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Avatar Wars was once a popular forum game where fueds and just plain randomness dominated. The goal was to supply a spritesheet of the character in your avatar or title avatar and use it and other members' avatars. The game was created by Nutter and for a while it was a big success. Then eventually, the game lost interest.


Will be written when I can access the forums again.


There were many creative ways to kill the opponent members. Things got very crazy. Such examples would include FFL2and3rocks eating a ton of various avatars in a single inhaled breath and Bluhman shooting a lazer and cutting FFL2and3rocks' head in two. Members would even bring in sprites from other sheets and use them to turn their opponents into smoldering ash.

Mainly, members stuck the abilities that come with their spritesheet. This was a big advantage to those who made their sprites from scrap. This method made it seem more like a super smash bros style combat.

The animations themselves were not exactly very flashy. They, for the most part, were characters talking and fighting in front of a white background. But as Avatar Wars II came around, more backgrounds were used.

Sprites used back then

Will be written when I can access the forums again.

Avatar Wars II

"Second verse, same as the first."

Only, it was not like the first. The second encarnation was created by Emiiru with hopes of it being as successful as the first one. However, many of the people who participated in the first did not participate in the second. It was also instead flooded with questions about GIF making and other GIF-related problems. It did not last as long as Avatar Wars I and it died before X_marks_the_ed could install an arena-type plot.

Vending Machine

X_marks_the_ed branched off of this idea and started a recreation of Tomi's Vending Machine forum game. It stays to the side of the posts in the thread while creating several subplots and cracks. It uses sprite gathered from Avatar War participants and several sprites either gathered and/or created using the Charas Generators. The animations have ceased until an expected third one to be released Saturday May 18th. Though the second one was in his sig for no more than a day, it will not be redirected until his NFT site is up, which will host the Vending Machine animations.

Avatar Wars Game

A RM2K3 Avatar Wars Game was in development byX_marks_the_ed. However, due to sprites that went missing, he had to stop the game. It was revived in February 2008. This time being made on Fighter Maker, another game making program developed by ASCII. The game so far has 21 characters, 4 of them not being members, but the member's creations.

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