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The Brotherhood of Ultra Science

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The Brotherhood of Ultra Science
No Known Logo
Also Known As The Brotherhood
Role Cult to find immortality
Founded 1969
Key People Karma Crow (Head)
Khallos (Man power)
Products n/a

The Brotherhood of Ultra Science was a cult founded by Jacob Crow sometime in 1969 and continued operation untill 1994 at the headquarters in a Connecticut mansion.

The goal of the Brotherhood was to discover a way to live forever, a goal which took Jacob Crow two lifetimes to fulfil.


The Purpose of the Brotherhood

Jacob Crow (or, Karma Crow at the time) officially founded the Brotherhood so that people could work together to find a way to become immortal beings, but in fact had no intention of anyone else benefitting from the research they did. He simply used the cult to gather workforces and allow him to reach to goal of immortality quicker.

Establishing this cult in various time zones, he managed to do much more work than he would have been able to do alone, but his workforce never seemed to survive their experiments long enough to join him at the end of his goal.

The History of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is known to have been particularly active during several different times zones, but it is possible to work out in which order the events happened.

Russia - 1969

The younger Crow travelled back to 1969 where he allied himself with evil genius Khallos. He was keen to take Khallos' troops and so installed the cult amongst them. Once they were all taken in with what he had to give them, he took a small army back to Scotland in 1924 so that they could mine for Time Crystals. The rest of Khallos' troops were killed by Sergeant Cortez and Harry Tipper, eradicating the Brotherhood in this time period along with them.

Mansion - 1994

The primary base of operations for the Brotherhood was an old mansion in Connecticut, with a hidden laboratory underneath. There, the scientists experimented with corpses to bring life into them once more, but were unable to control their experiments. On one night, the zombies broke free and killed almost all of the scientists, but Crow managed to get out alive. Before he left, he set the self-destruct which burnt the mansion to the ground. Crow was them greeted by his older self and gained the ability to travel through time.

U-Genix - 2052

The first Jacob Crow who did not encounter his older self in 1994, went on to found U-Genix later on in his life. He put a false front on the company so as not to arouse government suspicion, but had secretly installed the Brotherhood of Ultra Science among scientists in a hidden laboratory underneath the building. Here, the scientists were experimenting to find if mutating DNA could make it last longer, but inadvertantly created dangerous mutants which broke free and attacked anyone they saw. Due to this, the scientists were once again killed before reaching their goal, but they had gotten a lot closer. Crow managed to escape again due to his younger self giving him the ability to time travel.

Ultra Net - 2243

The younger Crow lived on to spend another lifetime working towards his goal, with the advantage of already having a lifetime's worth of research from his older self. He founded Ultra Net as a weapons manufacturer and built an army of robots, their loyalty rendering the need for establishing a cult unnecessary. He started The Machine Wars and attempted to wipe out humanity, as he had transformed himself into something far more advanced. His discoveries allowed him to create the TimeSplitters who would be able to travel through time in an attempt to defeat humanity.

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