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Zombies were usally expressionless and dull.

Zombies are undead humans. They are usually slow and often have the ability to remain even when decapitated. The zombies in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect were actually created by Jacob Crow and The Brotherhood of Ultra Science in his attempt to become immortal. Zombies, such as the shock zombies (which could fire electricity) in particular were early 'prototypes' for the TimeSplitters army he would later go on to create.

The zombies hold the record for the longest inhabitence of time, they appear from as early as 1895 to 1994. Zombies can be created by various means, by attack from other zombies, election, magic and an aura which the TimeSplitters possess.


Generally, in the games zombies are undead. Often times zombies are confused as characters who have risen back from the dead. There are a variety of zombies, usually depending on their location and way in which they were created. Zombie types are as follows:

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