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The SCBYWA Tag Team Championship was established on April 18th 2010. It is considered the top tag team championship in backyard wrestling in South Carolina. For a team to hold these titles mean that they are considered the best tag team yarders in South Carolina.

SCBYWA Tag Team Championship
Current champions Malice & Sean Van
Date won October 29, 2010
Promotion NAX
Date introduced April 18, 2010
Most reigns Sean Van (2)
First champions The Power Trip Sean Van & Joshua Chilton
Longest reign The Power Trip (5 Months, 3 Weeks, 1 Day)
Shortest reign Gimmick Infringement (2 Weeks, 5 Days)


Crowning Champions

After a controversial BCW-TNG Tag Team Title match at "BCW-TNG Pick Your Poison 2010," the decision was made to abandon the titles and create SCBYWA Tag Team Titles in their stead. So it was decided that at SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010 The Power Trip (Joshua Chilton & Sean Van) would face AZW's Bull McBride & Boss to crown the first champions. At the event, The Power Trip would win the titles.

The Power Trip

Since winning the SCBYWA Tag Team Championships, Sean and Joshua have been on a mission to bring tag team wrestling back to backyard wrestling in South Carolina. The Power Trip successfully defended their titles at UWO XIII - May Day II against Gimmick Infringement. They would go on to defend their belts against Bad Company at EMW Hardcore Heaven also. The Power Trip would give Gimmick Infringement a rematch at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 in a T6 Match. The stipulation was that it was GI's last shot at the title belts. Sean Van & Joshua Chilton would retain their titles again after the match was restarted due to Tray & Josh simultaneously going through the table. One last chance was granted to Trey and Patent for the Tag Titles after they kidnapped the Commissioner of the SCBYWA, Paul Pearl, and threatened his life. At SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010), the two teams faced off one last time in a 3 Stages of Hell Match. It was in this contest that Gimmick Infringement defeated The Power Trip to win the gold.

Gimmick Infringement

Tray D. Marks & Patent won the tag gold at the biggest event of the year for the SCBYWA. In doing so, they fulfilled a 5 month pursuit of those belts. 19 days later they would be stripped of the titles by Sean Van when UWO withdrew from the SCBYWA. Van crowned himself and Malice as the new SCBYWA Tag Team Champions and declared that the record book shall show that Malice & Van defeated Gimmick Infringement in the middle of the ring... a match that never took place.


The Prestige members, Sean Van & Malice, would be crowned champions at NAX Wicked Nightmare. This made Sean & Malice the first ever 2 time SCBYWA title holders of any kind.

History of the SCBYWA Tag Team Championship

# Wrestlers: Reigns: Date: Event: Location: Notes:
The Power Trip (Sean Van & Joshua Chilton)
April 18, 2010
SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010
Donalds, SC.
Sean Van & Mizery won the championship by defeating AZW's Bull McBride & Boss.
Gimmick Infringement (Tray D. Marks & Patent)
October 10, 2010
SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010)
Greenwood, SC.
This was a 3 Stages of Hell Match consisting of a Chairs Match, a Thumbtack Match, and a Last Man Standing Match.
Malice & Sean Van
1 & 2
October 29, 2010
NAX Wicked Nightmare 2010
Greenwood, SC.
Sean stripped Gimmick Infringement of the titles and crowned himself and Malice champions.
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