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Videogame War

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Posters that showed up during the Videogame War-in schools, work, streets, everywhere.

The Videogame War was a terrible time where Mario, Sonic and Pacman fans fought trying to decide who was the best. It lasted from 1660 to 1681. This started when Sonic and Pacman started getting famous and Mario was starting to go down. A kid in his school fought with a Sonic fan, which later made other kids fight. This fight was shown in the news, and made kids of all others states to fight for Mario, Pac-man and Sonic. This then started making adults fighting. The war lasted a horribly long time, 20 years, and during the war only Luigi games were released. Mario was never shown in videogames, because the videogame makers were scared that Sonic and Pac-man fans would fight even more with Mario fans. While the war lasted all videogame shows were cancelled and replaced with "Do not fight" shows. During the war people only made cookies based on George W. Bush. During the war about 34473854738474545 and 1 people died. In the Battle of Tokyo, the Mario fans finally won the war after killing Sonic's creator, and bribing Pac-Man's creator with cheese. After the war ended, Pac-man's creator worked on Mario games after getting addicted to cheese. 60 years after the Videogame War, computers were invented in 1741. Cell phones were made 10 years earlier.

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