SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009

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SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009
Date Held October 18, 2009
Location Donalds, SC
Participating Feds GCW, BCW-TNG, xWa, UWO

SCBYWA WrestleFest 2009 was the first ever SCBYWA supershow. It took place on October 18th 2009 and featured 8 matches. It featured wrestlers from GCW, BCW-TNG, UWO, xWa, and others. It has been regarded as the greatest byw show in South Carolina history.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Kurtis Spade defeated Sterling Silverman via pinfall UWO Heavyweight Championship & Qualifying Match for the Xtreme King of the Mountain Main Event
2 Asylum defeated The Punisher, LP Kaill, & Blake Fatal 4 Way Bragging Rights Match
3 Brooks McGwire defeated Alan M., C Show, Crash, Hip, Big Stanky, Joe Dirt, Leroy Takameshi, L.A. RaZa, Mickey Love, Anton Jackson, Hillbobby, and Jim Bob Gimmick Battle Royal
4 Big T defeated Reverend Revis Last Man Standing Match
5 Freebyrd & JT Moneymaker defeated Mike Jones & Ruthless Brothers vs. Brothers Elimination Tag Team Tables Match
6 Malice & Lil' White fought to a Draw First ever Lightbulb Massacre Match
7 Mr. MVP defeated Sean Van, Kurtis Spade, & Joshua Chilton Xtreme King of the Mountain Match to crown the first ever SCBYWA Heavyweight Champion
8 Malice defeated Big T, Freebyrd, Kurtis Spade, Blake, Joshua Chilton, Sean Van, Mike Jones, Sterling Silverman, Ruthless, Asylum, The Punisher, JT Moneymaker, and Lil' White. King of the Backyard Battle Royal
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