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Gretel Mk II

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Gretel Mk. II
Unlocked by Default
Species Robot
Size Normal
Accuracy 8
Agility 6
Stamina 4
Fire Proof N/A
Shock Proof N/A
Default AI 4
Native TimeZone 2315
First Appearance TS2 Story Mode
Relations Gretel, Gretel (TSFP)
Games TS2
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture N/A
TS2 Gallery Gretel II is a second generation precision killing machine, programmed with stealth and martial arts techniques from around the galaxy. Together with R-109 she has been sent to destroy the Machinist's robot army. TSFP Gallery N/A

Gretel Mk II is the character Sgt. Cortez morphs into in the Robot Factory level during the Robot Factory mission in TimeSplitters 2.

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