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Sergeant Cortez

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Sergeant Cortez
Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 10
Agility TS2:3
Stamina 5
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI TS2:5
Native TimeZone 2401
First Appearance TS2 Story Mode
Relations None
Games TS2 & TSFP

The main protagonist of the TimeSplitters series is the burly, bald and bad Sergeant Cortez. He appears in the last two TimeSplitters games, and is theoretically the main character of the first, though there is little evidence to prove or disprove this notion.

TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Stands with gun and says "It's Time to Split!
TS2 Gallery An elite squad of space marines are spearheading the counterforce against the TimeSplitters. Sergeant Cortez is a battle-hardened veteran who is proficient with all weapon types and can adapt to any combat conditions. TSFP Gallery Space Marine extraordinaire.

"It's time to split!"
- Cortez



As head of an elite unit of space marines, Cortez was one of the leading combatants in the Timesplitter War, and the best soldier of The General. He fought bravely alongside Corporal Hart and two privates who were killed in battle before we came to know them. Rather than replacing them, Cortez chose to operate the unit with just two people, himself and Hart, feeling it best to work with those he trusted would get the job done.

Space Station 2401

One of the latest jobs that Cortez had to undertake involved the capture and retrieval of the Time Crystals, a mission which he and Hart undertook carefully and cautiously. They flew into a space station which had housed the crystals but which had been taken over by the TimeSplitters, and fought their way to the science post. But the TimeSplitters had already escaped through the Time Portal to a number of different points in time and space, and it was Cortez who went into the past to retrieve them. In the end, Cortez recovered them all, but before they had the chance to escape Hart was killed by a Reaper Splitter. He set the station to self-destruct and made his escape.

Earth 2401

Upon returning to Earth with the Time Crystals, Cortez and the military forces are attacked by a group of mysterious cloaked men. After battling through them and a few TimeSplitters he spots a mysterious hooded man who has followed him since he arrived on Earth. Cortez arrives and gives the crystals to The General. Anya, the technician sets up a Time Portal. Cortez is sent on a mission through time investigate an island which was destroyed in mysterious circumstances. There he meet a mysterious Time Traveller, and attempts to pursue him through time.

First travelling to 1969 where the Time Traveller Jacob Crow was plotting with Khallos to start World War 3. Cortez saves the day with a little help from Harry Tipper.

Cortez then pursues Crow to a Mansion in 1994 which he investigates with help from Jo-Beth Casey.The Mansion was being overrun with Zombies. They find a secret laboratory researching eternal life underneath the Mansion. While they had confronted Crow, an older version of him appeared and gave his younger self a time travel device.

Cortez then pursues Crow to 2053 to investigate a company set up by Crow called U-Genix. He gets help from Amy Chen who is also investigating Crow. After some hacking Amy discovers that Crow has once again set up a laboratory. This one has been overrun by Mutants which are somewhat similar to TimeSplitters. After Crow escapes, aided by his younger self giving him a time travel device, Cortez travels into the Machine Wars to investigate another company set up by Crow, UltraNet.

Here Cortez is aided by a R-110 battle robot that he reprograms to be on his side. Once in the UltraNet headquarters Cortez discovers millions of TimeSplitters all being grown by Crow, and realises that Crow is the original creator of the TimeSplitters. Cortez manages to destroy the TimeSplitters, but history is not yet changed as Crow still has the capability to make more. Cortez confronts Crow who has mutated himself into something that is part-machine and part-TimeSplitter. It's after this confrontation that Cortez figures out that the island he was originally sent to investigate was the source of the Time Crystals.

He returns to the island and heads deep underground, here he discovers the mysterious cloaked men that were attacking him when he returned to Earth, Time Assassins. He disguises himself as a Time Assassin and follows them through the portal to protect his past self. Once his past self is safe he returns to the island and finds the Time Crystals. He battles Crow and then destroys the Time Crystals, stopping the TimeSplitter War from ever happening.

The Future...

Upon returning from 1924 to 2401, Cortez witnessed a battle savaged Earth return to a planet full of life. Although nothing is known about what took place after these events, Anya proclaimed him to be her hero which could suggest that they would spend their future together. It is also possible that Cortez remained in the military, as it is unknown what events might have unfolded had the TimeSplitters not interfered with the past.

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