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Name: Stephen Garrison
Common Name: Bluey
Species: Forcastian Anthris Dragon (Blue)
Occupation: Unemployed


[edit] Overview

Bluey is a young blue dragon who was born in Stallion, Serpentslash, and currently resides in Forester Square, Serpentslash. His birthday is in June. He has two brothers, Galen and Brian. He is amiable and sensible in nature, and is very intelligent. However, he is known to be a bit cowardly. He is a capable leader, although he is a bit irresponsible at times. He proclaims to have a code of ethics based on the grounds of chivalry and honor, and despises betrayal. He tends to be depressive when alone, and has a fragile ego.

Bluey possesses electric technomancy and bears a black lightning bolt marking on the back of his right paw. He has an interest in morphology and potion chemistry, although he has performed fewer potion experiments as of late. His favorite dinosaur is the tyrannosaurus rex, and his childhood dream was being able to turn into one, except for a brief time when his childhood dream became turning into a giant kangaroo. He first discovered potions by mistakingly drinking a T-rex transformation potion at the age of eight. Currently, he is employed by Charrila as an apprentice at her potion and basic magic shop.

[edit] Psych Profile

His closest friends are Dragoon, Darkmoon, and Gatling. Of this group, Bluey tends to be lifted up as a "leader" of sorts. His strength lies in charisma and intelligence, and is capable of making complex decisions. However, of these four, Bluey's confidence is the most erratic. While Darkmoon's and Gatling's confidences tend to be consistently high, and Dragoon's tends to be consistently low, Bluey's confidence fluctuates. Sometimes, he will be completely self-assured, other times, he will become depressive and hard on himself. Although he says that his friends help him out of tough times, that is essentially false. Bluey is inherently stubborn and tends to ignore advice and kind words given to him, unless they are hammered into him by someone like Darkmoon. It is unknown if Bluey enjoys depression, actually thinks that he does indeed deserve to be low and unhappy, or if he feels that he should be able to help himself without outside interference. At any rate, he always seems to right himself in the end.

Bluey is extremely arachnophobic, often refusing to go into or stick his paw into certain areas because "there might be spiders". At certain times, Bluey's fear will devolve into pure, unbridled hatred of arachnids.

[edit] Background

  • Bluey is one of the survivors of the Farheid Incident, which is what gave him such exceptional technomantic powers.
  • Shortly after becoming Charrila's apprentice, he became an apprentice of sorts to Alexander Whitetip, who agreed to teach him the secrets of nobility, chivalry, and technomancy.
  • Fought the Kangaroo Bandits of the Great Forest to reclaim a treasure of Charrila's.

[edit] Idiosyncracies and Trivia

  • Bluey is sometimes called "Bluster" by his friends. It is pronounced "Blue-ster", although at times it will be pronounced like the word it resembles in order to call attention to a mistake or blunder that Bluey has recently made.
  • When nervous or anxious, he tends to end many of his sentences with "honest" or "I swear".
  • He sometimes says that his ear-fins are named Trial and Error. He also claims that his wings are named Logic and Trick. He usually only makes these claims when he is reassuring someone that he is intelligent, and does not casually refer to his ears or wings by their "names".

Fourth Wall: Bluey is said to be a "romanticized" version of the Author.

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