, but also because he has enough earned for his own team. BabyCatjuh also decides to rejoin the team.

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