Joshua Chilton

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Joshua Chilton
Ring name Joshua Chilton,
Height 6'4
Weight 295
Born Hendersonville, NC
Resides Spartanburg, SC
Debut 1999-Backyard 2003-Indy
Trained By Anthony Dominick, Chief Jag Eagle, Cowboy

Joshua Chilton also known as MiZerY is a retired backyard/independent wrestler. He has had an illustrious professional wrestling career spanning from Atlanta, Georgia to Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Beginning of Career

Josh started his wrestling career in the backyard working for BKK (Black Kross Kombat) in Clinton, SC under the name "MiZerY." At that time, "MiZerY" was based off of Undertaker's "American Bad Ass" Character in WWE. He quickly formed a faction with Hydro and PanIk and they called their selves "Da' WickiD Rydas." PaniK and Hydro quickly decided that MyZerY was not a good fit in their group, so they removed him from the group by shooting a fireball at his face. Later in that show, MiZerY (dropped the Y) would come out, repackaged with face paint and a mask to win the BKK Kaos Champion. MiZerY's first and only words in BKK would quickly become his famous trademark, "Face your Fears." MiZerY would leave the backyard to pursue a professional wrestling career.


He wrestled in several indy promotions along his way capturing several titles from SC to Canada. Entering June 2007, MiZery knew going into his Hardcore Match with "Speckitical" in Erie PA, it would be his last match. They wrestled to a 15 min time limit draw. Joshua Chilton would move back to South Carolina to start his career in Law Enforcement. On September 23rd 2008, while at work he received a call from his boss. The Sheriff asked would he be interested in helping with the Christmas for kids benefit show. It would also be the return of Southern Championship Wrestling (SCW). Josh Chilton quickly agreed to help promote the show but not wrestle. November 12, 2008 Joshua Chilton was asked by his boss and by the new owner of SCW, Charles Lane, if he would be interested in one more match. After a two year hiatus from professional wrestling Josh Chilton agreed. On December 7, 2008 MiZery and Eric Anton would wrestle Black Angel and Deon in what many consider to be the match of the night. After several matches in the early part of 2009, MiZerY lost his will to wrestle. Josh Chilton didn't think he could wrestle anymore. A performer by the name of Bubba Hogg came to Chilton and said, "have you ever though of just being yourself?" Thus "The Xtreme Franchise" was born. Not a character, but an on screen version of himself. With his trademarked yellow and black attire, he quickly rose to the top of SCW. Josh Chilton realized his destiny and finally became a world champion of an indy company. The Xtreme Franchise would even run his on indy shows called SCWX, where all matches had no rules.

Return to Backyard Wrestling

Josh returned to the backyard in September of 2009 and wrestled in the BCW-TNG brand in Donalds, SC. He would then go on to main event the first ever SCBYWA Wrestlefest 2009 in a King of the Mountain match to determine the first ever SCBYWA Heavyweight Champion. This match was later won by Mr. MVP.

In October of 2009, Joshua Chilton had real life "Heat" with indy wrestling when he went to SCBYWA WrestleFest. Joshua Chilton was suspended from SCW and dropped the SCWX Title to a "green" wrestler know as TJ Boss at SCWX Ashes 2 Ashes. Shortly thereafter, Josh Chilton left the indy scene. Joshua Chilton made his full return to the backyard for BCW-TNG where wrestling was fun once again. At BCW-TNG Evolution 2010, Josh Chilton brought back MiZery to win the BCW Championship.

SCBYWA Tag Team Champions

At the 2nd ever SCBYWA show, SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010, Josh teamed with friend Sean Van and faced team AZW to determine the first ever SCBYWA Tag Team Champions. Josh and Sean Van would win this match and claimed their first ever SCBYWA Tag Team Championship.

The later proclaimed, Power Trip would go on to face Gimmick Infringement at UWO XIII - May Day II in which they defeated them. At SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 they will face Gimmick Infringement in a T-6 Tables Match.

In Wrestling

Finishing Moves

  • Ryde of MiZery (Michinoku Driver)
  • Signature Moves
    • Code Breaker
    • Muscle Buster
  • Nicknames
    • "The Xtreme Franchise"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Out of My Way" by Seether

Career Highlights

    • Black Kross Kombat Kaos Khampion
    • SCW Untied States Champion (1x)
    • APW United States Champion (1x)
    • EWC Hardcore Champion (1x)
    • APW Tag Team Champion (1x)
    • NPW 24/7 Champion (4x)
    • NPW King of eXtreme 2007
    • SCW Tag Team Champion (3x)
    • SCW World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
    • SCWX Heavyweight Champion (2x)
    • SCW Southern States Champion (1x)
    • BCW Champion (1x)
    • SCBYWA Tag Team Champion (1x)
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