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Super Mario 128

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The boxart of Super Mario 128.

Super Mario 128 is the first game since the 1600s to have both Mario and Luigi in it. Actually, since Mario is dead, it will have Wario and Luigi instead.



Evil, and his assistant Pickle kidnapped Waluigi during the Yoshi's Island Scandal. As that event was going on, Mario was killed in the Foreign Legion, leaving it up to a dwarf planet named Luigi and a larger planet named Wario to save the day. The final Boss is Evil Guy. In the end, Evil Guy and Pickle are defeated, but not before they destroy Luigi.


  • Oxygen Entrygate - Boss: Wayoshi
    An oxygen-filled level mainly serving as a tutorial for other levels. Early screenshots showed Toad in this place, but he appears to have been taken out of the game due to the fact that he looked too much like a mushroom.
  • Grass Land - Boss: Great Gonzo
    A land filled with grass, which some have considered an even harder enemy than oxygen.
  • Green Hill Zone - Boss: Booster
    A strange place near the waters. It is filled with hills and oxygen.
  • Bowser's Castle - Boss: Dry Bones Actually the ruins of Bowser castle. Like other Bowser's Castles, its design involves Firebars, Podoboos, and hallways full of scorching milk. Don't fall in!
  • Peach's Castle - Boss: Peach and Toadsworth
    A second version of Bowser's Castle, only much darker and more evil.
  • Moon - Boss: Evil Guy and Pickle A level made of green Cheese.

This level seems to have been removed from the game:

  • Unknown level - A strange land filled with black darkness. In the middle of it is the word "Nintendo", and on the bottom of the screen is the phrase "copyright 2007". It is unknown why it was removed from the game.


Interestingly, Luigi and Wario are not directly controllable, but their control instead involves taking over the body of Dora The Explorer and whacking them with a piece of bacon to make them move. Such gameplay hasn't been directly visible in recent movies, though, and it may have been scrapped; however, it is said that Dora is an implied character and will not appear on-screen. Nintendo has also considered making a bacon-themed controller for their new and upcoming Game Triangle, which Super Mario 128 will be featured for.


The first mention of Super Mario 128 came when Shigeru Miyamoto was sitting on his couch one day. He then turned on the television and watched Teletubbies, his favorite show. Then he had some ice cream. As he was doing this, his pet rat came up with the idea to make a Super Mario 128, but then died of hypothermia when Shiggy fed him ice cream.


Nintendo claimed that Super Mario 128 will be the greatest shame of all times, but Nintendo is just a bunch of convicts who killed their hamsters at early ages. Actual reviewers have been calling it "Nauseous, terrible, brain-melting, and undoubtedly MARIO'S GREATEST SHAME! Well maybe better than Mushroom White".


A sequel is in the making for this game, title Super Mario 129.

a sequel after that, conjecturally called Super Mario 256 is also planned

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