Sean Van

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Sean Van
Ring name Sean Van
Height 5'7
Weight 220 lbs.
Resides North Myrtle Beach, SC
Debut October 2, 2009
Trained By Josh Chilton & Brice Anthony

Sean Van (born June 23, 1987) is a independent wrestler, and former backyard wrestler, who currently wrestles for South Carolina Wrestling. He is a second generation wrestler as he is the grandson of, pro wrestling legend, "Mr Wrestling" Tim Woods. Sean is the founder and current creative writer of South Carolina Wrestling.


Backyard Wrestling Career

Championship Wrestling League

Sean Van started his backyard wrestling career in North Myrtle Beach, SC in the CWL (Championship Wrestling League) on December 27th, 1999. Sean, having limited training at the time, began in the Hardkore Division. While in that division he won the CWL Hardkore Title a record breaking 17 times. Van would then find a very suited tag team partner in The Offspring. Sean's grandfather is Mr. Wrestling 1, The Offspring's grandfather was Mr. Wrestling 2... the match was perfect. The team would win CWL Tag Team gold on 3 occasions. As the team split, Sean decided that he was ready to go for the Heavyweight Title. After many failed attempts, he would finally defeat Killboy Powerhead to win the CWL Title only to loose it a month later back to Killboy. His title loss was officially his final CWL contest, this was on his birthday (June 23, 2001). Sean then moved from North Myrtle Beach, SC back to his hometown of Greenwood, SC.

Ghetto Championship Wrestling

Upon moving back to Greenwood, Sean met up with old friends and convinced them to open a backyard fed of their own, this fed would be called GCW. The name was from the fact that the matches took place in a dangerous, ran down neighborhood. Little did Sean know that this fed would be where he spent most of his career. GCW opened it's doors on June 29, 2001. During his first run in GCW, he would win the GCW Heavyweight Title, GCW Television Title, GCW CT Title, GCW Continental Title, GCW Xtreme Title, and GCW Light-Heavyweight Title. His feud for the GCW Championship with Bull McBride in the early days of the company is considered the launching point of the fed's success. In August of 2002, GCW would fold for the first time. Sean would be inactive in the byw world until GCW reopened in November of 2003. During this second run, Sean was once again a key player but felt as if newer competitors should have a push. His feud with Blake pushed Blake to the top of the roster. The 2nd run would be short lived as the fed would fold once more in May of 2005. GCW would reopen for one final season in January 2008. This time former bitter enemies joined together when Sean and Blake became "Revolution." They would destroy the GCW roster and even invite other feds to stop them. It was during this time that Sean created the SCBYWA. Revolution would be the first and only co-holders of the GCW Championship. When they finally lost the title, they split ways and began, arguably, the most personal feud in byw history. GCW would culminate with Sean Van defeating Blake in the main event at the final show in September 2008.

Crucial Territory Wrestling

After the supposed end to GCW in 2004, Sean joined up with the remaining GCW wrestlers to unite with another fed by the name of TWF (Teenage Wrestling Federation). The combined feds of GCW and TWF would be called CTW. The 2 Heavyweight Titles were unified and the GCW Tag Titles were renamed the CTW Tag Team Titles. The first show was in October 2005. While in CTW, Mr. Van would become Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion there. It was also here that Van would receive a shoulder injury that bothers him to this day. Sean would reignite the feud that took GCW by storm with Bull McBride. They would fight for the CTW Title through most of 2006. In November of 2006 it was decided that CTW would split back in to GCW and TWF.

Teenage Wrestling Federation

Sean knew that he would return to the rebirth of GCW, but it was months away from happening. So in the meantime he decided to work in TWF in Hodges, SC. He began with TWF in March of 2007. His Heavyweight Title reign here was short lived but gave us 2 matches with Hunter Holtzclaw that will not be forgotten. Many say Sean came into his own during this time period. Sean Van left TWF in June of 2007.

Backyard Championship Wrestling - The Now Generation

When GCW folded for good Sean knew he wasn't ready to hang it up, so he began looking into a nearby fed located in Donalds, SC called BCW-TNG. He meet with and joined them in November of 2008. Sean would become a main event competitor quickly in BCW-TNG, winning the TNG Title on 3 occasions, becoming 2009 BCW-TNG King of the King, and winning the 2010 BCW-TNG Royal Massacre. His tenure here would contain some of his best matches but also the most politics. Van organized the first SCBYWA event at this point, it was called SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009 and held on October 18, 2009. A follow up show was inevitable, so SCBYWA Blaze of Glory 2010 took place April 18, 2010. The SCBYWA events are considered the greatest byw shows in state history. Sean officially retired from byw in December 2009 at BCW-TNG Annihilation. However, he did not leave the byw scene. He became the General Manager of the TNG brand and a commentator as well. His retirement did not last long. He returned to wrestling in April 2010 due to dates he promised to make in 2010 and the SCBYWA calling for his return in general. Van decided to return only to fall out with BCW-TNG's owner Mr. MVP and others in the company. Sean, Mizery, Malice, & Bull McBride left the fed in June 2010 to create a "New Age."

