Forester Square

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Forester Square is a small town on the eastern coast of Serpentslash. It is nestled in the Great Forest, and takes a great pride in its trees. Forester Square is mostly middle-class and is comprised of three districts - a large residential district, the town center, which is where most of the businesses are located, and the outskirts, where the town's farms are. There are very few industrial buildings in the town; the industries that are there are mostly small factories and warehouses.

Forester Square began as a trading post, founded as a gateway for travelers who were heading through the forest. It began to prosper as the spirit of mercantilism grew, and developed into a town.

The main attraction of Forester Square is the town square, named Pinecone Plaza. Pinecone Plaza is surrounded on all sides by street and shops. The plaza serves as a large cobblestone park with benches and potted flowers. At the center of the plaza is a great dragon statue and fountain. This statue is used in the town's yearly Black Dragon Festival celebration.

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