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Jo-Beth Casey

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Jo-Beth Casey
Image:Jo-Beth Casey.jpg
Unlocked by TS2: Elite League > One Shot Thrills >
Babes In The Woods with Silver or Better
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 5
Agility 5
Stamina 5
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI 3
Native TimeZone 1994
First Appearance TS2 Arcade League
Relations Mary-Beth Casey
Games TS2, TSFP
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Begins dancing with hands out in front, then up in the air says "Shake your money maker!"
TS2 Gallery Mary-Beth Casey's younger sister. Jo-Beth likes to sneak out of her parents' house at weekends to fight crime and kill monsters. Her high school show and tell sessions are really something quite special. TSFP Gallery F'Sure

In TimeSplitters 2, Jo-Beth was a rather nerdy girl with glasses. However, in her return in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect her attire has become rather risque, with a skirt that's almost falling off and a shirt with "SLUT" written across her now much larger breasts. In TSFP she helps Cortez out in The Mansion of Madness, and develops something of a crush on him, checking several times that he is looking at her buttocks.

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