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Shelton McMurphy House in Eugene of 1900
Shelton-McMurphy-Johnson House
Building Description
StyleQueen Anne Revival
ArchitectPugh,Walter D., 'Roney & Adams,' Nelson Roney
Original OwnerThomas W. Shelton
Initial UseResidential
Square Footage
AreaEugene Downtown
Address303 Willamette St.
Zip Code
Historical Importance Distinctions
Historical residence

[edit] History

Residence of Thomas W. Shelton, and his wife Adah, and his daughter Alberta, built in 1888 on the southern slope of Skinner's Butte. This house was designed by Walter D. Pugh, Salem architect, in Queen Anne Revival style, and built by Nelson Roney. After the death of T.W. Shelton, the house became the residence of Robert, a Eugene insurance and real estate man, and Alberta Shelton McMurphy. The third owners were Drs. Eva and H. Curtis Johnson who deeded the property to Lane County. Parts of the house are open to the public. The house is known locally as the "Castle on the Hill," and is located at 303 Willamette St., Eugene.

Over the past century, the Shelton-McMurphey-Johnson House has been home to three families - the Shelton's, the McMurphey's, and the Johnson's. Each family has made its unique contribution to the house and grounds.

[edit] Timeline

1884 Dr. Thomas Winthrop Shelton and his wife Adah Lily Lucas Shelton move to Eugene with their daughter Alberta

1887 First house built at 303 Willamette burns to ground in November before the Shelton's move in - fire attributed to disgruntled worker

1888 house rebuilt and becomes home to Dr. & Mrs. Shelton and 16 yr. old Alberta

1892 Spring - Shelton was instrumental in roadway to top of Skinner's Butte

1893 February - Dr. Shelton dies of Leukemia and pneumonia; Alberta marries Robert McMurphey

1910 Adah Lily Lucas Shelton dies at age 58

1912 Sleeping porch addition to the house - all eight McMurphey's sleep with plenty of fresh air.

1919 Conservatory extended to accommodate Robert McMurphey's failing health; becomes a home office for this busy member of Eugene's business community

1949 Alberta Shelton McMurphey passes away

1951 Eva Frazer Johnson and Curtis Johnson purchase 303 Willamette Street - Over ensuing years attention is paid to returning the house to its former image - turret restored, again painted green

1967 Dr. Curtis Johnson dies - Eva begins to have tenants to keep the house vibrant and full of life

1976 The "Castle on the Hill" is deeded to Lane County by Eva Johnson

1986 Dr. Eva Johnson passes away.

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