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An R-110 robot unit

Robot characters have appeared in all the TimeSplitters Games. In the games, there are a few Robot Scenarios, such as The Machine Wars and the Robot Factory. Robots are usually under the control of a more intelligent something, such as Jacob Crow or the Machinist. In the games, robots are mostly used as war machines, so they are very capable fighters.



There are several different robot series. The most different characteristic in each series is appearence alone, not the actual function, as almost all robots are meant as war machines.


The R-100 robots are some of the more common robots in the games. They are featured in each TS game, with R-108 in TS1, R-109 in TS2, and R-110 in TS:FP. These are some of the more bulky and powerful robots. Due to R-109 in TS2, and R-110 in TS:FP, this series is thought of as an ally, although they are actually enemies in the games.


The Gretel series feature Gretel, Gretel Mk II, and Gretel (TSFP). These are actually some of the good robots, and they are on the humans' side. Additionally, these appear to be the only "female" robots in the entire series.


The PROMETHEUS series are sort of basic battledroid-style robots. Like most robots, these are also happy wiping out all of humanity. There are two PROMETHEUS models in the games, PROMETHEUS SD/7 and PROMETHEUS SK/8. They sort of resemble bulkier versions of the INSETICK series. The PROMETHEUS robots are only featured in TSFP.



INSETICK robots come in two models, INSETICK SD/10 and INSETICK SD/12. INSETICK models are skinier than the R-100 and PROMETHEUS series. Some speculate that when looking at an INSETICK from the back, they resemble a Reaper Splitter.


Robot which is in giant form while you fight it as boss in TSFP level "Something to Crow about"

Machinist's Robots

The Machinist owns a Robot Factory, where he produces two types of robots, ChassisBots and SentryBots. Both of these are black with red vision cameras. The ChassisBots are skinny, and more like foot-soldiers. The SentryBots are large and bulky, more like tanks.


There are also many other robots in the game, such as Robofish or Med-Unit 6. However, because these are not technically series, but individual robots, they can't be included here.


Though he may look like a robot, R One-Oh-Seven does not share robotic attributes.

Special Abilities

All robots have special in-game abilities, although most are only available when character abilities are turned on. For one thing, all robots are immune to fire (with character abilities on). Also most robots have high stamina, although other characters have this, too. Additionally, with character abilities on, robots are especially damaged by the ElectroTool.

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