South Carolina Wrestling

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Headquaters Greenwood, SC
Established October 2009
Founder Brandon Lawton
Key People "Mystery Owner of SCW Entertainment" / Joshua Chilton (Director of Talent) / Reverend Revis (General Manager)
Current status Active

The SCW, or South Carolina Wrestling, is the newest and most innovative independent wrestling promotion in the state of South Carolina. Formerly known as the SCBYWA, or the South Carolina BackYard Wrestling Alliance. Coming from a backyard background, the promotion is known for a different approach to the indy circuit than any other within the state. They hold 12+ events a year around South Carolina. They sanction 4 championship titles of their own as well.



In February 2008, Sean Van would create the SCBYWA. It's original intent was to create web based interaction between backyard wrestlers in South Carolina, and it did that successfully for almost 2 years. It was so successful in fact that wrestlers from other feds began to show up at other feds' events. There was enough cross promoting to decide to hold a state-wide super show. It was at this point that SCBYWA WrestleFest and the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship were born. Fest, as its been called, featured a live band, fireworks, and a great card featuring yarders from Charleston to Spartanburg, SC and everywhere in between. WrestleFest went so well that other events began to be planned as well as other championships. At SCBYWA Blaze of Glory, the next super show, the SCBYWA Tag Team Championship and SCBYWA Internet Championship came to be. As the super shows traveled the state and the roster grew, the SCBYWA name grew as well. YouTube views were skyrocketing, starting from 300 views to over 2,000 views. Rad Hazard would extend an invitation to the SCBYWA to join the Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, that invite would be accepted. In joining the GBYWN, the SCBYWA Heavyweight Championship would then be unified with the GBYWN Mid South Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. This took the title from a state-wide title to a championship over 4 states. Also, the GBYWN World Hardcore Championship became the property of the SCBYWA. More huge events would come to be, such as, SCBYWA Chaos Theory and even WrestleFest II. A turning point came soon after when the South Carolina Athletic Commission would attempt to shut the alliance down, calling backyard wrestling "Illegal Fight Clubs." Fines and jail time were the punishment for wrestling without a license in the state of South Carolina. Sean Van made the decision to transition into independent wrestling and procure the licensing. Since the "SCAC" shut down yarding, a name change was in the works. The SCBYWA would now be known as SCW (South Carolina Wrestling) as of January 2011. Sean announced that one more SCBYWA yard show will take place before the years end entitled SCBYWA Backyard Finale. Before that show could take place, December 1, 2010, cease and desist papers served by the SCAC to Sean Van. The SCBYWA is now the legal independent promotion SCW, all lineage and history carried over to this promotion. Now, SCW is a leading force in independent wrestling in the state of South Carolina. Running out of 2 different venues, having a large fan base, selling merchandise, running a training school, and offering family friendly shows AND mature shows have skyrocketed this promotion.

SCW Events



Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Won From Event
SCW Heavyweight Championship
Robert Mack
April 7, 2012
SCW Flatline 2012
SCW Tag Team Championship
Fit N' Fluffy
May 19, 2012
Strong & Mason
SCW Cyber Slam 2012
SCW Internet Championship
Ian Osborne
July 4, 2012
Aaron McClure
SCW Still Standing 2012
SCWX Championship
Eric Thompson
July 4, 2012
SCW Still Standing 2012


Championships Final champion(s) Date Won Won From Event
SCW Live Championship
Brian White
October 8, 2011
El Dorito
SCW/XWA WrestleFest III (2011)

Other Accomplishments

Ace in the Hole Contract (Formerly: Any Title, Any Time Contract)

Contract Holder Date Won Event Notes
September 5, 2010
SCBYWA Chaos Theory 2010
Won in a Fatal 4 Way Match also involving Chamber, D. Lee, & Sean Storm. Cashed in on Tray D. Marks for the UWO Extreme X Championship at the same event and won.
<center>Brian Thrill
August 27, 2011
SCW Extreme Justice 2011
Won in a Four Way Ladder Match also involving Scotty Claymore, Brian White, & El Dorito.
<center>Sean Van
March 17, 2012
SCW Ace in the Hole 2012
Sean defeated Robert Mack and Eric Thompson in a Three Way Ladder Match to win the Contract.

Best of the Best

Tournament Winner(s) Date Won Event Notes
<center>Bull McBride & James Hall
April 1, 2011
SCW Best of the Best 2011
This was a tag team tournament.


Hall of Fame Inductees

Current Roster

    • Aaron McClure
    • Anderson Strong
    • Antonio Smith
    • Black Dragon
    • Brian Thrill
    • Del Frito
    • El Dorito
    • Eric Thompson
    • Ian Osborne
    • James Hall
    • Jasmine Rose (Manager)
    • Joshua Chilton
    • Kylan Disney (Referee)
    • Marcus Mason
    • Matt Burnz
    • Mrs. Dragon (Manager)
    • Rage Davidson
    • Reverend Revis (General Manager)
    • Rex Rumble
    • Robert Mack
    • Rocky Saiki
    • Scott Pierce (Senior Referee)
    • Scotty Claymore
    • Sean Storm
    • Sean Van
    • Sweet Ginger
    • TJ Boss
    • Vincent Slade (Manager)
    • Xtreme J-Dawg

Current Tag Teams/Stables

Team Name Members Notes
<center>Fit N' Fluffy
Dylan Dollar & Alan Price w/ their manager Brandy Fray
One's fit, one's fluffy... they are Fit N' Fluffy.
Rock Foundation
Rocky Saiki & Antonio "Rocman" Smith
A rookie/mentor tag team.
Crunch Time
El Dorito & Del Frito
The two luchadors who still don't quite get along.
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