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Amazing, 3-dimensionally rendered artwork of Luigi, as seen in the upcoming Super Mario 128.

Luigi is a character who first appeared in the 1610s as one of the Super Mario Cookies. These cookies came a years after so many fans loved the Mario Cookies. The Luigi Cookies were simply a recolor of the Mario ones, which was cause by a nuclear meltdown.

Later he appeared in the Mario videogames, as Mario's long lost twin. They met in a crash-both of their cars crashed ad after they saw how similar they were, they realized they were twins. Luigi was Mario's sidekick for the
first and second game, Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros., but was then kicked out of the series.

Until in the Videogame War, when Nintendo didn't want to make Mario games, and instead started creating Luigi games. Luigi got his girlfriend (Daisy) his own series, his own games his own enemy (Queen Boo}.

After the war stopped, Luigi was forgotten again. Luigi's latest appearance is in a now cancelled TV show called George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures.

When the show was canceled, Luigi turned into a dwarf planet. In Super Mario 128, Luigi helped Wario rescue Waluigi. They succeeded in the end, but Luigi was killed. He was later revived as a pickle.

Luigi as a pickle.
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