Elite Modified Wrestling

During the expansion of the SCBYWA, Sean began traveling the state more. He found himself in Greenwood, SC in the EMW feuding for the EMW Title with Tk. At EMW Hardcore Heaven 2010 Sean Van would pin Tk in a triple threat match, also involving James Hall, to become EMW Champion. A month later EMW would be sold and renamed NAX. During the fall of the same year, NAX sold the EMW rights back to its original owners. Sean agreed to compete there once again, he was reinstated at EMW Champion as he was the last. This would mark Van's 19th overall backyard heavyweight title.

Underground Wrestling Organization

After the immense success of the SCBYWA's relationship with the UWO, Sean and many other wrestlers would begin to work shows with the UWO. Van was involved with the Underground Wrestling Organization throughout UWO 13 - UWO 16 and also held SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010 at UWO.

Greenville Wrestling Alliance

Sean makes appearances for GWA in Greenville, SC also. Currently, he is undefeated in singles competition there.

New Age Xtreme Wrestling

Tanner Stone, owner of EMW, sold the fed to Joshua Chilton. It was then re branded as NAX Wrestling. It would be based out of Greenwood, SC just as EMW had. NAX was considered a backyard AND independent wrestling promotion. Sean, being was the last EMW Champion, was awarded the NAX Heavyweight Championship. At NAX's first official event, NAX Ashes 2 Gold (held at an indoor venue), Sean would loose the title to James Hall. SCBYWA WrestleFest II (2010) was held at NAX. NAX Wicked Nightmare featured a match between Sean Van and Bull McBride, a match that fans had not seen in over 3 years.

Independent Wrestling Career

Southern Championship Wrestling Xtreme

While in BCW-TNG Sean would try his hand at independent wrestling for the first time. Joshua Chilton invited him to SCWX (in Laurens, SC) where Sean had one match with Malice. The promoter of SCWX, Charlie Lane, saw Van's yard work and suspended him. Sean would then quit SCWX, citing his loyalty to the practice of backyard wrestling.

South Carolina Wrestling

After the SCBYWA was shut down by the LLR, the result was the licensed and legal promotion known as SCW. All of the lineage and history carried over into this new venture.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Iron Lotis (Capture Suplex)
    • Epic Win (Front-flip neckbreaker, done from top rope or with opponents feet on ropes)
    • Rings of LeBell
  • Signature Moves
    • German Suplex
    • MMA Elbows
    • 2 Vertical Suplexes followed by Face-plant Suplex
    • Saito Suplex
    • Snapmare followed by dropkick to head or flipping neck wrench (Backward or Forward)
    • T-Bone Suplex
    • Inverted Sharpshooter Surfboard
    • Gutwrentch Suplex
    • Belly-to-belly Suplex (Over head or Side)
  • Nicknames
    • "Mr. Backyard Wrestling"
    • "The Xtreme Dream"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Stupify (Fu's Forbidden Little Nicky Remix)" by Disturbed (1999-2001)
    • "Sinner" by Drowning Pool (2001-2002)
    • "96 Quite Bitter Beings" by cKy (2002-2004)
    • "Puritania" by Dimmu Borgir (2004-2010)
    • "Show Stopper" By Toby Mac (2011)
    • "Don't Stop" by Innerpartysystem (2011-Present)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • CWL (Championship Wrestling League)
    • CWL League Championship (1x)
    • CWL Tag Team Championship (3x)
    • CWL Hardkore Championship (17x)
  • GCW (Ghetto Championship Wrestling)
    • GCW World Heavyweight Championship (8x)
    • GCW World Television Championship (2x)
    • GCW World Tag Team Championship (1x)
    • GCW Continental Championship (3x)
    • GCW Xtreme Championship (7x)
    • GCW CT Championship (1x)
    • GCW Light-Heavyweight Championship (1x)
    • GCW World War Winner (2002)
    • GCW World War Winner (2004)
  • TWF (Teenage Wrestling Federation)
    • TWF Championship (2x)
    • TWF Tag Team Championship (1x)
  • BCW-TNG (Backyard Championship Wrestling - The Now Generation)
    • BCW Championship (1x)
    • TNG World Championship (3x)
    • BCW-TNG King of the Ring (2009)
    • BCW-TNG Royal Massacre Winner (2010)
  • SCWX (Southern Championship Wrestling Xtreme)
    • SCWX Heavyweight Championship (1x)
  • GBYWN (Global Backyard Wrestling Nation)
  • South Carolina Wrestling
  • EMW (Elite Modified Wrestling)
    • EMW Championship (2x)
  • NAX (New Age Xtreme)
    • NAX Heavyweight Championship (1x)
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