Bull McBride

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Bull McBride
Ring name Bull McBride
Height 6'2
Weight 263
Billed From Norfolk, VA
Resides Saluda, SC
Debut 2001
Trained By Chief Jay Eagle

Bull McBride is a veteran of backyard wrestling and former independent wrestler who currently wrestles in the NAX and is the current holder of the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship. Bull has worked for many promotion in his 8 year career such as: GCW, CTW, TWF, APW, BCW-TNG, AZW, UWO, and currently in NAX Wrestling. He is a 7 time heavyweight champion and is considered one of the most respected workers in all of South Carolina.



Bull began his career in GCW in June of 2001. There he became the ever first GCW World Heavyweight Champion and would go on to win that title 5 times. He defeated every top name that came through GCW from 2001 until 2004 when he left the GCW. Bull would be missing from action until early 2006 when he would resurface and join the CTW (a joint promotion of the GCW and TWF). His CTW days were similar to his GCW days in that he still dominated and won heavyweight gold. The CTW would falter when the TWF and GCW would go their separate ways. Bull would then join TWF and win their title 2 times. Soon after, the TWF would fold and Mr. McBride decided to take on the indy wrestling scene. He enlisted in the APW school of pro wrestling and graduated only to have a handful of matches before falling out with the promoter. The man they call the #1 Stunner, Bull McBride, would completely disappear from wrestling all together until February 2010. At that time he would be seen again at BCW-TNG. After the draft he went to AZW and still wrestles their today. His battles with Sean Van have been called the best matches that have been seen in South Carolina.


Bull made his SCBYWA debut at SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010 in which he was in a match to crown the first ever SCBYWA Tag Team Champions. He teamed with AZW member Boss to take on Sean Van and MiZerY. He would lose this opening match to Blaze of Glory. Even though he lost, he was crowned Number One Contender to the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship at this show.

SCBYWA Champion and Prestige

On September 5, 2010 at SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 Bull McBride defeated Sterling Silverman in a 30 minute anything goes Ironman match to become the new holder of the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship. The match would go into overtime and Bull McBride would win in the 35th minute after his AZW Counterpart Malice would form an unholy alliance with Sean Van and Joshua Chilton. They would all gang up on Sterling Silverman and showed him the "respect" they believe they deserve.

He would defend his title at SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) in an Xtreme King of the Mountain Match. He would defeat Hall, Mike Jones, Reverend Revis, and Sterling Silverman after Hall let Bull climb the ladder as Hall would join Bull's Unholy alliance and join Prestige.

In Wrestling

  • Finising Moves
    • Southern Discomfort (Fireman Carry into a Neckbreaker to the knee)
  • Signature Moves
    • Knee Drop
    • Sit-Down Powerbomb
    • Stalling Suplex
    • Suplex into a Stunner
    • Top Rope Elbow Drop
  • Nicknames
    • "The #1 Stunner"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "No Leaf Clover" by Metallica

Championships and Accomplishments


    • GBYWN Mid-South Atlantic Heavyweight Champion [Current]
  • GCW
    • GCW World Heavyweight Championship (5x)
    • GCW World Television Championship
    • GCW Continental Championship
    • GCW Xtreme Championship
    • GCW CT Championship (1x)
    • GCW Light-Heavyweight Championship (1x)
    • SCBYWA Heavyweight Champion [Current]
  • TWF
    • TWF Championship (2x)
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