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TimeSplitter War

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Image:Warninghand.png The following page contains plot spoilers! Read at your own risk!

The TimeSplitter War is the central theme of the whole of the TimeSplitters series, spanning (but not lasting) 548 years from 1853 to 2401.


Forces and Leaders

There were more than 2 forces in the TimeSplitters War. The Machine Wars were the second most prevalent war within the TimeSplitter war itself.

The war began when the TimeSplitters began to fight Humanity throughout their history. An organization known as the Space Marines based in the year 2401 has made it their mission to go back in time and fight the TimeSplitters, wherever they may appear.

The leader of the TimeSplitters is highly debatable. In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, we find out that Jacob Crow is the breeder and thus creator of the TimeSplitters race. However on the back of the TimeSplitters 1 cover case, the TimeSplitters are said to live in another dimension where they have slept until now in order to destroy mankind. And in TimeSplitters 2, the TimeSplitters seem to be able to take care of themselves on their own Ship which is later demolished. Despite this, it is generally accepted that Crow is a vital head character for the TimeSplitters, although he doesn't seem to directly communicate with them. On the other side of the fight, The General is the leader of the opposing forces.


When the war started and how long it lasted is confusing to explain since the war happened interlapping throughout time. Technically speaking, the actual war began in 1935 and finished 466 years later in 2401. This is because the war starts out when Captain Ash must retrieve the Ankh from the Tomb, the important thing to know is that he doesn't TimeSplit to 1935, he is actually living in that timezone. If Captain Ash were to TimeSplit, then the war would start in the time he came from. This explains why the war did not start in 1853 Wild West: because Sergeant Cortez morphed into Elijah Jones coming from 2401.

We know that Captain Ash wasn't morphed into/TimeSplit because in the first phase of the war (TimeSplitters 1), there is little/no knowledge that the TimeSplitters exist. Each individual mission is done by individuals who have their own mission to do but in doing so stop the TimeSplitters. They might deliberately stopping them, but unknowingly becoming a vital part in the war.

  • The first phase of the war lasts 100 years, beginning from the very start in 1935, to 2035.
  • The second phase is when The General's forces become aware of the TimeSplitters, and from here, Cortez morphs into various characters to foil the TimeSplitters wherever they are. This technically happens all in 2401, where Cortez and Corp. Hart breach the TimeSplitters' main ship and from there jump around time. The effects are similar to the first phase, as Sergant Cortez morphs into individuals through-out time.
  • The third and final stage happens right after Cortez leaves the Spacestation with the crystals. It technically finishes on the same day aswell, since Anya lived the normal day through-out Cortez's time travelling.

Whatever happened in the gap between the end of phase 1 and the beginning of phase 2 (2035 - 2401) is unknown. However the Mox Civil War and the Machine Wars happened during this time (in which the latter were part of Crow's plan), so the TimeSplitters may have been preparing to invade during this time.

Attack on Spacetime Marine HQ

During the trip back from the Space Station in 2401, where Cortez had retrieved the Time Crystals, a large amount of Berserker Splitters and the Mothership launched an attack on the Spacetime Marine HQ. It is also found out that a group of Time Assassins was sent at this time also, but did not have the same mission as the TimeSplitters. They were only there to kill Cortez and obtain the Time Crystals.

The reason for this attack is mainly unknown, however it would seem that the reason for it was that Cortez stole the Crystals from the Space Station, so the Splitters retalliated and launched an attack.

The attack was in vain however. Cortez made it to the HQ, and after finishing off the TimeSplitters outside, made his way inside to meet The General. A noticeable loss for the TimeSplitters was their mothership, which was shot down over the canyon. However, (after or before the mothership is not known, as there is a contradiction in the storyline, although it is most definitely after), the bridge was destroyed.

When Cortez made his way to Kronia in 1924, he discovered Time Assassins going to 2401, to kill him before he could cause Crow any further damage. So Cortez took up a Time Assassin disguise and went back in time to save himself. It is revealed that Cortez was the person who shot down the TimeSplitter mothership and gave covering fire to himself.


Mad Old Crow (left) and Jacob Crow (right) observing the Time Device.

Jacob Crow played an important role in the TimeSplitter War. His role is one of the most confusing elements of the war chronologically, as it is hard to determine what, when and where he was at certain times.

We don't know exactly when Crow was born; considering we look at the young Crow in 1994, he hasn't been introduced to a time device yet and he looks in his 30's. We will say he was born in the 1970s. To make a paradox, the subject of the paradox must go through the time he would normally go through then travel backwards. Applying this:

  • 1994: Crow's research is destroyed, so he starts again (if he was researching about time) or decides to start researching time, possibly to make up for his lost research.
  • 2052: Crow is old when he finally makes a Time Device. He then uses it to travel to 1994 and give it to his younger self.

This creates the paradox, in which from now on, younger Crow can skip years of research and go to 2052 where all the technology old Crow has researched and developed over the years awaits. Now young Crow can chronologically extend his life as he could go forward in time and still be in his 30's. However, traveling back in time doesn't reduce his age.

So in 2052, Crow starts using the research to start making TimeSplitters. Then he keeps them in 1924 until they awake (as TS1's back cover says) 11 years later in 1935 to begin the war. At the end of phase 2, when the main TimeSplitter ship is destroyed, he assaults the main base of the opposing army (thus the first mission on TS3), in an attempt to stop The General's force from destroying the TimeSplitters' main ship in the first place. This would leave them free to have an even bigger army of Splitters and no enemy to destroy in 2401.

However The General sends Sergeant Cortez to stop the TimeSplitters being created in the first place.

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